Hey everyone! I wanted to know what you guys thought of this idea for a story! It's been stuck in my head for about a month now and I'm so excited about it! It's completely AU.


Haley James is the daughter of Jimmy James who works in the United States Department of Justice. He is a very important lawyer that handles cases with homicide, drug trafficking, and fraud. You could say he is the top 'dawg' in his field of work. Right now he is working on a case to prosecute the biggest drug lord in history. Carlos Lehder. (He was a big drug lord in the 80's) Haley resides in Washinton D.C. with her mom, Lydia James, and her father where she attends private school. Only the kids of people who work in the White House attend the school. Haley is in the middle of her senior year and is only 16 years old, soon to be 17. She is best friends with Brooke Davis the only daughter of William Davis, the head of Homeland Security. Haley's parents are lifelong friends with the Vice President, Dan Scott. Who has three sons. The oldest Nathan Scott who is 21 years old and just became part of the Secret Service. Much to his fathers dismay. Who wanted him to become Vice President or President one day. But Nathan always wanted to join the Secret Service since he was a little boy. He went through training right after high school and passed the training with the highest marks ever seen. Then there is Lucas Scott who is 18 and a freshmen in college. Lucas just started dating Brooke, whom shes had a crush on since they were kids. Last but not least is Jacob Scott. A.k.a. Jake. He is 17 years old and attends school with Haley and Brooke. Both Haley's parents and the Scotts have been planning Jake and Haley's wedding since birth. No matter how many time she tells her parents they are just friends, they don't listen. Don't get her wrong, Jake is very good looking and sweet, but she can't picture herself marrying him. She sees him more like a brother. Haley and her parents go to the Scotts home once a week to eat dinner and socialize. They spend holidays and every vacation together. Tomorrow is the big day for her father, for it is the day where he starts the process of putting one of the worlds most dangerous criminals in prison.


Okay I know it's not much of a summary but that's all I can say for now without giving to much away. Tell me what you guys think! Should I continue or not? I'm not totally sure for a Title yet. But if anyone has any idea for one from what you have heard so far please feel free to post it! Thanks a bunch!

P.S. It is definetly going to be a Naley fic!