Sailor cosmos- Karai onna

A/n This story is so old and unfinished it's a shame, but I want to start writing again and I always loved the concept of the story I hope my skills aren't so rusty and I do it justice to my old readers I'm sorry/welcome back to my new readers enjoy!


Rini was turned into black lady so diamond and wise man could take over the future. But what would happen if they realised there was someone else more influential to their plans and what happens if that person were more willing to stay evil what happened if they NEVER turned back.

If you like a happy ending don't read this story but if you enjoy a darker side of the sailor moon universe then read on.

On a bed too big, a small red headed child, begged earnestly "o please, o please tell me the story… you know the special one" her mother's molten silver eyes peaked at her through the curtain of matching silver shimmering hair that pooled into a sea across the girls bed. "Ok if you insist but after you must sleep", and with that she smiled and began her story…

"Once upon a time there was a girl called Serena

but to be quite crude you wouldn't want to meet her

along came some wise men with a dark crescent moon

who changed the future all too soon

blood red petals fill the water and lighting strikes too

changes in places that started changing faces

gathering danger that fills all the spaces

But the one left to take the crown

Is the one they called a clown

silly Serena has been transformed

A destined queen's been reborn…"

The sea of hair slowly retreated from the sleeping childs bed and a delicate form floated out of the room "Silly Serena…when will you let go of the past…"

"MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!" came the cry of an attractive girl with long black hair in a red and white sailor outfit. She whipped around looking at the helpless blond mess on the floor. "Sailor moon pull yourself together this is no time to be crying!"

Serena looked up big tears in her blue eyes, "OH but emerald is too strong, and I'm scared...guys help me!" the scouts covered their leader worried expressions on their faces. Since the beginning of the fight Serena had been next to useless, literally sitting waiting for the scouts to save her, and remaining blissfully unaware of the pain being inflicted to the scouts.

Emerald stood her long green hair blowing freely in the wind laughing uncontrollably. "If that's all you sailor brats can do..." her smile dropped and a look of pure evil came on her face, "then you might as well bow down to the black moon now." Emerald had yet another fit of her agitating cackle.

"That's it I've had enough of this JUPITER THUNDER ZAP!" she cried hurling her thunder at the still cackling emerald. It was aimed perfectly but she simply repelled it straight for the scouts. Every one jumped out the way except for Serena who sat down on the floor still crying.

"SAILOR MOON" cried Mina, looking shocked at their leader's folly. Serena looked up to see a clear night sky, she felt like she was flying with the beautiful smell of roses invading her noses "Tuxedo Mask" she muttered in a dazed voice " I knew you'd come and save me" Serena hugged closer to him failing to notice the last strands of thunder running round his now injured ankle.

Back down on the ground the scouts were finally getting somewhere without sailor moon slowing them down. The thought bought a frown across there face's but they focused on the task in front of them.





The attack fused together hitting Emerald hard. She cried in pain and fell harshly to her knees. "You bitches you dare cause me pain!" She had a crazed look in her green eyes "you shall pay dearly for what you've done," she looked up and smiled a maniac's smile "that sailor bimbo up there is unaware, uninformed and all mine, I'll enjoy the look on your face's when I kill her weak klutz self." With the wonderfully evil idea in her head she vanished leaving the scouts to meditate on her words.

"You guys are great!" cried Serena wriggling in Tuxedo Mask arms. Failing to notice the still silence.

Tuxedo Mask lowered her down and she proceeded to leap around praising the scouts for saving her again, and her precious Darien for making sure she never had to worry or do anything at all because she was so loved. The scouts looked at each other their feelings mirrored on Tuxedo Masks stern set face.

Serena was walking home detransformed and enjoying the fresh air when she realised she had dropped her communicator. She raced back to the park and ran to the battle area. She saw a flash of pink and ran over to the bush, she picked it up and as she rose… her eyes widened in shock, she held back a gasp a million things running through her head. "Who…what…where…when…why…when" she ran away she didn't want to know the answer to the questions. Didn't want to think, she would go on, move on. What she saw in the park she couldn't take, she loved to much "I hate that about me!" she spat out to the sky as she ran.

Hmmmmm a little short I think so well tell me what you think and don't be too mean I tried hard and it is my first story ;- )

Well hope you enjoyed the re-write I don't have a beta but I did my best but I'm sure I didn't catch everything just forgive me please. Also what do u think of my little poem im going to be elaborating on future serena so if you have already read the story it will be worth reading it all again since you never know when new things will pop up hope u enjoy R&R xxx