Disclaimer: I am just me, not a famous author.

This is a challenge entry for the Hideaway. A 200 word drabble starting with the line 'Calm and cool'.

So what do you think???

Calm and Cool

'Calm and cool, stay calm and cool old man.'

There she stands, just meters away, my goddess; she moves towards me, gliding. Obsidian locks tumbling in gentle curls, contrasting with the flawless alabaster skin. Emerald eyes iridescent in the bright sunlight and soft damask rose lips curved in a dazzling smile. She had enchanted him all those years ago and he was enchanted still.

'Calm and cool, stay calm and cool woman.'

There he is, waiting: so many years he's waited, for me to live a life. But without him, it was a half life. He stands there, so tall and proud. His long, silvery hair and beard reflecting the golden sunlight like an aura. Those eyes, those sapphire blue orbs, draw me towards him. I can't break his gaze, I am lost.

She's so close, her scent envelopes me like a warm blanket. She reaches for me and I can't resist wrapping her small velvety hand in my own.

He's so close; his heady scent makes me feel weak. I reach for him and as always, he's there. His powerful hand over mine, steadying me.

A voice interrupts their thoughts, authoritative, commanding.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…"