Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon in any of its many varied forms.

Author Note: Metadevimon is my own creation as far as I know more of his character traits will be revealed as the story progresses.

The Dark ocean roared as waves crashed against the shore. Floating above the hazed shore was a tall languid figure. On his head he wore a black helmet with black metal rifts running along the top. On his back was a pair demonic wings one of which was a metallic black. His long thin arms ended with sharp metallic crimson claws in shape of hands. Running down the back of his head where cables of various colors like hair.

"MetaDevimon…" the Digimon looked up his crimson eyes looked out at the Dark ocean.

A second voice rose out of ocean. "Find our crest."

Then a third voice rose up in a roar. "Break the seals!"

The first voice once more spoke. "Find the Digidestined and destroy them…."

"Yes my lords…." Metadevimon rose into the air and flew away from Dark Ocean.

Takuya looked up the ceiling of his room. His hands rested behind his head. The light of dawn filtered through his window summer vacation had just started only two days ago. His alarm clock went off but, before it could go in long Takuya turned the alarm off. Sitting up Takuya threw off the blankets and yawned. Sitting up he ran his fingers through his hair. Takuya wasn't a morning person and looking up and seeing his father walk by he realized he wasn't alone in that fact.

Looking at his calendar he noticed a date was circled. It took him a few seconds to remember why and a few seconds latter to realize the day circled was today. For about three minutes Takuya panicked and grabbed a set of clean clothes his cell phone and his hat. As he hopped around trying to get his night clothes off he looked at the calendar and saw a time in the circle. The time in circled read 9:45 am looking at his clock he sighed.

His clock merely read 7:15 AM and after reading his cellphone clock he realized both said the same thing. "I'm taking a bath!" Yelled Takuya out in the hall. "But, I wanna!"

"Well little twerp I'm first!"


"No Me!" Takuya glared at his little brother. Griining Takuya grabbed his little brother and gave him a noogy. "HEY STOP THAT STOP THAT."

"sure thing…" Takuya pushed Shinya away and quickly entered the bathroom with his clean clothes.

"Hey no fair!" Shinya hit the slidding door.

"Your right it wasn't." takuya slid the door open slightly sticking his grinning head out. "I'll be quick then I'll let you have the bathroom!"

"Well I wanted it first!"

Takuya sighed. "I have to be somewhere!"


"I don't have a girlfriend!"

"Takuya and Zoe sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

"Why YOU!" takuya tried to grab for his little brother only to have him rush past him. "HEY!"

Shinya smirked and pushed his older brother out. Shinya stuck out of his tongue and threw out Takuya's clothes.

Takuya's father Hiroaki Kanbara stood over his defeated elder son smiling. "get the better of you?"

Takuya looked up at his father and chuckled lightly in defeat. "Yeah…" Takuya gathered his clothes and stood up in his boxers. "Guess I'll change in my room…"

Takuya went to his room and changed into his normal clothes. By the time he looked at clock again saw the time as 8:38. figuring he had the time he set himself up some breakfast. He was soon joined by his father and little brother both of whom had the same thing he had Toast and cold cereal. Normally they would have had something else but, all three of Kanbara men had slept in with Mrs. Kanbara had left for work. Thankfully for Takuya his father was off that day.

Takuya looked up and saw the time on the clock had passed quickly as it was now 9:15 am. Running back to his room he grabbed his cellphone, his hat, and his goggles. Running for the door he was stopped by his father. "where are you going?"

"The park gonna meet my friends…" Takuya jogged in place waiting to be let go. "be back before lunch ok?"

"Sure…" Takuya ran out of house and looked at his cellphone as he ran. "Gotta hurry!"

J.P. approached the park walking next to Zoe. "So I was thinking…"

Zoe saw a rushing figure coming toward them. "Do you see that?"

"See what?" J.P. looked up and saw takuya coming toward them running as fast as he could. "It looks like Takuya…" The two them stopped and waited.

Takuya saw them standing and came to dead stop infront of him Panting. "Am…I…Late?"

"catch your breathe your gonna run yourself ragged."

Takuya held his knees and slowly caught his breathe.

"For once your actually early." J.P., Zoe, and takuya looked up and to the left and Saw Koji and Kouichi walking up.

"Early?" Takuya asked confused then looked at his cellphone it read 9:32.

"That's a first Takuya early." Zoe smiled commenting on Takuya's speed at coming.

"Hey guys I'm here!" They all looked and saw the youngest member of group Tommy running up. He wasn't running as quickly as Takuya had been.

"Are we going or not?" Koji walked toward the train station.

"Koji…" Kouichi sighed

Takuya stood next to Kouichi and smiled. "Don't worry about it."

Kouichi smiled and shrugged. "I try not to."

They all walked in silence for a while. They where heading to the subway station the very railway station where it all began. It wasn't long before conversations started. They made this trip every month partly hoping they could go back and partly because they new the probably would never go.