Second Chances

Marlonian Hayes


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Chapter 1: A Visit

She laughed away with a large smile on her face as two strong arms pulled her slender body in closer. With a smile on his own face, the man leaned in and kissed his wife. She kissed back, but the exchange was cut short as both could not help but smile even more. It had been three years since they were married and finally Kara had become pregnant. Ben was too overjoyed to even speak at first. Gradually, the joy lessened, but only just a bit. Now the couple felt only a bit nervous but filled with happiness as the news.

Ben and Kara had found their way into their room aboard the carrier. The room was dimly lit and crowded with clothes, a bed, and many papers on the small desk. They had been moved to one room after their honeymoon in Thailand, so there was more space than a room meant for one.

Backing up, still holding his wife, Ben Gannon suddenly found his back against the wall. Several pictures (from cameras and hand drawn) shuffled the slight breeze. Ben and Kara laughed as the man once again bent in to give his beloved a kiss. "So how was your day?" she mumbled before separating and looking up at him. Her laundry was pinned to a thin cord that served as a clothesline, which strung from one side of the room to another. Along side, the delicates were a couple pairs of boxers.

Ben laughed and leaned against the picture-covered wall again. "You should know, you there most of the time," this made Kara turn away from folding up their clothes and give her husband a sarcastic look. Then she went back to work and silence was all that was in the room for a bit. Finally, not liking the sudden lack of noise, Ben spoke again. "So, what do you think of our new team mate?"

Kara Gannon (formally Kara Wade) took the folded T-shirt in her hand and flopped down on the bed. Looking thoughtful, she answered her husband. "I don't know yet. We have not been in action with him, only flying around the carrier to get him use to formation. He certainly isn't any Henry," she said the man's name in a light hearted way, remembering her lost companion.

"Nor would he be a match for EDI," Ben spoke in a low whisper. Whom, or what, he was speaking of was the UCAV who had joined their team three years ago. Unfortunately, some unforeseen events happened, resulting in Henry's death and EDI destruction. Kara never forgave EDI (or 'Tin Man') for what happened. Even after the UCAV had evolved enough to actually feel (according to Keith Orbit, EDI's creator) and saved them from certain death; Kara still thought of the UCAV as a weapon and nothing more. Often she grew upset when the name was mentioned.

"Hmm, what was that?" Kara asked raising her head from her looking at her lap.

"Nothing," Ben said quickly and sat at the desk. He shuffled through papers and looked at past mission reports. There was a folder there, filled with information on their new teammate.

Kara watched as her husband picked up the file and was about to open it. Deciding he might be hungry, she stood and told him she was grabbing something to eat. "Can you bring me something?" he asked before Kara nodded and was out the door.

"Let's see what this 'David L. Rogerson', truly has under his belt..." opening up the file, Ben began to look.


David L. Rogerson, it had taken Captain Dick Marshfield three years before he found the right pilot to replace Henry Purcell. David was a young pilot, just out of training, but top of his class. He did not have any combat experience, but he was learning. His record was impressive for a pilot of his age, always keeping his comrades on their toes in training. Now he was sent out on a carrier, due to his abilities. It was mostly to get combat experience and learn the ropes of what it meant to be a true pilot. Capt. Marshfield could not find anyone better suited to teach the young pilot than his two best pilots: Kara and Ben Gannon. And so, that is how David found himself aboard the new carrier.


A large, tired sigh escaped the young man as he kicked off his boots and flopped onto the bed. The small spring mattress was just large enough to fit him so that his feet pressed up against the wall. It didn't matter, any bed would be comfortable after the rough day he had. Not bothering to change out of his white muscle shirt or camouflage pants, the young man began to fall asleep.

His deep brown eyes began to disappear underneath heavy lids. Tussled, short, dark brown hair sat atop of his head. David looked young for his age actually. Sometimes, his friends back at training would tease him about it. Usually they would call him 'Baby Face Rogerson'. The sudden memory made him chuckle as he turned onto his side. Taking in another deep breath, he began to reminisce on the day's events.


The helicopter was noisy compared to the usually silence on the sea. At first, not many of the other crew knew what was going on until they saw the young man sitting next to the pilot. He wore a green jacket with green pants. His hair was cut short, but no too short. As his combat boots struck the metal surface of the carrier, a black duffle bag found its way next to his feet. Quickly picking up his baggage, the young man ran out of the way as the copter lifted off the large ship.

Turning back just in time to see the craft leave the ship, David suddenly found another beside him. It was a black man, about late forties, early fifties. Once, the copter's rotating blades were finally out of ear shot, the older man turned to David. The young man did like wise and faced who he could only guess was in command of the vessel.

Holding out his hand, the man spoke, "Welcome aboard Mr. Rogerson. I'm Captain Marshfield. We weren't expecting you for another week, what happened?"

Chuckling a bit, David picked up his bag and began to walk beside Marshfield. "They saw it fit to end my training because of my performance record." They had walked the length from the deck to the cabin that lead below the ship rather quickly.

