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(Harry's Thoughts)

~Riddick's thoughts~


Chapter 12

Riddick smirked as he left the daze Harry behind, he loved playing with his Vixen but sadly he had some minds to screw with. Slipping silently onto the Skiff as the ramp closed for a hull integrity check, He watched as Fry press some of the controls, to make sure the computer systems were running as they should be after being abandoned for Twenty-two years.

Hull integrity test started to run on the monitor screen making Riddick happy to see this old rust bucket was working enough to get him and his Vixen off this rock, though he saw that there weren't enough sits on the skiff for everyone in their fucked up group, he wondered if the bitch had realised that yet.

"Thanking you." Fry said smiling slightly at the screen, happy that there was nothing other than the missing cells that was stopping the skiff from taking off.

Pulling away from the console, she moved to stand from the chair when she saw Riddick standing in the middle of the tiny ship that seam much smaller now with him inside.

"Looks like we're a few shy." Riddick drew, "power cells."

"They're coming." Fry said just above a whisper. Riddick could hear the woman heart beating faster.

"It's Strange, not doin' a run-up on the main drive yet," he waited a half beat. Taking off his harness and hanging it up. "Strange unless he told you the particulars of my escape..."

"I got the quick-and-ugly version." Fry said shifting nervously.

"And now you're worried about a repeat of history." He said, there was amusement hidden in his voice not that she catch onto that.

To give her some credit, her body didn't betray the nervousness like her heartbeat did. "Entered our minds."

As she turned off a monitor to her right leaning towards it more and stepping any closer to Riddick, but as she turned it off he took the choice out of her hand. He step onto the two open panting on the floor forcing them down with a bang as he got right up in her face.

"I asked what you thought." He pressed, taking a step closer, pausing when he realized that her heart beat had accelerated more, and fear wasn't the only smell in the air now, he had smelt it back when she had wanted to see his eyes.

~So the bitch is still hot for me even after hearing Johns' little story, if I hadn't meet my mate I would of taken her, but now I have something so much more…satisfying.~

"You scare me, Riddick." Fry admitted her tone defensive as she looked into his goggles.

"That's what you wanna hear, isn't it? Now can I get back to work?" she said disinterested, though she tried to come over as a strong and unafraid, her scent and beating heart gave it away. It didn't help that her eyes quickly scan over his form before turning away towards the control panel.

It betrayed what was going on her mind when concerning him. And that please him, having this bitch thinking more with her pussy than her brain will work in his favour.

"I've been meaning to catch up with you alone, Unrestrained..."

Riddick said coming closer again so she could feel his body heat nearly touching her. Quickly he scanned the controls, memorizing them, he'd never flown one of these models before, but it looked the same as any ship and as a skiff it would be less advanced and hi-tech so the control would be hell of a lot easier than the last ship he piloted.

~I wouldn't have any problem getting me and Vixen out of here in this, when she is no longer needed are get to see my vixen play.~ Riddick thought suppressing a shiver down the spine, turning his attention back to Fry. Whose body radiated sexual tension at his words, it did help at how close he was to her.

The small space was felling with her aroused scent. It amused Riddick at her attraction to him, though if Harry was in here now he would be painting the walls red in jealously, and that thought made Riddick hard as a rock but sadly he had to get back to messing with Fry mind, he can play later.

Moving closer he grab a pip above him as he came up to her right side, looking at her asked. "You think… you think Johns is a do-right man? You think I could trust him to cut me loose? "

The tension grew in her body at his words this time.

Opening her mouth she tried to keep calm as she answered. "Why? What did you hear?"

"I guess if it were "trickeration,", he'd just "X" me out, huh? He'd kill me." Riddick said letting go of the bar and moving to grab onto the same one as her. It was time to split the co-leadership.

"Then again... I am worth twice as much alive.." He would of have smirked as her heart skip a beat, moving in close he sew her look sideways at him. "You didn't know that? Your Johns ain't a cop."

Smirking he moved to the left side of her smelling her hair as he whispered the home truths into her ear. "He's got that nickel-slick badge. And that blue uniform. But he's just a merc."

Going back to her right ear, Riddick barely suppressed a grin when he heard her quick intake of breath, "And I'm just a payday."

