She kisses everyone goodbye

And waves her middle finger high

They're never gonna mess with her again

The drama queen is seventeen

And sleeping with boys for free

She's got a reputation of being easy

-Saying goodbye, Sugarcult.

Wearing the most modest outfit I owned, I found myself in the middle of the 'dance floor' at Laurens party. There was only one reason I was even here; Mike.

Mike's friend had called me only a mere thirty minutes ago to tell me Mike was, in not so pleasent words; very drunk, therefore I was going to pick him up.

I searched around for a bit, looking for his profile, and not finding it. A drunken body shoved me forwards, offering no apology; not that I expected one.

About five minutes later, I found him. Well, him and Lauren in better terms. I closed my eyes, aggravated. Of course Mike would want to go to a party to sleep with any willing blonde in the area, it was Mike, a part of him I could never change. I stopped him before his hand went to far down her pants (gag me.) "Mike."

He turned around, an angry look on his face until he figured out it was me, he face just turned into a careless one. "Go away." His gruff voice sounded, causing the smell of cheep beer to hit my nose, not pleasent at all.

"Mike, come on. I need to take you home. Now." He groaned, before detatching himself from Lauren, who was already looking for a new candidate. "Let's go." I said, walking a small path torward the front door. Mike huffed once more, before dragging his feet along behind me.

"You bitch." He spat at me, angry. Not angry enough to stop following me, but angry nonetheless.

"That's great." I said, calmly. Sure, it hurt; but I knew better than to cause a scene in front of everyone.

Finally we walked outside, nearing my car. "I wasn't finished." He growled.

"Mike. Can you please just get in the car?"

"Fuck you, slut."

Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. I should be used to them by now, but I wasn't. "Mike. Stop, and get in the car."

He angrily grabbed my wrist, pushing me close to him. "You have no right to tell me to do anything, you don't own me. You're fucking lucky I'm still with you whore. Infact, why am I still with you? Is it 'cause you still want your little social status; well guess what it's gone. No one cares about you, none of your stupid little losers would still like you if they found out what you did. You're only with me so you can feel like someone cares about you, but like I said no one does." He than shoved me into my car.


"Son of a bitch." Than a fist connected with Mikes jaw bone. I glanced up surprised, and saw Edward.

Yeah. I know I promised it'd be short. butttt. I'm sorry :C I really have been feeling sick all month, and it's now starting to kick in, so I just wrote some of this.

Sorry about the one month update thing. ehh i suck, I know.

1. I'm sorry about calling Zac Efron ugly; to you Efron fans, that is just my personal opionion, and I really don't think a 17 year old. one mature for her age; even if she's not totally mature in my story; would like a disney character actor. I understand some people like him; I'm just the 10 percent that doesn't.

2. I was kinda sad no one asked why bella was still with mike. I know I haven't really talked about their relationship to much in the past chapters, this one kind of hints at why they're together, and she still stays with him. It will be mentioned around chapter 12-15.