Title: And He Thought Life Was Unfair…
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance, Humor, Angst
Pairings: One sided Jetzula
Word Count: 100 on the dot.

Disclaimer: Fan fiction.

Author's Notes: This was written for CC.Both-ways.Mylie-YAY who was the first person to review the third chapter of my story Azula's Fangirl Crush. Thanks to her for catching my stupid mistakes.

Her request read: "Something with Jet/Azula, where they're being evil. With Ty Lee/Zuko in it if possible. Or one or the other. Or you could just surprise me, as long as it's not some Toph ship."

And now on to our feature presentation:

As it turned out, conspiring to drown an entire village was a sin. Therefore, Jet should go to the bad place, except, apparently dying in the Avatar's service was a good thing, so he'd stick around this place for a while, babysitting some guy named Zuko whose guardian spirit had quit, because it wasn't like Jet had anything better to do with his eternity. When he discovered who Zuko was, Jet wished he'd gone to the bad place after all, but then he laid eyes on Zuko's sister, and Jet only wished he weren't dead and she weren't Fire Nation.

Author's Notes:So, I got Zuko, Jet and Azula in it. I hope CC.Both-ways.Mylie-YAY enjoyed it. I'll be writing more challenges, so if there's something you want to challenge me to write (100 words), leave it in a REVIEW. (Hint hint).