Sailor cosmos- Karai onna

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Rini was turned into black lady so diamond and wise man could take over the future. But what would happen if they realised there was someone else more influential to their plans and what happens if that person were more willing to stay evil what happened if they NEVER turned back.

If you like a happy ending don't read this story but if you enjoy a darker side of a sailor moon reality then read on.

"I just don't understand my princess if we have so much power why do we not just go and reclaim our planets now."

Steamed a heated Sailor Mars she was on a power high, the mixture of her new found sinister joy and a need for destruction, had her itching to conquer something. Serena smiled softly at her soldier "patience my dear, good things come to those who wait. Right now I have Ami assessing the best way to take control of this world, the moon and our solar system, just hold on."

Rei stopped her pacing calming down "what about wise man"

Serena head lifted in shock "oh yes he could become a bother…"

Serena's eyes snapped open in revelation she smiled slowly and lick her lips her eyes gaining a dangerous tinge that had Rei worried. 'This new Serena is great and powerful but so power hungry…can she really handle it.'

Sailor Venus and sailor Jupiter entered the unknown room in which Rei and Serena were lounging in. Mina had an exuberated look while Jupiter looked off to the side bored and slightly irritated. Serena smiled up at her soldiers.

"How did it go?"

Mina stepped up brightly. "Every single government in this world is under your control my liege."

"Yeah no thanks to you" muttered Jupiter under her breath.

Serena cocked an eyebrow at Lita "what do you mean"

Jupiter glanced up with suppressed frustration "that pathetic excuse of a soldier waltzed up to every embassy and every congress or parliament with the same cheesy speech and would then leave me to enforce everything"

Mina opened her mouth in outrage "Jupiter you know my speeches took a lot out of me besides whom else but I could read that complex important incantation, in which I was, bestowed the responsibility of carrying out."

Jupiter raised a fist eyebrow twitching "that dammed incantation was just to stop us being discovered or bothered and you'd always spend way too long on it and dragged it out same as everything else..."

Serena looked at her soldiers in wonder, they still held their characters they still made her smile though laughing without a heart was quite an interesting experience… she still found it funny it just didn't touch her. '…Darien…Darien'

Serena eyes open wide she felt something deep down he was close…'Darien'. Serena head whipped round in a frantic attempt to see nothing but the confused look on her soldiers faces.

Serena stare turned ice cold daring any of the confused soldiers to question her random behaviour. Of course the sailor soldiers knew better then to test their leader. In the awkward silence that followed Ami came in with a satisfied smirk on her face. Serena looked up at the once timid girl ever since her transformation she had stayed the same quite girl she had always been but her swagger was different she held her head higher, Serena smiled it pleased her.

"My princess I have come up with the perfect plan to conquer this planet and that of the solar system, though with no disrespect to your greatness my liege but if you wish to conquer all you will have to gain even greater power."

Serena watched amused as Ami tried to sound confident and assert while moving back at the same time

"It's okay Ami you didn't have to tell me that. Did you complete your other assignment" Serena replied to a relived sailor mercury. Mercury nodded her head handing a sheet of paper to Serena.

"Yes here it is I think you'll find it very useful." Serena's smile broadens as a strong glint entered her eyes.

"Just as I suspected, this is…" just as she was going to continue she was shaken by yet another thud in her empty chest filled with images of one man. She grunted slowly and without a second thought or glance towards her scouts she left the unknown room and entered into the warm midday air.

Darien was in a horrid state, he hadn't eaten in days and no longer looked after himself, he looked like a lost druggie in a futile pursuit of a fix. His eyes had a lost empty space to it, which only showed pain at occasional thoughts of the women who had put him in this state. It had seemed that Serena and Darien were more closely linked then either had realised and by separating almost completely, it had left Darien in this pathetic state, calling out for the rest of his soul and with it his sanity. In fact the only thing that kept Darien with even a shred of humanity and life was the piece of her soul still trapped inside him. However this seem more of a torture to the man then a comfort, forcing him to obsess and crave a women who was no longer the same.

His eyes moved slowly to a pair of blue eyes glowing in the darkness of his room, he didn't question or appear in anyway shocked to see these eyes, he knew within himself that they were real and who the belong to.

"I had hoped to keep you alive, that maybe I could convert you and keep you by my side" the voice of the eyes called out to him singing painfully sweet in his ears.

"But alas…it seems that for as long as you live, a part of Serena 'the girl who loved to much' will always remain" He watched the eyes narrow and harden as their gaze grew in intensity

"I'm so sorry my love but I cannot let this happen" the eyes moved closer and steeped out of the shadow to revel Serena she looked crazed her hair loose and wild, a slight crazed smile on her face. Serena wore a plain dress that kept switching from black to white to gray, in various speeds and variations.

Darien barely moved, but his eyes grew clearer in emotion, yet he still made no attempt to speak, to voice a protest of any sort. Serena walked over to his bedside and bent down, her dress settling on a dark grey in colour her eyes soften and appeared to hold a hint of emotion as she looked in the eyes of the man who held her soul

"I must kill you to kill myself" she whispered softly in his ear.

"I cannot leave my work undone, for the love of a man or even myself…do you understand." All she received was his stare of longing and pain a look she knew was reflected in her eyes.

Serena lent towards Darien…

Baby blues clashing with his midnight blue…

Lips closed over his…

As her hand sank into his heart…

She breathed out his last breath with him.

Her eyes closed the same time his did.


Right to the end.

Silver eyes snapped open wide glowing in the other wise dark surroundings "A storm is certain."

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