Title: Moral Imbecile
Rating: T
Angst, I guess?
None. Or Sokkla, if you go for that sort of thing.
Word Count:
100 on the dot.

Disclaimer: Fan fiction.

Author's Notes: Menamebephil wondered "What if Sokka actually did stab Azula in the face on DOBS?"

And now on to our feature presentation:

Azula was an expert tactician. She could lie, murder, and cheat. If she ever felt fear or regret or anything, anything at all, no one ever knew. Her head was always level; it didn't matter what Azula was doing, her heartbeat never changed. Centuries later, the budding field of psychology would come up with a term for people like her.

Sokka was almost the same. If pushed he could lie, murder and cheat.

Azula didn't understand people; not really. She couldn't empathize with them as individuals.

There was a sword to her throat.

She pushed.

Afterwards, he wasn't the same.

Author's Notes: Alternately, I have an image of Sokka tripping and barely scratching Azula's face, triggering a massive meltdown on Azula's part: "My face! My face! You idiot, you stabbed me in the FACE! My beautiful, beautiful face!"