"That's why he won't kill me, see? The creed is greed."

Fry had enough, her body screaming for him to take her, as well with fear at how close he had gotten, and it pissed her right off, she didn't want to believe his words as truths, that she had been fooled by Johns. "Don't waste my time. We're not gonna turn on each other, no matter how hard you try."

Fry moved away from him, though she wished that she didn't have to, sitting back in the pilots chair she started pulling switches, trying to distract herself.

But the seeds of doubt had been planted. He moved to lean on her chair, "I don't truly know what's gonna happen when the lights go out, Carolyn. But I do know once the dying starts...this little psycho-fuck family of ours is gonna rip itself apart."

Walking towards the exit of the ship he had one more seed to plant. "Ever wonder why Johns shakes like that? Ask him. Ask why your crew pal had to scream so painfully before he died."

The monitors seen started beeping, displaying. "HULL INTEGRITY—100"

The hatch reopened and Riddick made his way out, once he knew he was out of her site he moved to the stand beside a building, he watched smugly as Fry storm out of the ship, most likely to find Johns to verify if he was telling the truth.

Looks like his seeds of doubt have blossomed inside her mind.

He felt even more satisfied when the scent of rage, fear and sexual frustration coming from her, the bitch deserved it and much more after what she had done to his mate. Now she was about to find out Johns was nothing but a drug up mercenary who cared more about his next fix and payday.

And that made Riddick one very happy man, the more he got the bitch to trust him the more he'd have a chance to get off this rock with his mate.

Oh he knew the bitch wanted him, fuck she went into heat like a cat every time she was around him.

Back when he was in the slam he would of used the bitch but now he had a beauty to pleasure, his Vixen was perfect and he wasn't the only one to notice that fact, both Johns and Fry had as well for different reasons, he could smell the dark lust coming from Johns whenever Harry was in site, it made the primal side of him want to ghost the fucker, even looking in his mates direction had him growling with rage.

And Johns wasn't the only one going to get ghost, he knew Harry will kill that woman before they left this planet, that was for sure and if Harry didn't he sure will, that bitch sent his mate to his death. And that just pissed Riddick off.

And one thing you learn very quickly was to never piss Richard B Riddick off.

You never lived long enough to brag about it.

Raising his head slightly Riddick scented the air for his missing Vixen, catching it, Riddick made his way towards one of the family buildings. Stepping inside what looked to be the living room though dusty from time, Riddick heard noises coming from one of the bedrooms, as he slowly made his way to the door he heard the one thing he never wanted to hear coming from his Vixen, pain filled cries and the scent of tears reach him and he raced towards the sound, entering the bedroom Riddick thought nothing of the now changed room and headed towards what had to be the bathroom.

Opening the door Riddick saw his lovely mate on the floor of the shower crying.

Harry felt arms go round him and the scent of his mate surrounded him, he went boneless in the arms of his mate, nuzzling his head into Riddick's neck Harry started to calm down. Riddick held Harry close, his chest rumbling with a purr to comfort his distress mate.

Rumbling Riddick whispered into Harry's ear. "What's wrong Vixen? Tell me."

"I was thinking about my papa. When father was killed in the final battle, it broke my papa heart to lose his husband, he wasn't the same after that night, there was always a look of sadness and pain in his eyes and I think I was the only thing stopping him from joining father in heaven straight after his death." Harry said. He took a calming breath, before continuing.

"When papa finally passed the giant hole opened up in my heart, I knew I was alone. After many years of wandering I found a place to rest and sleep the years away until I was disturbed by something and got the first ship off Earth."

Harry looked up at Riddick. "You would have liked them Riddick, and I know they would of love you."

Holding Harry, Riddick did one thing he thought he would never do, tell someone.

His past.

About being found in the trash by a liquor store with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, who found him, he didn't know but he landed in a foster home with some dead beat forks before running away and joined the rangers when he came of age. It was there he learn his skills, and why he ended up in the slam the first time.

Harry sat there and listened to what his hunter had gone though, it broke Harry's heart but it also showed how strong his mate really was.

Riddick didn't expect to be so open about his past, and it wasn't as hard as he thought, though sitting under the shower getting drenched with his sexy naked mate in his lap was not how he pictured them getting to know each other, but it was a bonus. After all was said and done Harry nuzzled into Riddick neck, feeling more connected than ever to his mate.

