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Kouichi, Bokomon, Neemon, Sorcerermon, and Zoe all walked along the green path. Several champion and rookie level flying digimon mostly insect digimon flew over top them. "That's odd…" Bokomon said as he walked his book under his arm.

Zoe spoke up. "what's odd?"

"It's most likely nothing."

"Now Bokomon Spill you can trust me…"

"Well normally insect digimon aren't really this active it's like there trying to get away from something…"

Zoe began to pull out her D-tector and spirit evolve but, she looked at Kouichi who shook his head. For a moment Izumi or Zoe as her friends called her swore he looked like Kouji. Though that didn't surprise her consider the two where identical twins in almost everyway. Zoe knew Kouichi didn't want her to waste her energy on something that might simply be nothing at all.

"Urd Terminal should be just up ahead."

"Then we can send you two legendary warriors home." Added Socerermon.

"Hey Bokomon what happened to Ranamon, Arbormon, Grumblemon, Mercurymon?" Kouichi asked. Zoe looked at him slightly surprised. Kouichi tried to pretend he didn't see her stare.

"The ten legendary warriors once again took up there mantle as protectors of the digital world…." Before Bokomon could finish his story a voice rang out from Kouichi's side.

"Thou need only look inside." The all to familiar voice of Mercurymon prompted.

Kouichi pulled out his D-tector and looked at it's display.

"How yah doing sugah?"

"Can I get something to eat."

"Me Grumblemon cramped."

"How such a simpleton such as thou feel crampt is thine understanding."

"Ignore those little ole' boys sugah I'll tell you what happened."

Kouichi gulped nervously then heard a familiar calming voice. "that's alright Ranamon I'll tell him." The voice belonged to none other than Lowemon. "A short time before you returned to the digital world Cherubimon felt an evil force coming to destroy him. Because he didn't have time to give Arbormon, Grumblemon, Mercurymon, and Ranamon physical form again he entrusted them to my and by extension your protection."

"If me Grumblemon had body me Grumblemon smash enemy!"

"Uh…Lowemon…" Before Zoe could finish her question Kouichi answered it for her while Lowemon nodded in agreement.

"I think I have there Beast spirits too…"

"Yes thou has our beast spirits as well."

"Can Kouichi…uh you know spirit evolve into any of you?" Zoe asked.

"heavens no Sugah he's en tune with lil' ole Lowemon and his Beast spirit."

"And if something happen's…I can't control…I'll become Dusk again won't I?"

"Don't you worry about it kid your not going to become Duskmon or Velgemon again cu peesh?" Arbormon reassured.

"So the legendary warriors aren't as separated as we feared this is good." Sorcerermon sighed in relieve.

Neemon hummed to himself oblivious to what was going on around him. Bokomon glared at Neemon. "Are you even listening!"

"What where you saying?" Bokomon nearly grabbed Neemon's waist band to snap it but, three gasps made the two Digimon see what the others where looking at.

To there shock and horror Urd terminal was in pieces as though a great battle had been waged there. There where scorch marks on the ground gaint impressions of clawed feet and several body plant impressions. Claw marks also scored the ground. The tracks that normally lead to various terminals across the layers of digital world where mangled.

Only one line of railing remained and sitting on this line of railing was a single steam engine. Or so it seemed to be a steam engine. "Locomon…"

"But, that looks like a steam engine…" Zoe injected having seen a steam engine train on display before.

As if to contradict her the steam engine known as Locomon howled and released a blast of steam forcing the three digimon and two humans to cover there eyes.

"So these are the legendary warriors?" Asked a cool calm collected voice.

"the don't look so legendary to me…" A female voice piped up. "I mean come on look at those horrible out of style clothes."

"We shouldn't underestimate them Rita…Those who have fell." Another female voice spoke.

"Is that fear a sense in your voice Akenimon?" asked the first female voice. "Hey Taylor I think my partner is afraid." There seemed to be a smirk in her voice.

"Now Rita you really shouldn't pick on your partner." This was first voice who was male.

"Your all three so boring! I should have went with Shinji and Miria."

