Summary – The stubbornness of an elleth leads Legolas through a day of outlandish pranks just to prove she loves him.

Disclaimer – I do not own any characters, places or references found in the Lord of the Rings universe and make absolutely no profit in this.

Author's Notes – I have written many of my stories in first person and prefer this format. This story is told from the point of view of Legolas and Merilin (meaning 'nightingale' in Sindarin) and is pure fun and fluff.

Warnings –
1)Marysue character – definition: a character created by the author and not in the original stories – some readers don't like them, so this is why I've put this as a warning
2) Legolas will be out of character – I am well aware of it. This is just fanfiction, done for fun, so if you're looking to read exact Lord of the Rings book canon, then stop reading this now.
3) Sexual situations – self explanatory
4) Some people don't like them, but I love using the three dots (…) and I use them a lot. To me it means a pause in thought or a side note.

24 Hours of Insanity
By Marisa

Chapter 1 – Oh, My Aching Head
(Merilin's POV)

As I slowly regained consciousness, I felt heat upon my face and knew the sun was shining through the window. The side of my head began throbbing quite painfully and it was no wonder, considering the amount of miruvor I consumed the previous night at the King's Merrymaking Ball. I thanked the Valar such an event came only once a year.

I rarely drank miruvor and never in great quantities. How had I allowed such a thing to happen? The twins…If I recalled correctly, the deviant sons of Elrond had much to do with it. As soon as I could manage to get out of my bed, I would hunt them down and kill both of them.

I forced my eyes open and frowned at the extremely bright light on my face. Of course, it was the sun. But I did not recall it ever shining so brightly through the window. Even the simple act of raising a hand to shield my eyes proved to be exhausting. Just as I discovered the fact that the sun was actually shining down on me from the wrong direction, I quickly surmised that I was not in my assigned bed chamber…or on any bed for that matter. Strange that my eyes were staring at what looked like stone flooring.

That was a surprise. To be lying on the ground. My next thought was to ask myself how had I gotten to be there. I raised my head, still shielding my eyes with a hand, and glanced around. The movement was again exhausting. The familiarity of the expansive room was a shock because I remembered just how crowded this very hall had been the previous night. And to add to the oddity of the situation, I discovered I was lying in a corner, covered in what appeared to be the cloth from one of the tables.

My eyes fell upon something blue lying on the floor a short distance away. Recognition came instantly. It was my gown and my undergarments were right beside it. They had been tossed there in what looked to be a haphazard manner. With a squeak, I realized I wore no clothing beneath the tablecloth.

A sound from behind forced me to be still. I did not dare breathe, waiting for the sound to come again. Then I felt it…something breathed at the back of my neck. My first thought was that one of the King's hounds was lying behind me. I slowly edged away, hoping the animal would not awaken. My recollection of the large hounds was that they liked to lick faces and I was in no mood for such affection at the moment. At least not while I was so…underdressed.

I slowly sat up and turned to confirm the presence of the hound. But it was no hound lying there. It was another Elf…a golden-haired one and bare from the waist up according to the placement of the tablecloth. For a moment I almost forgot to worry about finding myself in such a predicament. Until the Elf stirred and rolled over on his back, revealing to me the face of the prince of Mirkwood.

An involuntary screech escaped my throat and I quickly scrambled backward, taking the tablecloth with me. The action uncovered the rest of him and revealed his leggings wide open and pushed down to his knees…and him in all of his glory…his rather splendid and erect glory, more like it. The sight forced another screech out of my mouth, this one much louder.

The sound awakened Legolas and he reflexively sat up, slamming his head into the side of a planter beneath the window above him. A string of Elven curses spilled from his mouth as he fell back to the floor, both hands covering the growing red welt on his forehead.

I started to move toward him because I was the kind of elleth who could not bear to see anyone in pain. When he opened his eyes and they suddenly focused on a place below my chin, I remembered the tablecloth and my state of undress and quickly pulled it back up to cover myself. Just for good measure, I slid further away.

Legolas sat back up, scowling at the offending planter and avoided it this time. Then he realized the state of his own undress and immediately pulled up his leggings to cover himself before turning in my direction. For a moment he looked confused and then he raised his eyebrows. "Well," he said with a goofy smile. "This is rather awkward."

"Awkward?" I scrunched my face into a frown. "Legolas Greenleaf, did you…did you…" I was so angry the words would not even come to my lips.

"Did I what?" he asked in annoyance and rubbed his forehead.

I pointed an accusing finger at him. "You…You know what you did."

He held his hands up in surrender. "Believe me when I say I truly want to remember. Perhaps you can enlighten me."