Chuckling Riddick picked them both off the floor, turning off the shower and carried his naked mate to the bedroom now all the emotional shit was out of the way he wanted to get to know his mate in a much more physical way.

Placing Harry on the bed, Riddick look into those emerald eyes.

((A.N. The Lemon has been cut as it has taken me to long (Years) for me to write half a one and as I don't know how to write one I will leave it out till I have more experience to write one.))

Harry loved the feeling of his mate's sweat drenched body draped over him, both arms around him giving the feeling of safety and home, a feeling he had missed for so long.

As they slowly calmed down, their laboured breathing went back to normal. Harry thought about how his life had lead up to this point, if those researchers hadn't dug up his resting place he would still be asleep, not knowing that his mate was alive and waiting for him.

The mating mark on his neck pulse and felled Harry with happiness, he remember his papa telling him that as the bond between them grew, they'll be able to feel each other's emotions as time passed, it will take a few day before the first part of the bond came into play and they will be able to feel when one of them was in danger.

Riddick licked away the blood from the bite mark he left on Harry, he could feel the same mark on himself.

The beast inside seem to purr in satisfaction as it felt at peace for the first time, he was no longer alone in this universe, he now had his mate by his side and he knew he would kill anyone that dare to try and hurt what was his.

Turning Harry's head to face him he kissed those bruised lips once more letting his love and possessives shin through the kiss.

Though Riddick really wanted to keep Harry under him and take him once more, he sadly knew they didn't have time for round two, he could hear the shouting outside and knew their light was fading and by the disappointing sigh Harry let out he knew it to.

Breaking the kiss Riddick stared down into those emerald gems. "You with me vixen?" he asked, inches away from those tempting lips, his breath ghosting over them.

"Always Riddick, lead me through the darkness," Harry whispered against his lips.

Riddick smirked, "Then better get dressed then, no one but me is ever going to see you like this."

Harry matched Riddick's smirk and with a wave of his hand they were both cleaned and dressed in fresh clothes.

Riddick laughed and pulled Harry up, keeping a hold of his mate's hand Riddick ran out the building dragging Harry behind him.

Harry smiled and silently Accio his bag, Harry followed 'more like was dragged' to the Sand cat Riddick took a little detour and pulled them onto one of the builds and they ran across them. They made it in time to hear Jack's worried voice.

"Where's Riddick." Jack cried out.

Harry felt the his vampire and elf side growl over the girls attention to his mate but Harry calmed when he felt Riddick tighten his grip on his hand before letting got and got ready to jump onto the cat.

"Leave him! He wouldn't wait for us!" Paris said as he got onboard the Cat.

And at that moment Riddick jumped from the building and onto the Cat right next to where Paris was crouching.

Harry had to stop the laughter from escaping past his lips at what Paris said next. "Thought we lost you."

(That man really should watch his words, they could get him on somebody's bad side and with my Hunter you should always want to be on his good side or stay well away from him..)

Ali pulled on Imam's robs asking him something, his voice filled with panic and worry. Imam nodded and turned to the others.

"Where is Harry, we can not leave without him!" Imam shouted.

"Here!" Riddick growled.

"What do you mean Mr. Riddick?" Imam asked a confused frown on his face.

That was Harry's clue to jump and did so, right into Riddick's arms. They looked at Harry in shock as he was held in Riddick's arms bridle style. Blushing Harry got down and sat next to Ali and Jack, the young boy grabbed onto his arm and held it tight, Harry could smell the great fear that was coming from the poor boy, he was still shaken from what had happened in the corning room not that long ago. but there was nothing Harry could do for Ail as the Hell Gate was opening.

"JOHNS!" Shazza shouted, getting frustrated before starting the Cat and moving them out.

Harry watched as Johns walked out of one of the building and was pulled on bored by Riddick, he could see the tension between the two alpha males as they had a stare off.

But it was over within seconds and they were off as fast as the Cat could go. Harry closed his eyes and whimper as he felt the Hell Gate getting ready to bust, the hunger these creatures had was astonishing, if it wasn't for the brush of Riddick hand to the back of his neck he would have been overwhelmed by their blood thirst.