As the steam cleared Kouichi and Zoe could make out. Three humans and two digimon not counting Locomon which one of the humans was standing inside the engine. The first person they saw was standing on one of Locomon's carriages. He had frosted blonde hair with black shades that covered his eyes. He wore a deep blue shirt with black long sleeve dress shirt over it unbuttoned. He looked like the quintessential cool guy. Standing beside him was a variant of the goblimon species. In this case it was snow goblimon. Siting on the railing on the back of one of carriages was a girl with dyed pink hair. She was wearing one of the most expensive outfits Zoe had ever seen. The girl was twirling her hair around her finger off handedly. Behind her was Akenimon with one of her spidery legs hanging from Locomon's carriage. The third human was standing inside Locomon's engine leaning on the window. He had on overalls and wore a hat that made him look like a train conductor.

"Now Jonas it can't be all that bad my friend…" Answered Taylor. "But, if you really wanna join them why don't you and Locomon head out and join them."

Jona smirked. "Kay!" Jonas turned toward the steam engine controls of Locomon. "Lets grind some steel Locomon!"

Locomon roared as his engine began to roar to life. Taylor and Rita leapt off Locomon as it began to roll away. Snowgoblimon laughed a deep throated laugh. "We smash them?"

"We smash…" Taylor answered.

"Who are you two and who was that?" Kouichi asked reaching for his D-tector.

"we're cyber 5" Answered Rita still running her fingers through her hair. "That was Jonas Stephen and his partner Locomon. Normally Locomon is Shadowtoyagumon but, his ultimate level makes great transport…"

"I do think that was enough information for them…" Taylor smirked. "Rita do you mind if I have the first whack at them?"

"wouldn't bother me in the slightest Taylor…"

Kouichi glanced at Zoe who nodded. Both of two legendary warriors pulled out there D-tectors. "EXECUTE SPIRIT EVOLUTION!" The two of them scanned a circular bar of fractal code around there hands.

"BIOMERGE ACTIVATE!" Taylor yelled holding out his D-Arc. Snowgoblimon grinned as the light of the D-arc enveloped him and Taylor. A gaint figure stalked throw a frozen landscape of snow covered evergreens. A pair of brown gloves formed on the figures hands. Silver body armor formed around the figure. Ice crystals formed along the shoulder armor. Two large ice spikes formed on the figures shoulder. The figures skin turned an icy blue. A Nordic helmet formed on the figures head with three icy horns. The the entire figure became coated in a layer of frost. A massive stone mace fell from the sky the spikes on it made of ice.


Ymirmon laid his mace across his shoulders. Inside Ymirmon inside a digisphere that was cold blue in color Taylor was standing in the same pose as Ymirmon stood.



"so you're the legendary warriors of Wind and Darkness….Kazemon and Lowemon…I can't say I'm impressed." The combined voice of Snow goblimon and Taylor taunted.

"He's the size of Cherubimon!" Kazemon yelled

"We've faced worse odds…" Lowemon responded.

"then let us see the power of the legendary warriors!" Ymirmon lifted his massive and raised it high in the air. "TUNDRA CRACKER!" Ymirmon slammed his mace into the ground. Lowemon and Kazemon leaped out of the way to avoid getting smashed by the mace. The ground cracked with impact of the mace. From cracks in the ground jets of super cooled air rushed out. Kazemon narrowly avoided getting her wings frozen though a thin layer of frost had formed.

"Kazemon are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm alright…What was that?"

Ymirmon laughed as he hauled up his mace. As he hauled the weapon up the cracks in the ground disappeared. "my tundra cracker…if you avoid getting smashed by my mace you still have to avoid the jets of freezing wind!"

"Be careful you two! Ymirmon is a mega level digimon! And don't let his size fool you he's much faster than he appears!" Bokomon yelled as a warning.

As if to punctuate his warning Ymirmon ran forward blasting past Kazemon and Lowemon. "Frost giant smash!" Swining his mighty mace in horizontal arc Ymirmon smashed into Kazemon smashing her into a rock wall.

"LOWEMON SLIDE EVOVLE!" Lowemon dashed toward the falling Kazemon and slide evolved into his beast spirit Jagerlowemon. Kazemon was surrounded by an egg of fractal code returning to her human form Zoe. Catching the back of her vest with his teeth Jagerlowemon placed her on the ground safely. "Are you alright."

"I can…barely move…." Zoe complained as she stared up into the sky unable to move.

Rita whistled as she watched the fall of Zoe. "impressive work Taylor."

The voice of Taylor broke through combined voices of Snow Goblimon and Taylor. "That was easy as frosting a cake…"

Jagerlowemon growled before reverting back into Kouichi. "Zoe we need to get out of here."

