Aging Beauty

The gifts had been laughed over, the cake had been devoured, the party was over, most of the clean-up had been done, and now it was time for bed.

Or so Roy said. But then, he had just celebrated his thirtieth birthday, so he was getting on in years. That was probably why he didn't notice Dick coming up behind him as he brushed his teeth.

Actually, Roy had noticed, but why should he act surprised? They lived together, after all, and shared the bathroom. Roy was perfectly fine with Dick shaving while he showered or watching him brush his teeth, however boring he thought it must be. Though Roy drew the line at having company when he pissed.

Roy cocked a brow at his lover in the mirror as he rinsed and spat.

"Happy birthday, Roy," Dick said, smiling softly. "I love you–"

Roy smiled, feeling the clichéd warm fuzzies forming in his gut even after all those years.

"–even if you are over the hill," Dick finished.

Roy frowned, warm fuzzies turning to annoyance. "Bite me, Boy Wonder," he shot back at the other man's unrepentant smirk, knowing Dick would hear the implied 'I love you, too' in the insult. He turned around and grabbed the top half of his 'pajamas' – a T-shirt to go over the boxers he was already wearing.

"Not in front of the children, dear," Dick chided in his best 'old biddy' voice.

Never mind that Lian was already in bed. Roy snorted and finished tugging his T-Shirt over his head. "Be nice or Papa spank," he threatened half-heartedly, flicking off the light.

Dick grinned as they walked side by side to their bed. "You're the birthday boy, Bowhead; aren't you the one that's supposed to get spanked?"

Roy laughed and danced out of his reach. "As if you could catch me, Short Pants."

Dick smirked mischievously and wrapped Roy up in a bearhug from behind, staring at his exasperated, yet affectionate, expression in the mirror on the backside of the open closet door. "Well, I think I got you, babe." He waggled his eyebrows, and Roy suddenly got a flash of Dick as Nightwing, in the original suit, with the mullet.

Cracking up, Roy said, "Well, 'babe,' just you wait until your birthday." His grin widened as Dick's frown deepened in reflection, and he wiggled out of Dick's grip. "I guarantee it'll be an event…to remember."

He punctuated his words with a slap to Dick's ass, receiving a growl for his trouble. "Don't pretend you don't like it," Roy sassed.

Dick…blushed. And…huh. Roy hid a grin and leaned in to whisper in his lover's ear, "You sure you don't want to get my spanking, bird boy?"

Dick shivered at the almost-touch. Then he smiled. "Yeah…I…yeah."

Roy's eyes flashed. Talk about a beautiful birthday surprise.

And he definitely wasn't too old to 'enjoy' it.