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Chapter 2.

Keiko... was panicking, A pervert was right in front of her, seeming to appear out of no where. His hand on her mouth. How'd he get from her back to her front so freakin' quick!? Why was he "helping" her button up her dress? AH! Pedofile! No wait.. He was around the same age as her so... He couldn't be. Her mind began to make up quite... a silly conclusion:

'Oh my god!!! It's a killer!!' She squeals inside her mind, her inner self hopping about madly. She couldn't move! Frozen. Her eyes were as wide as dinner plates, her jaw trying and failing to drop in shock. 'Certainly looks like one.' She was scared to death. 'He might rape me!' She continues squealing madly in her mind. Keiko looked really strange in real life... She was staring at the red headed boy with a weird... daydreamy look on her face, just imagine a weird daydreamy look on her face WITH wide dinner plate eyes. Now that's what made her look quite strange, seriously. No one can do that.


Gaara's POV Minutes before:

He had randomly picked a name from the list of many girls, leading him to this small and quite quaint house, reading the short letter from the girl's father, it read that they were of moderate wealth and that they were the only one's there. A father and daughter and after a long meeting. It was settled. He would marry her.

Gaara had been sent to his soon-to-be-wife's bedroom to meet the girl, he never let any emotion show as he went through the meeting with the girl's father, talking little. He was a shinobi, he should show no emotions... That was true power.

But, Years before, his old friend Naruto had changed his life...

Showing him that friends was worth much more and if you abandoned your friends because of petty "Emotionless" you would be worse than trash and if you break a rule of the shinobi with a good cause, you would just be trash. The trash was better. However his emotions were slowly draining... again. He didn't feel like... him... before. He was empty. He needed something, something to fill this empty void in his life. He felt emotionless, not like when he had met Naruto and friends, those days before he had felt a bit of joy, that joy made him happy and not alone. And now, Naruto had gone for two years to train and he hadn't seen Naruto since. He was missing something important in his life. But what?

He was alone again.

Right now, he was being forced to marry someone and had been also been forced to read many lists of girls names to pick out his wife. He had to choose... Or he couldn't be a kazekage anymore and if he couldn't be kazekage: He would be ashamed. He needed to show how powerful he was. How undefeatable he was. Gaara needed to be the best. He needed to be... acknowledged and if he was stripped of Kazekage, what purpose was there to life? He wouldn't reach his dreams of one day... being acknowledged for who he was, not for what was inside him. He had felt respected and acknowledged being a kazekage and if he had to marry someone to stay as one, then so be it.

He opens the door to his bride's bedroom, and widens his eyes as he see's her... dressing, luckily not seeing everything. The girl was failing miserably at buttoning up her dress... She was glaring at the buttons. Gaara stared at her... wondering what he should do, she hadn't spotted him yet. That was good... Or he would be a very pathetic Kazekage indeed.

Suddenly something drove him forward, he wasn't in control. He growls.

"Shukaku." He whispers.

"Dear dear. Seems like you need some help." The demon laughs joyfully, it was as if it was trying to annoy Gaara on purpose... moving towards the girl.

"Stop." Gaara mutters, appearing behind the girl not with his own whim and then... helping her dress! What was Shukaku thinking? The girl glides her hand's over Gaara's hands... feeling him immediately, and Gaara pauses. Finally able in control of his own body, an insane cackle travels through his head and Gaara narrows his eyes, quickly moving in front of the quavering girl's body, covering her mouth quick enough to stop her from screaming as her aura suggested she was going to do.


Back to present:

Gaara didn't blink as he stared at the strange acting girl, his hand still over her mouth. He raises an invisible brow (Um, No brows.) however and was just about to open his mouth when all of a sudden.

The girl bit at his hand.. only recieving a mouthful of sand from Gaara's shukaku demon, preventing him from harm. The girl splutters all over Gaara's hand (Ick.) and gasps for air, shooting a glare at Gaara boldly. Her mouth was still covered. He makes a half smirk and closing his eyes, shakes his head at the girl. "That won't work." He mutters opening those turquoise eyes once more and staring right into the girl's exquisive emerald green eyes. Interesting... He showed nothing as he just stared.


Normal POV:

She squeaks in real life as sand suddenly appeared in her mouth, making her splutter the sand right onto the red head's hand. Ew much?

Keiko stares right back at the boy, shivering. He looked creepy... wait more than creepy. He looked like a pervert! But she really liked his eyes! He looked kinda hot! Wait wait... was she completely forgetting that he had helped her dress!? Annnd had probably seen her naked too!? I mean, how long did he look at her dressing? And remember her theory of him being a killer?

She was probably right! Keiko gulps, feeling very very embarrassed, blushing a quite pretty crimson red. She didn't know what to do... completely forgetting of her panic too. Agh, she felt like... blob. She couldn't move, just... nothing. So she sets out glaring at his hand, as if signalling him to take his hand off... and if he didn't she was so gonna drool on his hand.

Her efforts were relieved as she felt the hand remove from her... very slowly as if he didn't trust her.

Gaara thought she looked the type to be a loud mouth and scream "HELP ME!" But what surprised him most was... she didn't do anything, just stared into his turquoise eyes. Gaara raises an invisible brow once more and stares back.

After a moment of silence of them having a "friendly" staring contest...

Keiko blinks, opening her mouth. Damn! She lost! Uh... not that it was a staring contest. Heh heh... "Who are you?" She asks, she was getting tired of the contest anyway... and waited... very impatiently. He was terribly slow.

Gaara, finally opening his mouth asked a question. Not even replying to Keiko's. "You are Keiko?"

Keiko blinks, even more shocked than before!

Did he have no manners!? It made her jaw drop to the ground. Seriously, he definately needed some manners. Yup. Manners... "... Answer mine first." She said, her face very much like: e.e

The red head stares, not even answering.

Keiko blinks once again. "Excuse me?" She asks, confused... Was he mute? No wait, he talked before. Heh heh... yeah...

Gaara, soundlessly turned around towards the door. "Follow me." He mutters before disappearing out of the door. Keiko's jaw drops once again. "... Yes... He needs manners..." Her face scrunched into an annoyed expression. Now she felt really angry! What gave him the right to barge in, button up her dress. (Well, that kinda helped her... But.) He acted like a rapist! But he didn't do anything. Something was definately interesting.. but really creepy about him, so she decided to follow his "Order" Bah! And followed him downstairs...

It was probably a friend of her father's... Hmmm. Or maybe her father had gone out and... Maybe he really was a rapist!! Her eyes went wide again and she contemplated going... buut... in the end, after around ten seconds. She decided to follow after the red head, interested... however, still really angry at him for the sand and the buttoning and the peeking. After this, she'll give him a peice of her mind!

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