Opening the door for David and his bag, the captain simply went "Ah!" and followed the young man inside. When David stood just inside the doors, Marshfield turned to him and signaled to a case of stairs that lead to the inside of the ship where the chambers and cafeteria were. "I'll show you off to the rest of the men later. Until then, you may visit the cafeteria or settle in you room, 219, then I'll have one of your new teammates show you around." David simply nodded and started down to his room.


'Ben Gannon' David thought. He remembered the first he had heard that name. It was his third week of training and his instructor was giving examples of great pilots. Ben Gannon's name happened to come up. Enough of the other trainees were interested, so the instructor began to speak of Ben's accomplishments. His greatest victory was when he brought down the UCAV that had gone haywire. Everyone was so fascinated in what Ben Gannon did. Especially David.

"Now I'll meet him!" the young man whispered excitedly. His duffle bag was beside him on a railing. Two papers were gripped in his left hand. One yellow, one pink. The pink one was a map of the vessel's different levels and the yellow paper held a flying schedule for David. This would be his schedule for the next few days until he was given his first mission. David couldn't help but smile at the idea of fighting side by side with Ben.

Then footsteps suddenly became clear in David's mind. He didn't look up until they stopped, right before him. A pair of combat boots stood in David's sight. Slowly looking up, he found his eyes settling up a slightly older man. His hair was short, like David's, only cut more casually. Two deep eyes stared with a sense of inspection. Then a smile broke out onto the serious features and the man held out his hand.

David took it shyly and accepted the shake. When the shake of hands was over, the older man stood back to take a better look at the young man. "You must be David Rogerson," he said, tilting his chin towards the young man. "Yes sir!" David said with a salute. The man returned the salute before saying, "Eddies Soldier. I'm your new commander: Ben Gannon." David didn't realize it, but his eyes suddenly became very bright and very wide.

"It's-it's good to meet you sir!" the young man sputtered at while lifting up his duffle bag. "May I say it is an honor to be serving with you." Ben simply gave a short laugh as he turned towards one of the branching hallways.

"Thank-you; now follow me." For the rest of the day, Ben showed David the carrier. He explained what he needed to and answered the many questions that the young man had. However, no matter how many questions David asked, Ben always avoided the ones about the incident with the UCAV. David didn't mind not getting those answered. He figured they were of a personal matter and in time he may receive information.


Everything was going smoothly between Ben and David. David could not help but feel anxious to fly. He would be up in the sky with one of the best pilots in the U.S. However, there was a bit of a calm feeling. He knew Ben was not the type of person to criticize him on his first real flight.

Now the two men stood on the launching deck. A large stretch of black ship was before the two of them. Three jets were lined up, ready for lift off. David, being the bookworm he was, immediately recognized them as the B-Talons. Only three of them were made, mostly for testing, and they were meant to replace the original Talons destroyed in the incident with the defective UCAV.

Ben lead the way over to them. Once beside the large jets, David took a good look at them. They were streaked a husky black with tinted windows. Their size was average, but the design was all too advanced. Taking a hand and running it alongside the remarkably light but strong metal, David suddenly became entranced by the jet's beauty.

"Like it?" a female voice came from behind David. With a start, the young man turned quickly. Immediately, the woman chuckled. David only chuckled himself and blushed. The woman before him was beautiful. Her long, silky brown hair was tied back into a tight bun. Dark eyes looked out from underneath a gentle brow. Smooth skin covered what part of her David could see. "Sorry for startling you, David?"

"Yes it's David. I guess you are one of my teammates. I already met Mr. Gannon," using Ben's name in a formal manner only made the woman laugh more. Blushing once again, David turned his head away from his female teammate.

"You may call me Kara. Well, I have to get ready for lift off. I'll see you in the air!" she called over her shoulder as she turned and headed for her B-Talon. Sighing, David leaned up against his own jet.

Just as suddenly as Kara had appeared, Ben popped up next to David. Only this time, the young man was too absorbed in the woman's beauty to notice him any. Ben just gave a low chuckle before asking, "Airforce knows how to pick 'em eh?"

"Yeah!" David said turning to look a Ben. "Think I have a chance?" He asked with a joking tone. This only made Ben laugh harder as he turned away for a moment. He began to head towards his own B-talon when he called over his shoulder at David. "David, her name is Kara Gannon. My wife!" With a smile, the older man turned back around and began to climb into his jet.

Suddenly feeling even more embarrassed than ever, David slowly turned and climbed up into his own jet.


Still amused by what had happened that afternoon, David gave a suddenly laugh. He wasn't sure if Ben and him had gotten off on a good foot or not, but is certainly seemed so. Keeping his smile, the young man fell asleep in his cramped bed.


Kara had gotten back hours ago with the food. Both of them ate in silence, only commenting on something here and there. Occassionally Ben would ask certain things about the baby growing inside of Kara; usually she could answer them and only on a few were she stumped. Not only record books piled the desk of the Gannon's, but many baby books as well.