Zoe tried to sit up only to colaspe back down in pain. "I can't move…It hurts to much…"

Kouichi nodded in understanding before turning to face his enemy. Ymirmon had his hands on the handle of his mace while the spiked ball sat on the ground. "What can the spirit of darkness do against me when his power is no higher than an ultimate…."

"kouichi…" the voice of what sounded like a wise elder spoke from his D-tector. Kouichi looked down and saw an image he had only seen in his dreams. The creature looked as though it where a sphinx. "I am ancient sphinxmon…"


"yes Kouichi…long ago the spirit of darkness was I…Now you carry that legacy in the form of Lowemon and Jagerlowemon. Kouichi hear me now….Cherubimon granted you a gift now is the time to use it."

Kouichi nodded understanding. Closing his eyes he didn't see the form of Ancientsphinxmon disappear or the outline of beast spirit and human spirit of darkness overlap eachother. Raising the D-tector a set of fractal code rings formed around his free hand. Openning his eyes he scanned the code around his hand. "FUSION EVOVLUTION!"



As if to spite the words of Ymirmon Kouichi did fusion evolve bringing together the human spirit of darkness and the beast spirit of darkness into one being.

Seven humans sat around a camp fire each either sitting or fiddling with something. Near by where there digimon partners who weren't saying much either. Night in the digital world or in part they where in had come quickly. "Demtri?"

Demtri looked ove at his long time friend Keith who was simply fiddling with the camp fire with a twig. "yeah Keith?"

"Where do we go from here?"

"What'd mean?"

"He means whats next we have the crests but, who is our enemy." Sigmon added finally deciding to lay in the grass that oddly enough smelled like apples.

"Well…I guess we go after your digivice and kick some royal can."

Sigmon's eyebrow raised though no one noticed because he was laying down. "Kick some royal…can?"

"You have a problem with it?"

"Yes actually…" Sigmon sat up and picked a rather tall piece of grass and put it between his teeth. "who made you the leader of this group…."

"nobody did…."

"Thank you for proving my point."

"What'd mean proving your point?"

"Out of all of us I have the most experience with the digital world. Also if I remember right the defacto leader of Demon Lords was Lucemon Chaos mode…" Lucemon smirked remembering that point.

"trying to make a point Siggy?" Demtri teased.

"Goggle heads…"

Zennia looked at Keith who shrugged. "What are talking about?" She asked curious.

"I do believe he's talking about the fact that most of time leader of chosen ones tend to have a pair goggles on hand. Though there was one acception and I fought him when I was the puppet of Kurata." Phascomon answered. "Though there were one maybe two exceptions to this rule one of which was Masaru Daimon."

"Who was…" Zennia was cut off by Sigmon.

"You don't want to know lets just say the people he worked for opposed the ones I used to work for…"

Josh looked at Sigmon. "used to work for?"

"Well I decided to quit…"

"Mind if we ask why?" Keith pushed his twig into the fire. "not that I really care…"

"Lets just say I'm tired of being a puppet."

"Well you know how I felt…" Phascomon mocked.

"Mock me again fur ball…"

"I will when I feel like it."

"My my Phascomon you are arguementive…." Keith smirked.

Sigmon rolled his eyes before taking the piece of long grass from his mouth. "Don't let him get under you skin Sigmon.." Lucemon added standing next to his sitting partner.

"That's a first…"


"You actually called me by name…"

"well I suppose since we partners it only appropriate."

"I suppose your right…."

Demtri grinned Impmon walked next to his Partner. "What ya grinning about."

"I do believe Sigmon and Lucemon are finally bounding."

Both human and Digimon glared at Demtri but, both knew he was right. They where finally getting along. "so tell me Demtri how do you plan on getting my Digivice?"

"Well…we have to know where it is first…." Demtri looked into the sky poundering the dilemma.

Sigmon sighed. "we could ask Stitchmon for help…"

The others all looked at Sigmon. "Whose stitchmon?" Salamon asked leaping into her partners lap. Zennia off handedly began to rub her partners head.

"Stitchmon is an artificial digimon."

Candlemon sat next to Josh and spoke up. "artificial?"

"Something like the Gizmon or Chimeramon." Sigmon looked into the sky. "He created it as a mockery to the original eight digidenstined…" Sigmon sighed. "Kinda gotta feel sorry for it. It can't even defend itself."

