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A Hideaway contest entry, a short fic 400-800 words about a memorable mothers day.

This was written with OSUSprinks in mind. Can you guess who Pomona's partner is??? Once again miss mcGonagle…I'm so so sorry.

Mothers Day

Pomona Sprout sat on the dusty battered bench in her greenhouse. Rubbing her frayed sleeve on the grimy pane of glass, she was afforded a better view of the first years playing quidditch out in the grounds. She smiled softly as one young boy caught the quaffle just as it was about to slide through the goal. His face shone with triumph as Pomona's face glowed with maternal pride. As the bell chimed signalling lunch, the students dismounted their brooms and raced towards the Great Hall. With a sigh Pomona replaced her earmuffs and returned to repotting the mandrakes. She didn't see one student turn and glance back at the greenhouse.

It was Sunday, Mothering Sunday. Pomona had felt an unfamiliar emptiness when she had awoken earlier that morning. No small handmade card on her pillow, no clattering from the modest kitchenette in her rooms, no charred toast and rubbery scrambled eggs with half a cup of tea already spilt across the tray. This mother's day was different, her son, now eleven years old, slept in the Hufflepuff dormitory with the other first years. On finishing her work she removed the canary yellow earmuffs and replaced the mandrakes in the corner. Returning to her bench, Pomona reached into her pocket and withdrew a crumpled, dog-eared photograph and smiled.

The child smiled back at her, a slightly lopsided, enigmatic smile. The deep chestnut curls atop his head were tousled, he had been running along a beach just before the picture was taken she remembered. The chocolate brown eyes sparkled with laughter as the boy in the picture suddenly stuck his tongue out dramatically. Pomona chuckled; Colin was so much like his father. A wistful look crossed Pomona's face as she thought about her partner, a British muggle actor. How she wished they could be together more often, still, it helped to have their son, his namesake, so close.

The metallic rasp of the greenhouse door opening drew Pomona from her thoughts. Her son walked across the earth covered floor of the greenhouse, his hands behind his back.

"Happy Mother's Day Mum,"

Shyly, he handed her a small rectangle of white card, a bubblegum pink tissue paper heart glued to the front. Tears sprung to Pomona's eyes as she read the poem inside.

'Any time I need you Mum, I know that you'll be there

With common sense and good advice and lots of love to share

Whatever's round the corner, whatever things may come?

I'll have you to turn to cos you'll always be my mum.'

Pomona hugged her son tightly He returned the embrace resting his chin on the top of her head; he had inherited his father's height too. Awkwardly, he broke away.

"I brought lunch from the great hall… better than my usual egg on toast."

Giggling they tucked into the roast chicken sandwiches and chocolate doughnuts Colin had brought in a paper bag. As she attempted to wipe a smear of chocolate from her son's forehead, Pomona felt her hand being batted away.

"Mum……….Oh, I nearly forgot, Dad owled this morning, He'll be home tonight."

Pomona beamed.