Opening his eyes Harry sent Riddick a small smile of thanks before turning to watch the way they were going, what Harry didn't see but Riddick did was Johns scorning at what he had seen. ~so Johns isn't happy with my attention to my Vixen, better watch that.~

Shazza floored it through the boneyard and Harry watched as one of the animal rid cages came closer before seeing out of the corner of his eye, Jack staring at his mate, she pulled her goggles over her face and looked at Riddick who in turn pointed to the cage that they where going under, Harry pulled Ali under him as they all ducked.

Looking back up Harry watched as the rib cage fell behind them before turning to watch the as the larger planet blocked out the sun. Deep inside Harry knew they wouldn't make it back in time and with the hunger of the creatures making his own hunger known even though he'd only just fed, he didn't know how long he would last before his eyes started to bleed red and glow along with his ears become pointed, and that wasn't the half of what would happen if he became starved.

Harry saw the ship in site; when they were close enough Johns, Fry and Riddick along with Imam ran into the ship to get the cells. Harry got off the cat and walked a little away from it watching as the darkness came closer every second. (we're not going to make it.) Harry thought as the light began to dim, he heard Shazza asking where Paris was going as the man made his way towards the cargo hold, but Harry didn't listen as he tried to block out the creatures, they knew there was fresh meat on the surface just waiting to feel their hungry belles.

He heard Jack stop beside him and watch as the ringed planet blocked half the sun out. He could smell the fear from the girl as she ran back to the Cat. He didn't look back as she tried desperately to clean the dirt from the sandcat solar panels.

(It's to late.)

Riddick stop and look up searching for Harry when he saw he wasn't on the Cat, spotting him not far Riddick notice everyone stop to watch as the other planet coving the sun.

He could hear the creatures under the ground growing inpatient and then they could all hear them as the screeching started, Riddick saw Harry turn to look at them all.

"Hell's Gate has opened."

Riddick smelled the fear in the air intensifier at what his mate said, then it started, the hackling from before sprang out from the spirals, screeching the joy of their freedom.

"How many are there." Johns said as he watched in disbelief at the creatures of darkness.

"Beautiful." Riddick whispered.

Harry bolted towards the cargo hold as he heard Paris called to the others, as he ran Harry picked up Ali and as soon as they were close enough he push the boy inside, turning he waited for his mate, the hatchling were heading there way fast, but that wasn't the worst of it.

Inside Harry the vampire bloodlust was growing and he was hearing the heartbeats of every human and creature on the planet, and above them all was Riddick's strong and fast, there was no fear from his mate as they ran towards him and the cargo hold, everyone was in and watching Riddick and Shazza run faster as the hatchlings behind them got closer. Johns tried to pull Harry into the cargo hold as the hatchlings swarmed over the main ship towards the hold.

"GET DOWN!" Fry screamed.

Both Shazza and Riddick dived into the trench the ship had made as the hatchling flow over them; everyone held their breath as all was quite.

Harry saw something he wished to never see again in his life Death had come just like for his papa, and Harry knew who it was for, he just didn't know if he should exposes himself to the others saving the woman. He knew she was going to get back up and he could hear the Hatchling circling around to pass over again, he could hear her heart beating faster and faster as what to human ears was dissents screeching was much closer then anyone thought.

Then she was up.

And Harry was running towards her.

"HARRY! NO! COME BACK! GET DOWN!" everyone was shouting as the hatchling came back.

"GET DOWN SHAZZA! NOW!" Harry shouted as he skidded to a stop, Shazza listened and dropped to the floor in time as the hatchling flow over her, heading towards Harry.

Riddick let out a roar and everyone scream.

Closing his eyes everything seem to slow down to a crawl, Harry gathered his vampire power, he could feel it building, pulsing to his heart best, slowing he drew it towards his throat.

Opening his mouth, time flow normally again.

Taking a deep breath.

He Screamed.

And the power that had gathered there was released in a terrifying screech that pulsed with power, as it hit the hatchling they began to pop like balloons on a bed of needles. Some tired to fly away other didn't get the chance.

Then all was silent, all that could be heard was the screeching of the other creatures and the tired breathing of one very weak Harry.

He had made his choice.

End Chapter 12

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