"CAN WE SEE IT!" Nami and Tasai yelled in unison. When they realized they had they grinned at each other.

"I'll introduce it to you both."

"YEA!" the twins cheered.

The shriek of a owl roared across the sky causing everyone to look up. What they saw frightened each of them though it was most frightening to Nami and her twin brother Tasai. It looked like a huge mechanical owl with gear like wings. The creature shrieked once more before swooping down before the group. "I'm Clockworkmon!" The creature shrieked again forcing them all back. The monster opened it's mechanical wings revealing the many gears that where inside its chest. It's glowing red eyes locked with Sigmon. "you will return with me!" It shriek.

Sigmon glared at mechanical monster. "where, Come with you where?"

"You coming back with me to the master!"

"That doesn't answer my question."

"Master Chronosmon! He resides on your world!" The mechanized monster folded it's wings. "RISE GOLEMON."

As if they where already there from the ground rose several muddy masses that soon became with shape and form. That form was that of Golemon. "Keep these fools busy while I take this boy and his digmon to master Chronosmon!" Clockworkmon's chest opened to a hollow area in its body.

"Demtri what do we do!" Zennia yelled as they where surrounded by the Golemon.

Demtri looked around and watched as the area between him and Sigmon was starting to be blocked off by the encroaching Golemon. A smiled form on his face. "CLEAR THE ROAD!"

Zennia and Keith nodded in addition to that Keith was smiling. "Can you digivovle Phascomon?"

"Of Course."

Zennia looked at Salamon who nodded. Nami and tasai nodded ready and Josh soon joined them. Soon there five digivices ignited with life.

-Phascomon digivovle to Pokyupamon-



puppet digimon

"you look like a stitched up teddy bear with an oxygen mask!" Keith laughed

"This teddy got some bite! SLAP AND RIP!" Pukyupamon smacked a golemon setting it off balance before finishing it with rip portion of it's attack.

"Yep you got bite…."

It was at that second Impmon and Demtri made a mad dash for Sigmon and Lucemon.

"CAPTURE CLAW" Clockworkmon yelled, a metallic claw appeared in the hollow area of its chest. The claw burst forth Sigmon and Lucemon quickly dodged the attack.

"To slow…." Sigmon taunted.

Blackgatomon knocked over a Golemon. "Youkomon!" Nami yelled "Seadramon!" Tasai yelled. The two digimon hearing there partners rescued them both. "Death claw!" Devimon struck down a pair of Golemon. "There's to many of them!"Yelled Josh.

"Shall I?" Lucemon asked his partner

"Be my guest…"

Lucemon smirked. "GRAND CROSS!" A cross formed from solar system tore through a group of Golemon.

"I will capture you! CAPTURE CLAW!" This time the attack succeded in its intentions. The claw grabbed Sigmon and Lucemon and dragged them into the hollow of it's chest.

As the hollow closed two figures leaped in at the last second.

As the smoke of battle cleared each of chosen where standing by there respective partner. Zennia looked around franticly. "WHERE'S DEMTRI!"

It was then Keith looked around as well. "And where's Sigmon for that matter!"

Seven figures walked out of near by forest. "We're to late…." The first of figures to speak was what looked like a giant cherry tree.

"This is not good…" The floating form of Angewomon floated next to Cherrymon.

"Nope not good at all…" A divermon sat on one of Cherrymon's roots.

"We would have moved faster if we each came on our own…" Doumon stated in calm voice landing infront of Cherrymon.

Crescemon, Flaremon, and Datamon also walked out of the forest. "By my calculations it wouldn't have mattered either way. Had come separately we wouldn't have stood a chance against that mega level digimon even with help from them."

"I kinda don't like to be talked about in the third person…." Keith Complained. "now who the heck or you seven…."

"We where sent to protect you seven and your partners till your able to achieve the ultimate level…" Crescemon answered matter factly.

"Indeed though it seems we have failed on that account…" Flaremon added.

"Talk about failing! Demtri and Sigmon are both missing!" Josh yelled.

The seven ultimate digimon where shocked to hear the news. Flaremon was first to regain his composer. "Those four can take care of themselves…now it is time to begin training…."

"training for what?" Nami asked rolling her a in what as long as she could.

Doumon the calmest of the group spoke. "To achieve your potiental….."


Author Note: after all the waiting I give you guys and gals a pair of A cliff hangers is that mean of me?