I stared at his bare chest and the sudden image of his bare genitals popped into my head, forcing me to close my eyes and shake my head. Such perfection…I had envisioned him to be perfect, but to actually see him sent my pulse racing into oblivion. "How could you not remember?"

He frowned. "For your information I drank far more miruvor than you last night. That is how I do not remember. I might ask why you do not remember."

"You made me drink too much."

"I made you drink too much? I do not recall forcing anything down your throat…" He paused and reached up to rub his chin almost thoughtfully. "Except perhaps my…" The mortified look on my face must have stopped the rest of his words. But not all of them. "Nonetheless I am quite certain you were the one that requested it."

I gave him another angry look. "What? I do not even like you. Therefore I conclude that you took advantage of me."

"Ha! I have never taken advantage of any elleth." He folded his arms across his chest and smiled in a smug manner. "There is no need for it because they pursue me at every opportunity."

"Such arrogance and conceit. Tis no small wonder I have no interest in you." I turned around and began to crawl toward my clothing several feet away.

Legolas chuckled behind me. "I would truly be content if such a splendid sight greeted me every morning."

I glanced back over my shoulder and realized in my haste to crawl away from him and gather my clothing, that I failed to cover my back side. I quickly rolled around to hide myself. "You do not have to look."

"Tis in my face, how can I not look?"

I struggled to my feet, feeling dizzy from the agonizing ache in my head, but having enough sense to securely wrap the tablecloth around myself. Staring into his eyes, just to prove that he did not daunt me, I took two steps back and bent to pick up my clothing. Then I lifted my nose in the air and turned to walk away in a dignified manner…only to trip over something in my path. Falling face first with a surprised yelp, my legs were splayed out behind me in a most unladylike manner…not quite as decorous as I had hoped. The hound that had walked in my path came around to sympathetically lick my face. "Rhach le!" I cried out and pushed him away. (curse you)

The son of the King laughed from where he still sat on the floor. "Do you require assistance?"

I stood back up, readjusted the tablecloth and smoothed my hair before calmly turning to face Legolas. "Nay, I am fine." Then I glared at the hound, daring him to step in my path once again. After a moment I turned around and casually walked toward the doorway.

Along the way I realized that we had not been alone in the hall. I saw Elladan lying with an unknown elleth at another corner. Two pairs of feet were sticking out from beneath one of the tables. An elleth I did not recognize was sprawled in one of the planters beneath the window. I whirled around to take in the rest of the hall, my eyes falling on the King's chair where a hairy dwarf slept with another hairy being curled on his lap. Another couple were locked in a lover's embrace on one of the many cushioned benches. Never in my fifteen hundred years of life had I seen such a sight. What had happened throughout the evening? What had been in the miruvor to intoxicate so many into displaying such unruly public behavior?

My own dilemma quickly resurfaced. Did Legolas and I…? And I had no recollection of it? Oh, why did it have to be Legolas…the Elf I despised more than anyone or anything in my entire life?

I picked up my feet and hastened to the bed chamber assigned to me for the duration of my stay in Mirkwood. But as circumstances would have it, if I had no bad luck then I would have no luck at all. Rounding a corner I nearly collided into Gandalf and Lord Elrond, my guardian. I thought about groveling at their feet in reverence, but wearing only a tablecloth would appear a bit bizarre to them.

"Merilin, are you all right?" asked Elrond.

"I am fine," I replied with a forced smile, unable to think of anything else to say. "Quite well, in fact. Thank you for asking." I turned with a grimace and continued down the hall, hearing the two of them question each other regarding my rather odd behavior.

When I finally reached my room, I slammed the door shut before leaning back against it and hopelessly sliding down to the floor. Oh Valar, what had I done with Legolas? And especially why with him? Why could I not have woken with someone else? Even waking up with gentle old Gandalf beside me would have been far less disturbing. Well, maybe not. Oh, what in Middle Earth had I done?

I stood up and rushed into the bath chamber, scrambling to release water in the tub and impatiently waiting for it to fill. The water was warm and comforting, but my heart continued to pound loudly in my chest.


I detested him with every fiber of my being. Why had I allowed him to violate me, much less even touch me in any manner? He was a self-centered, arrogant snob, parading around like some kind of prized stallion, with ladies always giggling and preening themselves in his presence. It disgusted me to no end. Such behavior was undignified coming from the only son of the King. Even though I had known Legolas all of my life, the very thought of him revolted me. Aye, he was revolting. I certainly never asked for such attention from him, as much as he tried to playfully seduce me. The words I most often used in reply to him were "never" and "when orcs fly". I never harbored any plans to be one of the many notches on his bed post.

