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Chapter Seven

Edward's POV

Bella came downstairs and plopped herself on the overstuffed chair. "I had the weirdest dream!"

"But you can't sleep..." I look at her skeptically.

"Maybe my powers are getting more developed!" She exclaims.

"Why would they now? Your power is to know who's gonna get together and you can read peoples expressions."

"Ask Esme."

"No Carlisle."





After another couple minutes of the 'Esme/Carlisle' fight they both come downstairs and stand behind Bella.

"Now what do you both want?" Esme asks. Her hair matted down, lip stick smeared around her face, and he clothes are out of place.

Bella turns and looks at Esme then giggles a little.

"Weren't we busy..." I say looking away.

"What?!" Esme exclaims. She runs to the mirror and screams.

"Okay, so what do you two need?" Carlisle asks, turning our intention to what we were talking about before.

"Okay, well, I had a weird dream last night." Bella says.

"You can dream now?" Carlisle asks raising an eyebrow at me.

"Umm, yeah I guess. Well anyway my dream was that no one remembered what happened yesterday. You know with the whole Emilee thing? And Rose had a dog..."



"Hey! Whatcha y'all doin' down here?!" Emilee asks coming over to where we're sitting.

"Why are you so happy? Last time I knew you were avoiding Jay..."

"Oh well, we're sort of 'together'." She says with the air quotes.

"Oh, umm, I see."

"Yeah, well all us girls are going to the mall, kay? So that means you gotta come!"


"Well we need a kill joy and that was supposed to be Esme but she's not coming. So you have too!"

"If I go Edward's coming with."

"Okay! All the guys can come with us! And we can go to a move afterwards!" Emilee gets up and rushes upstairs.

"Okay so back to your dream. Rose had a dog and the whole thing with Emilee didn't happen?"

"That's right."

"Okay well I would just say that it's a normal dream and your powers are developing."

"Okay, good. Umm, Edward come with me."

"Okay..?" I get up and follow Bella to her room.

"I need your help. You have to help me find something to wear."

We looked in her closet for about 3 minutes and I pulled something out randomly and she thought it was perfect. She changed and we all headed to the mall.

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