Summary: The girls make up th Hale family. The boys and Jay make up the Cullen Family. They all are vampires but they have never met...until now...Bella is torn between Jay and Edward.

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AU: Life Before...

Chapter One: Moving

Edward's POV

"My god! I don't want to move but I'm the only one ready!" I say under my breath.

"We're ready!" Emmett says, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"You can't sleep so quit acting!" I say hitting him playfully.

"Well let's hit the road. It's a long way to Forks..." Carlisle heads out the door with most of the stuff.

"Right. It can't be that far." Jasper takes some stuff and walks out behind Carlisle.

After everything was loaded into the car we drove off to our new home: Forks, Washington.

Bella's POV

Alice sat down, she's clearly having a vision but Rose asks anyway. "What's wrong. Is she having a vision!?"

"No she's taking a dump." I say being a smart-alec.

"Whatever!" She says, she clearly believes me 'cause she took a step back.

Alice's vision finally ends and she looks up at me and smiles. "We will have some a couple hours. Hot guy company."

"Yay!" Rose says jumping up and down.

"Wait, are they vampires like us our vampires like Aro? Or are they vampires at all?" I ask getting a confused look on my face.

"Like us." Alice says clearly.

Esme comes in the living room from the kitchen. "How many?"


"Ew, one extra. Dddirrry." Rose says moving her eyebrows up and down.

"Shut up Rose!" I say hitting her on the arm.

"Ouch!" She says rubbing her arm.

"Their here..." Alice says spooky like.

"Who's here?" God she's such a blonde.

"The other vampires."

"Oh! Yay!" Rose jumps up from her spot and falls flat on her face.

"Haha! Don't do that in front of the boys." I say making fun of her. I'm really not this way but I had to do it!

We all walk out to the front porch. We see a Mercedes park a couple feet away.

"Um, hello." Says the guy around 24 maybe. He was driving. "Where are we?"

"You are at the Hale's house. We are the Hale's. This is Rosalie, Esme, Alice, and I am Isabella. Bella for short." I gesture to them all as I say their names.

"We are the Cullen's. This is Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Jay, and I am Carlisle."

Edward was the most beautiful vampire I have ever seen. Nice hair beautiful eyes.

Emmett is the muscular one. Like a bear. Rose and Emmett. There's one couple down.

Jasper is the shy quiet one. That will change. He's more talkative when he knows the people he's talking to. Alice's type. Another couple.

Jay has jet black hair down past his shoulders. Hot. Semi-muscular. Awesome eyes.

Carlisle is clearly fallen for Esme. Just look at the way he looks at her.

Jay. Edward. Jay. Edward. Jay. Edward. Oh God! What one!?

"We guess you are vampires?" Jay asks looking into my eyes.

"Y...yyyes." I stutter. Edward's eyes turn coal black. He's jealous.

"What are your powers?" Edward asks trying to lighten up.

"Al...Alice has the power to see the future and I have the power to see relationships..." I stutter. Edward smiles. Oh! His smile! Crooked but knee weakening! Oh I wish I knew who I'm going to fall for in the end! But no I can see other people relationships but not mine!

"Do any of you have powers?" Esme asks.

"I have the power to read minds, Jasper has the power to feel and change other peoples feelings, and Jay can move things with his mind." When Edward said Jay he's eyes went black again.

"Why don't you come inside? Your rooms will be ready by tonight if you would want one." Alice says calmly, but inside she just wants to jump Jasper's bones.

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