And now all of that had changed in the blankness of an evening I would never have the opportunity to recall. Perhaps it was best if I did not recall it, for I would surely vomit at the memories of what could have transpired between us. What vile acts had we performed…and in the hall…among others? Ai, I was mortified!

I loathed him…

I wrapped my arms around myself in the heat of the water, feeling large tears sliding down my cheeks. Even in this moment of nausea, I could not even convince myself of the feelings I wanted so desperately not to feel. His public conduct with the ladies was sickening, yet in secret I craved for that kind of attention from him. I hated him for desiring others, yet I desired him with all my heart. The mentality I possessed would have boggled the mind of a Balrog.

I loved him…

How pitiful of me to love the one I hated most.

And he defiled me.

But I knew I could not place all the blame on his shoulders. I had also consumed an exorbitant amount of miruvor and obviously neither of us had been in the right frame of mind.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a sharp knock on the door of the bed chamber. I waited, hoping whoever the caller was would simply go away. But I had no such luck. The knock came again and again.

With a heavy sigh, I climbed out of the warm tub and slipped on my robe, then walked to the door and leaned on it. "Who is it?"

"We need to talk, Merilin. Let me in." The distinct voice belonged to Legolas.

"I think not."

"I wish to apologize. Please open the door."

Apologize? It was far too late for that and I had no intention of accepting anyway. "I am in the process of bathing and I am not dressed."

"Tis a bit late for modesty. Open the door."

"You are one to say such a thing to me, the manner in which you were displayed before my eyes this morning."

"Open the door."

"Nay, I will not. Go away." I jumped when something hit the door.

"Open the door," he calmly requested again.

"I said go away!"

"Open the door or I will break it down!" His tone grew harsh.

"You would not dare!"

Something hit the door once again, harder this time. The door hinges rattled in the aftermath. I began to question whether he might have the strength to actually knock the door down. Not willing to chance such a thing, I unlocked the door and opened it. Although I had known Legolas for nearly all of my fifteen hundred years, I could not be sure he would not get physical with me, so I quickly backed away.

Legolas stood on the other side of the doorway, his hands resting on either side of the doorframe. He was still bare from the waist up. After a moment of hesitation, he stepped into my room and closed the door behind him.

Even though my robe was tied, I folded my arms over my chest for added concealment. "Well? On with your apology then."

His eyes narrowed at my words. "We are both at fault, Merilin, but at least I am making an effort to apologize to you for what occurred. The least you could do is the same."

"Ha, me apologize to you for what happened? I had nothing to do with it."

"You still believe I took advantage of you?"

"Aye, you did!"

Legolas moved closer, forcing me to stumble backward with my back to the wall. He pointed a finger at my nose. "Fine. Believe what you will. I retract my apology. I am not sorry." He leaned closer and I could feel his breath against my face. "And furthermore, I am quite certain I found no enjoyment with you, for if I did, then I would surely have remembered it."

"That is a cruel thing to say to me."

"Why should I not be cruel? For as long as I have known you, not once in my presence have I heard a kind word coming from your lips."

My heart pounded so loudly that I barely heard his words. "Nothing kind ever comes to mind when you are around, Legolas Greenleaf. I have no desire to be anywhere near you. You may have had your way with me while I was intoxicated, but I refuse to be treated in the same manner you treat all your little playmates."

His eyes narrowed again. "My playmates?"

"Do not pretend you know not what I speak of. I am no fool. If you wish to fornicate with every elleth in your kingdom, then by all means, do not let me stand in the way of your continued progress."

Anger and bitterness I would have expected. What I did not expect was laughter. He backed away and laughed and laughed, holding his sides as if the act pained him. Finally he regained his composure enough to look in my direction once again. "That is by far the funniest statement I have heard in all my life."

"What do you find funny about it?" I asked in rage, balling my fists at my sides, wanting to pound them on his face and vanquish the beauty that haunted me. He could not be any more beautiful than he already was and the very thought made me want to vomit.

The humor quickly left Legolas's face. "Ask anyone who knows me best, which is obviously not you, and they will tell you all about my playmates."

"I have absolutely no desire to know any of the disgusting details."

"For your information, Merilin. I have had no intimate relations with any elleth…not for a long time."

"You lie."

"Why would I degrade myself to you in this manner if you think me so arrogant as to brag about playmates?"

"You want me to feel pity for you, perhaps so I might throw myself at your feet."

His face was a canvas of emotions and I saw all of them pass in a moment's time. There was something about the look in his eyes…his beautiful sapphire eyes. Strange how I had not noticed until this moment that his hair was unbraided and hanging loosely around his face. Everything about him was perfect, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes…bare as they were at the moment. He would always be perfect and he would always be the center of attention and he would always be sought after by every elleth and woman in Arda…perhaps even sought after by Men, who found him to be prettier than their own women. The son of Thranduil would forever be beyond my reach.

