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Summary: "What!?" Screamed an 17 year old girl in shock. "You want me to marry... Him!?" The girl points a shaky hand towards the red headed boy, eyes wide with fear.

A normal Sand Kunoichi. Yep, from Naruto world this time. - Forced to marry Gaara because of so and so. Yush... It's a used plot, but I wanna make it interesting. -Wink- xDD Sorry, No bad kitty or good kitty. Too lazy to ask them for opinions. :B


Chapter 1.

Seventeen year old Kei Keiko groaned, rolling onto her side, trying to escape from the light that was searing through the window so painfully. "I don't wanna wake up..." She whined, pulling the turquoise(Typical) covers of the bed over her head. She was sooo tired. Keiko had hardly had any rest yesterday, reading those books all day. She had no idea why she had such a love for those books! She raises an lazy emerald green (Ya know. A dark green.) eye and looks over to the window. Noticing something missing, past all the scary lightness. Agh! The sun was so... blinding! She closed the eye quickly. ' I feel... scarred.' She whimpers to herself mentally, feeling traumatized because of such a strong light. Yup, she took things like this very seriously. (Not really.)

WHYY didn't she buy some curtains? Why!? She growls furiously to herself and eventhough under the covers... the light still got to her, which made her terribly grumpy, she decided to vent all her frustrations on the nearby pillow. Poor pillow. Keiko stuffed her face into the pillow and screams as loudly as she could some random words of anger. Cusses, swear words... and some really really random words such as "Banana!" and then "Baka!" (Idiot!)

Keiko was the hyper, weird type. Uh huh, not the "Quiet, Shy. Lonely" type, she was the type who loved flocks of friends... and best of all... She loved... Absoloutely; LOVED being a Kunoichi! She always thought she was best kunoichi in the Suna, nope she wasn't selfish... Let's just call it... Self confidence... She was often called: Selfish, mean, too forward, foulmouth and a kinda meanie head. She was quite lazy too, she thought things were quite troublesome(Remind ya of anyone? xD) and always thought of danger as "A lazy thing." Which often led her into great troubles... since she was so laidback in battles. It was surprising she was even a chuunin!

On with the appearance: Keiko had quite beautiful, shiny locks of black knee length hair, which was blue tinted, shiny blue in the sun and a shiny black inside. She often kept it flowing freely. Which was a bother since it could get caught easy, and surprisingly... It always stayed shiny and neat. Strange no? Her eyes, as told before... Were a cute emerald green. Oh, and she never wore make up. She prefered natural... and that was why she washed her hair with COCONUT shampoo ANND conditioner! (Imagine some cheesy advert about coconut shampoo and conditioner... 'cos Keiko would definately do it.)

Oh yeah and she usually wore a light turquoise japanese dress (Like Sakura's..) which had white flower patterns all around it. She wore black, tight shorts underneath the dress, the shorts reached down to her mid thighs and the dress reached down to her knees. She didn't have that many friends... which was strange since she LOVED flocks of friends, and she was very sociallible but.. I guess they didn't like her because she was just plain weird and very immature AND one of the most straightforwardest person they probably have ever met.

And so... She gave into the light, groaning once more. She felt like crying really. But then:

Keiko suddenly shrieks very loudly, remembering something immediately, turning her face from the pillow she was... Now drooling on... "I'M LATE!!!" She stares out from under her covers with wide eyes and quickly got up from her turquoise mess of a bed and rushing to the bathroom which was connected to her bedroom, everything was matching in her bedroom. Everything was a light Turquoise. Her favourite colour, she thought it was the best colour in the world. Heck, even the wardrobe was a turquoise! And the messy drawer under her wardrobe which held most of her drawing stuff and perfume... and random things was turquoise too!

In the bathroom, it was also a turquoise... but it included white too. White and turquoise tiles were everywhere, her average sized white(Aha! White!) bathtub was in the corner and it had a non slippery thing in it so those who stepped in it didn't slip, it was the rectangle type bathtub and the white(Again:B) toilet was right next to the bathtub. The, of course... white sink was a few squares away from the toilet. It was quite a small bathroom but simple. And Keiko loved simple.

She quickly splashes some cold water onto her face carelessly to wake her up, not bothering to clean her face properly, she supposed it was already quite clean anywayz... It wasn't like she was a dirty person but she was LATE! What would you do if you were late? She got rid of the sleep sand in her eyes (Heh heh... Sleep SAND. Get it? Uh.. Okay. I take that as a no.) and rushed to her bedroom. "Clothes!" Keiko squeaks! Quickly throwing off her turquoise (Once again...) pjamas onto her plain coloured(You guessed it.) turquoise bed messily and speedily pulling on her turquoise dress, trying... and failing miserably to button up her dress at the back. "Agh! Damnit." She curses, eyes narrowing at the damned... buttons. Well, she tried glaring at them but, that wouldn't work since it was out of her field of vision.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands on her back... Helping her!? What!?

Keiko tried to scream but the hands held her mouth and a figure stepped right in front of her, her eyes widened as she stared into some striking turquoise eyes.

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