The New Girl

This Fanfic was just sort of something that popped into my head. It seemed like a good idea, so I went with it. Let me know what you think. Note: I did not write Twilight or New Moon, so anything from those books belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 1

"Edward! Tell me where we're going!" I laughed. "You know I hate surprises!"

"No way," He looked over at me. "You'll just have to wait."

"Eyes on the road." I playfully pushed his head to face the dirt road stretched out in front of us.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. Edward had gotten me up at the crack of dawn, saying he was too excited to wait. He dragged me into the Volvo and we sped off. I tried to get out of him where we were headed, but he wouldn't budge. He only kept that crooked smile on. I couldn't help but smile too when I saw it. He was just so beautiful.

We suddenly pulled to a stop in front of a forest and Edward turned off the ignition. He swiftly moved around the Volvo to my door and opened it.

"We're here," Edward grinned at me.

I suddenly realized where we were. Before I could say anything, Edward scooped me onto his back and began to run. I felt like throwing up. If motion sickness ruins this moment, I'll kill it. I thought to myself. After about ten seconds we were there. The meadow. Edward's meadow.

"Oh, Edward..." I hopped off his back and slowly stepped out of the forest. The sunlight felt so warm, like a big blanket over the whole world. The birds were singing, the grass was swaying in the wind. It was amazing. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd been here. The last time was when Edward...left. A feeling of loneliness crept up on me. I remembered the hole in my chest, the longing, the aching to be near him. It must have shown on my face because Edward looked sympathetic and wrapped his arms around me.

"Bella..." He whispered into my hair.

"It's nothing." I waved off the memories. "That's a thing of the past."

I looked up at him and I almost fainted. He was so beautiful in the sunlight. His diamond-skin, and shimmering eyes. He smiled at me and we walked over to the middle of the meadow. He revealed a blanket.

"Where did you get that?" I asked. I hadn't seen him with a blanket before.

"I've had it this whole time."

"I never saw it."

"Bella, I can't help it if you are unobservant." He said in a serious tone. Then we both broke out in laughter. I felt so happy. No, not happy. I felt something so wonderful that no words could describe it. As long as I had the Cullen family, I didn't need anything else. Life with them was so much more...exciting and unpredictable. It was as if I'd discovered heaven in Washington.

We continued laughing and talking for hours. Then we took a pause to breathe and take in all the beauty surrounding us. I looked over at Edward and smiled. He reached up and touched my cheek with his marble hand. Almost as suddenly as he touched me, his back was turned to me and he was standing up.

"What's wrong?" I sensed Edward saw something dangerous, so I moved myself closer to him.

"Oh no." His head was turned toward the opposite edge of the meadow. In a flash he was there, crouched over something. I began walking forward.

"Bella! Take the Volvo and run!" Edward threw something at me. It was his keys. Being clumsy, I dropped them, and when I reached down to grab them, I heard a low growling noise. I looked up to see two black eyes staring hungrily back at me. It was a girl, no more than sixteen, with light brown hair and beautiful features. And she was ready to hunt. My eyes flashed over to Edward and he mouthed the word 'run'. So I did.

I scooped up the keys and fled, keeping a close watch on my feet, to be sure I didn't trip. I raced through the forest, running through sharp branches and pine needles. I never once looked back, though I could hear growls and screeches behind me. Once I reached the Volvo, I wasted no time in driving away. Now that I was in the safety of the Volvo, I had time to think. Where was I headed? Edward was in trouble, so the best place to go would be the Cullen's house. I drove at eighty miles per hour, there was no telling how much the time I wasted would affect Edward.

I reached the long driveway and sped until I reached the house. I didn't even have to go inside. The family was already out. Alice must have foreseen it. Esme raced over to my door and pulled me from the car.

"Edward...the meadow...girl..." Was all I could puff out.

"We know, they are all going down to help him," Esme assured me. "And I'm going to take you home."

I drooped. Home? They always made me go home at times like these. I didn't want to be rude to Esme, though. So, while everyone took Edward and Rosalie's cars, Esme took me in Jasper's. The whole ride was silent. My worries flew in my mind. Esme kept a smile on her face but I could see thoughts racing through her mind. She caught me staring at her.

"He'll be fine," She patted my knee.

"Who was that girl?" I wondered.

"We don't know," Esme sighed. "Alice only saw Edward and her in a fight and you fleeing."

Of course. That was me. I always fled. I never stayed to help Edward. I never knew how I could, I was so weak I would only get in the way. If only Edward would budge and bite me...

We were at my house before I knew it. I thanked Esme and invited her in, but she said she was going to help the others when they got home.

"Do you want help? Because Charlie won't be home for a while and--"

"Bella, it'll be fine. If he can, I'm sure Edward will come over and visit tonight." She smiled. I blushed, it was kind of embarrassing that she knew about our night visits. I shut the car door and went into the house. I took a hot shower and then started dinner. I decided to make lasagna to keep my mind from wandering. It didn't work though. All I could see were those black eyes staring at me and Edward's panicked face. My thoughts then wandered to the time when Jasper had the same hungry look towards me.

What if Edward decides it's too dangerous for him and his family to be around me? What if this time I never see him again? I wouldn't be able to stand the loneliness again. I felt the hole open up a little, like it was calling to me. I fought it. I fought the loneliness and told myself to trust Edward. He said he couldn't stay away from me. He loved me.

Charlie came in when the lasagna was ready.

"Mm mm...what's for dinner?" He sat at the table. I pulled the lasagna from the oven and placed it on the table. He went to serve me and noticed there was only one plate on the table.

"Not hungry?" He asked.

"No, sorry," I said to my hands.

"It's fine, there's a big game on tonight anyways," He served himself and took his dinner into the living room. That was the nice thing about living with Charlie. He understood when I didn't feel like doing anything. He still got worried though. Especially after the time Edward...I forced myself not to think about it.

It was only six so I decided to read. I read different parts of books, but they all soon became boring. I looked over at the clock after a while. It was already ten. Charlie came in and said goodnight. I turned off the lights and got under the covers, but I waited for a while. I waited for him to crawl in through my window and ask me how I was. He would be all worried and I would convince him I was fine. I would do the same to him and he'd tell me all about the girl and the outcome of the fight. He would then tell me to sleep and I would, in his arms. I fell asleep thinking about that.

When I got up, I looked around for him. No Edward. He must've just been tired. I told myself. I dragged myself all through my morning routine and all the way to school. No Cullen car. They're just late. I made myself believe. When lunch time came and I didn't see them, my heart sank. Something was wrong. I couldn't keep lying to myself. I knew something wasn't right.

Mike tried to get me into the conversation, but it was no use.

"What's wrong, Bella?" He asked sincerely.

"It's nothing," I looked over at the empty chairs where Edward and Alice usually sat.

Mike sighed and decided it was best if he left me alone. Angela, however, noticed my depressed mood and watched me carefully. I knew she was worried about me.

"They're always absent," She said quietly. "I'm sure they're just...skipping school or whatever."

That sort of made me laugh. I knew she was trying to help, but what she didn't know only made me smile. She saw that and smiled back. I followed Angela's lead. They were hunting. Alice was hungry and Edward went to help her. My mood was moving too fast for me to keep up with. One minute I was happy, the next I felt the hole.

This continued on for the next few weeks they didn't show up.