Disclaimer: My name is still Jaye, not JKR.

Another Hideaway contest entry. A 200 word drabble where someone is preparing for something. Must include a match.

What to Wear?

She gazed out of the grimy window across the darkness of the black lake; the murky waters seemed to mirror the gloomy light of dusk and echo her despairing mood. He was gone and tomorrow they would hold his funeral.

Moving slowly, as though through treacle, she crossed to the desk. Beside the thick candle lay a matchbox; he had always lit candles the muggle way. Gently caressing the box, his box, she slid out a match and ignited the wax pillar.

Turning to the heavy mahogany wardrobe she continued her search for suitable attire. What did one wear to the funeral of one's best friend, one's hearts desire, one's soulmate? She selected a sombre, appropriate dark outer robe and hat.

Running a trembling hand over the more brightly coloured robes within the cupboard, her emerald eyes pricked with hot tears. Picking a lurid amethyst robe with an animated phoenix design, she finally allowed herself to mourn. With a heartrending wail she threw herself onto their bed, burrowing her face deep into his pillow.

Much later, as she drew the velvet fabric tighter around her, she wondered if it would be too improper to wear his favourite robe tomorrow.