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Toph was a very competitive person. She hated to lose to anyone; this was first displayed when she was defeated by Aang at Earth Rumble. She was a sore loser and would be angry for several hours to days.

One could tell when Toph lost something when the earth seemed to never be calm and you could feel light trembles no matter where you went. Toph made it no secret that she was irritated and frankly, Zuko was getting tired of it.

Zuko couldn't have a decent meal anymore without the feeling that someone was wishing death upon him. He would often find himself looking down the length of the table towards the small earthbender who, despite not looking at him, was still letting off the air that she wished him some bodily harm.

So, one day he decided to settle it, her little temper tantrum had gone on far too long. Approaching her as she sat under a tree in the garden, he stopped and glared down at her.

"Are you done pouting?"

Toph frowned and scowled, pulling up a hand for off grass from the earth before releasing it and then repeating the act.

"I don't pout."

Zuko snorted in disbelief.

"You've been like this for the past week. I defeated you, it's done. Move on."

Toph stood abruptly and was immediately in his face. Her hand clutched the front of his shirt, pulling him down slightly.

"I did not lose, you cheated!"

It was Zuko's turn to scowled. How dare she accuse him of cheating! He would never do such a thing, he wasn't dishonorable and he wasn't Azula.

"Fine, then let's fight again," he suggested.

Toph smirked and released him, pushing him away slightly before falling back into her usual stance. Zuko removed the golden crown from his head and his robe before he too fell into his own stance. Then the fight began and it was intense. There was dirt and flames firing everywhere with no end in sight. The garden was becoming a mess but neither seemed to care. They were just intent on defeating each other.

Then all became quiet. The dust began to be carried away by the wind, revealing two figures. The larger form was behind the smaller form and as the dust completely cleared, one could see Toph grinding her teeth as her arms were being held behind her. Zuko smirked in triumph.

"I win, again."

Toph growled in anger, furious that she had lost again to Zuko. He knew her moves to well and was beginning to make strategies against them. She needed more practice and new moves.

"I hate you, you know," she mumbled.

"No, you don't" Zuko replied sounding quite sure of himself.

Toph opened her mouth to reply, but it was instantly covered by another and while she was still angry about being beat, she found that the fire was quickly being put out by the warm lips that stole her thoughts away. A little ways from the pair, a pair of eyes watched them with joy dancing within them.

"Would you look at that?" Iroh said with a smile.