"We won't spoil him!" Kara had said with a mouthful of spagetti, "But we will give them all we can." Ben merely nodded or gave a small agreement to all that Kara said. He knew nothing of taking care of a child and doubted he would know what to do when the child came. This was why the books were bought or given to them by other members of the crew. Most of them were jokes, such as "Babies for Dummies" or "How To Program Your Child"; nonetheless, Ben read them just in case.

Soon after their meals were done, Kara had fallen asleep on the bed. Ben stayed up, mostly reading over some of the books or skimming through old mission reports. Even though Ben had gone over most of his past missions, reminiscing on old memories, he always skipped over the confidential file containing all the reports on what had happened with EDI.

Ben didn't know why he often thought of the mission, even now, three years later. He guessed it had something to do with loosing Henry or it being one of the largest disasters in his life. That was most likely it… However, it still popped up no matter how much he tried to forget it. The memories usually consisted of his search for Kara and his growing companionship with EDI. Maybe that's why he couldn't get rid of the memories. Maybe, in the end, he had actually liked the damn machine. "A human making friends with a homicidal jet, imagine that!" he scoffed.

'EDI wasn't homicidal, just doing what he was programmed to do,' Ben thought. Memories began to flash back suddenly, causing Ben to become unaware of the world around him for a moment. He needed to let go of the memories and move on, or else his life would never do the same. He would soon be having a child with the love of his life and if he didn't get this out of his system, he might not be able to enjoy that life. However, he couldn't stop thinking of the 'What ifs?' of the mission. 'Maybe if-'

A sudden knock on the door pulled Ben out of his gloomy thoughts. At first, the man didn't think he heard what he did. Looking from one side of the room to the other, Ben waited. When he didn't hear anything again, the pilot relaxed in his desk chair. Then the knock came again. Only this time it was louder and clearer.

Almost jumping from his seat, Ben rushed to answer the door before the person outside woke Kara (now slightly stirring under the sheets). Pulling open the small white door, Ben ducked as a knuckle tried to knock on his head. "Hey!" Ben looked up to stare into glass covered eyes. "I'm sorry," the voice said back, a bit arrogant. The glasses were located on the brown eyes of the sandy haired man. He wore a tight shirt with a black jacket over it. In one of his arms was an accordian folder, the other was still held in the air from knocking on the door.

With a heavy sigh, Ben soon recognized the man: Keith Orbit, EDI's creator. Rising from his crouching stance, while Keith put his hand back to his side, Ben walked out of the doorway (pushing Keith back as he did) and closing the door behind him with a satisfying click. "Why are you here?" Ben asked, not bothering to hide the annoyance in his voice.

The 'Doctor' had boarded the carrier about six months ago. He said he needed all the notes that had been taken on EDI. Of he had the right to files and was gladly handed the papers needed. Orbit even got a look at the vessel's computer database, which EDI had much access to. For some reason, Keith decided to stay aboard the ship instead of going ashore when she docked outside of Thailand two months ago. Ever since then, the doctor had been in the garage where EDI was held; most likely studying the files, trying to figure what had gone wrong. And never did Captain Marshfield object to the man's studying.

Most of the crew brushed it off, but Ben became curious of the man's workings. He often wondered what the scientist was doing. He was about to soon find out.

"Why am I here you ask? Why am I here? Why do you think I'm here!" Keith slowly raised the urgency of his voice as he leaned closer to Ben's face. Suddenly pulling back, the man began to rant while walking back and forth, many hand gestures waving here and there. "There can only be one reason why I am here, andIthinkyouknow it! Think, damn it! Why would I wake you at," the man checked his watch quickly, "11:37 at night unless it was important?"

"Well, what is it?" Ben was growing agitated. He was finally convinced that the man had lost his mind. His sudden raise of voice seemed to make Keith stop his pacing and look at Ben confused. Obviously he was shocked that the pilot did not know, or at least figure out, why he was there.

Leaning against the wall of the hall, the man began mumbling. Now he seemed to make sense. "Of course you wouldn't know, it was after the boy was dropped off." "David?" Ben asked. Keith nodded and continued explaining, "Yes, after David was dropped off. The helicopter circled back around. Of course it was only after David had left the deck, so he didn't see and therefore was not able to tell you. But when the helicopter landed the second time, the pilot took a large crate out of the back of the helicopter. Captain Marshfield said it was for me- said it was from the 'crash site' in South Korea…"

Here, Keith trailed off, getting Ben even more irritated. Suddenly, it struck him. "What crash site? You mean when… South Korea… It can't be!" Keith nodded, smiling at the fact that the man might have finally gotten the point of his visit. "But it is, it is! I was just as shocked as you were, but I took the parts and put them back together again. Well, those that I could use. It was only the main computer parts and about ninety-five percent of them were working. After assembling what I could, I quickly hooked it up to the main frame and slowly put power into it."

A little bit anxious, Ben asked, "What happened?"

"Blue lights, then a voice. Ben… you know what this means?" Keith only paused for a moment, not allowing the pilot to answer. "EDI is alive."


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