The Coffee Stain

Summery: Have you ever wondered why Han winked at Leia at the award ceremony in the end of ANH? Well here's why...

Leia hurriedly got ready for the award ceremony that was to take place in less then an hour. She had lost track of the time while going through some old things that she had taken with her from her last trip on Alderaan. It was so hard to believe that it was gone... along with her father...

But she couldn't focus on that right now. She had a ceremony to get to. She reached for the necklace on her desk, but in her rush, she accidently knocked over a cup that had coffee in it from earlier that morning.

"Oh no!" Leia cried.

Han was walking down the hallway at the Rebel base on the way to the ceremony where Luke and himself were going to be awarded when her heard a commotion in one of the rooms. He opened the door to see what was going on.

It was the princess they had rescued from the Death Star, and she had a huge stain on the front of her dress! Such a stuck up and bossy woman, that princess... and yet, strangly attractive.

Han shook those thoughts out of his head. The last thing he wanted was rumors going around saying that he was crushing on Leia Organa.

"Something the matter, your worship?" Han asked sarcastically. Both of them knew he had spotted the stain. It was in the most obvious spot.

Leia sighed angrily. "Of course there's something the matter! Look at my dress! I can't go to the award ceremony like this! What am I going to do!?"

Han really didn't feel like helping the princess, but something made him offer...

"Hey, your princessness, I can get that stain out for you in time. Just take it off and give it to me. I'll have it back here in ten minutes."

Leia almost laughed. "You want to wash the stain out of my dress?"

Han shrugged. "Sure, if you give it to me right now, and not waist time laughing."

Leia didn't know what to think, but she didn't have much time so she decided to trust the smuggler, though it went against everything she believed in.

Going to the bathroom, she took off the dress, slipped on a bathrobe, and came back into the bedroom. She threw the dress at Han. "I'm giving you ten minutes."

Han grinned. "That's all I need."

Taking the dress, Han ran out of Leia's room, down the hall, to the hanger bay where the Falcon was. He rushed up the ramp and on into the interior of his ship.

He put the dress down on top of the table, and went through some things before he found what he was looking for... Alderainian Ale. He always kept some hidden in his ship just in case. He didn't believe in using it to take stains out of clothes, but one time when he was drinking it, some fell on his shirt, and where it fell, it made his shirt white. (After all, Han's shirt wasn't naturally baige. When he first bought it, it was white.)

He poured some of the ale on Leia's dress where the coffee stain was, and just as he expected, the stain washed right away. Grinning at his genius, Han ran out of the ship with the dress, and back to Leia's room.

"Here you go, your highnessness. White as snow."

Leia looked at the dress in amazment. "How did you do that!? It looks like there was never a stain there!"

"Alderainian Ale, your worshipfullness. Now hurry up and put that back on, we got a ceremony to go to."

Twenty minutes later, when Leia was standing in front of Han and Luke, about to give them their awards, Mon Mothma leaned over to Leia and said;

"By the way, Leia, that's a beautiful dress you're wearing."

Han winked at Leia, and she grinned back. No one would ever know that there had been a huge coffee stain on that dress twenty minutes earlier. Maybe she had misjudged Han... naw!

Han looked at the princess as she smiled and gave them their awards. She wasn't acting so mean or bossy anymore, maybe he had misjudged her... naw!

The End