"Look into my eyes and tell me you have no feelings for me," he finally said after leaning toward me again.

My heart jumped into my throat and swelled, nearly choking me, denying me the air I desperately needed. I was suffocating. The hatred I felt for him was a complete sham. I tricked my own heart so that I would not have to live in constant pain whenever he showed the slightest inkling of interest toward another elleth. But I could no longer bear the strength for such a falsehood. I gritted my teeth behind my lips and stared into the sapphire pools of his eyes. "I do not like you," I said with absolute conviction because it was the truth. I did not like him…I loved him.

Legolas stared back at me for a moment before the left corner of his lips curled upward. A short laugh escaped his throat. "So be it." He turned to walk away and then stopped as if he had forgotten to say something. "Now that I know you…despise me…" He walked toward me again and this time leaned close enough to nearly brush my nose with his. "Perhaps I will start whoring around in the manner you think I do." His expression turned angry upon the conclusion of his statement.

For a moment I thought he was going to kiss me. His breath was warm on my face. But then he abruptly turned away. He opened the door and walked out, slamming it firmly behind him.

I released the breath I had been holding and stared at the closed door for a long time, wondering if he would return. My heart was still pounding from the confrontation. Why did his presence effect me so? Why could he not effect me in the same manner as Elladan or Elrohir. They were like brothers to me. Why could I not feel the same about Legolas? I hated my feelings for him. I did not want to love him.

As I turned to walk back into the bath, a knock came on the door.

I quickly moved to the door and flung it open. "Legolas?"

On the other side stood Arwen. "Nay, not Legolas." She walked in without invitation. "The way the two of you were clinging to each other last night, I am mildly surprised I do not find him here."

I grabbed Arwen's hand and led her to my bed where I sat her down. "Arwen, what happened last night? How did I come to find myself waking in his arms? You know I despise him."

Arwen sighed in a rather exaggerated manner. "Merilin, you cannot be so daft as to believe your own words. You have been in love with him since you were ten years old and saw him riding into Imladris with my brothers."

I gasped. "I am not in love with him."

She giggled. "I did not drink as much as everyone else. And being the only one not quite so intoxicated, I was witness to many perverse occurrences throughout the evening, including yours."

"What did you see? What did we do? Please tell me."

"You dragged Legolas to a corner, behind one of the tables and you both collapsed on the floor in fits of laughter."

I grabbed her arm. "Wait. You say I dragged Legolas? Are you certain it was not the other way around?"

"Nay, I distinctly remember you were leading the way."

I groaned and covered my face with a hand.

"There was kissing involved, but that had already been happening much earlier. Legolas pulled the cloth from the table and completely covered the two of you. Moments passed before your gown was flung away, followed by your undergarments."

I uncovered my face and covered my mouth with both hands.

"I could not see much with the table cloth covering you, but it appeared that whatever he did you found to be pleasing."

I was mortified. If Arwen had witnessed it, then how many others had? "Did anything else happen?" I hoped there was no more.

She looked up and tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Oh, there was one other thing. Before you both disappeared beneath the tablecloth, you shouted your love for him."

"I did not!" But how could I be sure? "Did I?"

"More than once and at the top of your lungs, I might add."

"Ai, Elbereth!"

Arwen stood up from the bed. "Anyway, the reason I came in the first place was to tell you that Aragorn and I are venturing to Lake-Town within the hour. I wondered if you cared to join us."

I bit my lower lip and looked up at Arwen. "Who else will be joining?"

"If you are referring to Legolas, I cannot answer. Aragorn has not asked him yet."

"If he goes then I will not."

Arwen threw her arms up in frustration. "You are impossible, my friend." She walked to the door and disappeared into the corridor.

After she was gone, I remained standing for what seemed an eternity. Why should I not go to lake-Town? Was I not the one who suggested the excursion yesterday morning? Why should I deny myself the chance to explore the vendors and purchase things I wanted? I had heard so much about Lake-Town. Such an opportunity would not come again when we returned to Imladris.

Without thinking, I left my chamber to pursue Arwen and tell her I was going, with or without Legolas. Along the way I nearly collided into Gandalf and Elrond once again. What were the chances of it happening twice in less than one hour? For me, when it came to awkward moments of embarrassment, always a good chance.

"Merilin!" said Elrond. "Are you intoxicated?"

"Nay, my Lord, never," I called out over my shoulder as I continued down the corridor in a rush.

If this chapter stirs enough interest, I'll continue to work on this story, which won't be very long. If not, then I'll leave it alone.