The Immortal Spacemonkey

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Warning: Potty language


(Six months later)

Dr. Adam Pierson has just returned from spending a week off-world with SG-12. They had spent the time going through the ruins of a long-dead society, scouting the territory, and discovering a whole boat load of accessible Naquadah. The only things alive on the planet were peaceful and gentle animals and birds. The biggest threat was the animals that looked like a cross between a rabbit and a koala; once seen a person was in danger of gushing like a fool over how cute they were.

Francis, Brennan, Tracey, and him-self were perfectly fine, except for the fact that they all stunk. They all had very satisfied smiles on their faces, having found a source of the precious metal that was easy to get to and did not have anyone else lay claim to it. And best of all, there was no evidence of Goa'uld occupation, past or present.

Feeling pretty pleased with him-self, Methos strode down the ramp from the Gate, grinning. It was all still a rush to him, going off-world.

He had plans for that night. Daniel and he had planned on going out to eat at the new Indian restaurant that had opened not to far from his apartment and then catch a movie. Daniel had mentioned something about wanting to see DayWatch.

As he was leaving the Gate Room, he was met by a somber Colonel O'Neill.

The man looked like he had gone through hell and back, which knowing the reputation that SG-1 had, that scenario was very likely.

"Colonel," Methos, under the guise of Dr. Adam Pierson greeted the man. "Where's Daniel?"

Jack cleared his throat, his eyes looking hollow and dead. "I need to speak to you in my office now."

Adam immediately felt a cold shiver run up and down his spine. "Daniel didn't lose did he?" he asked, fearful of the answer.

"No," Jack said, "not exactly. Follow me please." With that, the Colonel clammed up, turned on his heal and strode down the hall to the elevator. Together they took the lift up to the twenty–second floor where Jack's little used office was located.

They entered the room and Jack made sure that the door was securely locked behind them so that no one could enter and surprise them.

Jack removed a pile of papers from the guest chair and he sat down behind the desk that was overflowing with files, forms, and reports that desperately needed attention. Jack pulled out a bottle of scotch that he kept hidden in the back of his desk, along with two glasses. It was highly against regulations, he knew, but as far as he was concerned, the regulators could go fuck themselves.

He poured two glasses, one for him and one for Methos and handed one to the Immortal that was sitting in front of him, stinking like a pig farm in dirty BDUs.

"What the hell is going on Jack?" Methos asked, leaning forward in his chair. He had noticed the somber look on everyone's faces as they made their way to the office. "What happened to Daniel?"

Jack took a deep breath (through his mouth since the aroma coming from the man across from him was pretty bad), forcing himself to remain calm and collected even though he was crying on the inside like a small child. He did not want to burden anyone with his emotions, plus coldness was the best way to keep others away and let him deal with his grief alone.

"We went to a planet that was fairly advanced in some ways, but in others they were about 1940's or 50's technology-wise. There was a lab accident and a naquadria bomb was about to detonate. Daniel, being the brave, stupid fool he always is, dismantled it but received a lethal does of radiation. He saved all of us from dying, including a planet full of ungrateful sons-of-bitches."

"Okay, but he's an Immortal. It could kill him or his healing ability would kick in stopping the radiation poisoning, but he would eventually come back," Methos stated, not seeing where this was going. "He might have to start a new life somewhere else, but he'll be fine."

"Daniel's Immortality could not keep up with what the radiation did and he died, sort of," Jack answered.

"What do you mean sort of? Either you are dead or you aren't," Methos pressed confusion clearly on his face.

"Daniel was given a choice by a being called Oma Desala. We had met her back when we went to Kheb a couple of years ago. She came back and gave Daniel the chance to ascend, to join a group of higher beings and do what ever it is that they do. Daniel died and his body dissolved into this glowing octopus-like light show. You can watch the security tape yourself if you want. Daniel came to me in some sort of dream or trance or something and asked me to let him go. He said that he wanted this and that he wasn't sure that there would be enough left of him after the radiation destroyed his body to hold his Quickening and let him Regenerate. Sam's dad was trying to heal him using a Goa'uld device and Daniel asked me to make him stop so he could start on his new journey," at this Jack grew even quieter. "I told Jacob to stop. After that, Daniel died and then Ascended."

"I – I don't know what to say," Methos said in a hushed voice.

Jack smiled, but it was not a happy smile. It was the smile of a man missing his best friend, grieving silently and not wanting others to know how alone he really felt. "Daniel told me to give you a message. He said for you to not worry and that maybe this way he could find out the real meaning behind the Game. He also said to thank you for being his friend and helping to save his soul and that he'd always be there if we needed him."

Methos, the hard-nosed Immortal – the legendary survivor over time, felt his eyes grow wet with tears that he refused to let fall. "Trust that bastard to go out with style."

"He'll be back. Once he finds out that Ascended life ain't all it's cracked up to be, he'll come home," Jack said, sitting back in his chair, missing his friend.

Methos also sat back in his chair. "Yeah, and I bet you anything his return will be as spectacular as his exit."

"Yeah, knowing Daniel, he'll show up on a planet somewhere, naked as a jay bird, and tons of stories to tell. To Daniel," Jack said as he raised his glass.

"To Daniel," Methos echoed, clinking his glass with Jack's and then drank the scotch, remembering his friend. He only hoped that Daniel would come back soon, for he knew that the SGC would be a darker place without his presence.

The End (for now).

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