Good Job, Jaken

Two days. Forty-eight hours. Two thousand eight hundred eighty minutes. For that grueling duration of time Jaken had been forced to attend to his master's latest pet in his absence. Rin's childish antics, human needs, and (worst of all) her incessant monologue were getting to be more than the pint-sized imp could bear.

Hopefully, when Lord Sesshomaru returns, he'll see what a burden this brat is and toss her aside in the next village. Jaken heaved a sigh as he stared over Rin; she had finally fallen asleep on Ah-Un's back. Of course, not before putting him through seven hells of patience first.

He had to admit, though, in spite of the little nuisance, he had went to great lengths to follow what he assumed to be Sesshomaru's orders, to insure that she was well fed, properly groomed, and that her smile was where it belonged – on her face. The slightest trickle of pride dribbled into Jaken's heart.

Maybe I will miss her just a bit.

Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes behind him. "Jaken?"

"Oh, Lord Sesshomaru! You've returned!"

"How is Rin?"

"Huh? Oh..." Jaken reiterated all he had done for the child.

"You saw to all that?"

Jaken nodded slowly, not sure if there would be a disgusted kick to accompany it.

"Good job, Jaken."

The toad-demon sat dumbstruck. Did his lord just praise him? Since when did...?

"Let's be off." Sesshomaru strode into the woods. "And Jaken?"

"Yes, m'lord?" A twinge of hope twanged in his voice.

"It seems the girl won't be much trouble; we're keeping her...Now what are you doing? Pick yourself up and don't fall behind."