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Chapter 3: Explanation

"EDI?" Ben wasn't sure how to react. Is any one really sure how to respond to someone thought dead? Taking another step into the large room, Ben's eye adjusted more to the bright lighting and came to rest upon a metal table. On the table were many cables and computer screens, with a few disk drives. Large computers were set on either side of the table, obviously harboring EDI's files.

However, despite all of these items, Ben only focused on one thing: the black ball sitting in a heap of wires. Unlike EDI's previous design, the metal used for his cover wasn't opaque but transparent. It allowed the onlooker to see inside of EDI. Which looked like a churning storm, as black as black can get. However, white flashes, like lighting, shot from certain points on the orb and headed for the center. Once they hit it, a spray of white needles shot out back to the many points.

A dark, crimson red lens was located on the front of EDI, allowing him to see.

Ben stepped even closer, waiting for EDI to reply. His computer-like voice was projected through speakers that sat on either side of the ball. "Yes Ben, it is I. I can understand your uncertainty, but allow me to place your mind at ease." Dr. Orbit came up beside the pilot, a large smile upon his face.

Pulling out a chair from underneath the table, Keith urged Ben to sit in it. Once seated, the pilot only stared dumbfounded at the ball. He wasn't quite ready to grasp the concept of how EDI could be alive. Seeing his confusion, Orbit tried to help Ben out by explaining a few things. Clasping his hands behind his back, the sandy haired man walked over beside Ben and leaned over next to his face. "EDI, I do believe our good friend Ben here is a bit confused."

"I believe so, Dr. Orbit. May I explain to him?"

Keith shook his head and unclasped his hands. "No, I will do it. Not to offend Mr. Gannon, but you tend to get professional, son. There may be words that you use that Ben won't understand." The pilot sitting in the black, metal chair merely rolled his eyes. He wouldn't say anything at the moment, but he certainly wouldn't forget what the doctor said. "Go on," Ben stated, a little impatiently.

Unfolding another chair and setting it beside Ben's, Orbit sat down and looked over at the pilot. Keith couldn't help but smile as he saw the man's face. It wasn't full of confusion any more, nor surprise. It simply looked as if Ben was content. Keith didn't know the whole story of what happened between his creation and the pilot, but it must have been a great ordeal to create such a bond in such a short time span.

When Keith had finally gotten EDI put together and turned him on, he immediately asked if Ben was ok (after being informed on his current situation). Then, then EDI asked to see him. When Keith responded with a question of his own, EDI simply stated that he needed to ask the pilot something. Something that he didn't get to before they landed in North Korea. Keith had hesitated at first, because of the time, but then told EDI he would go and get Ben. A small thank-you was given, which only made Orbit more proud of his work, for there was a sound of gratitude behind the voice.

Now, Keith would find out just what it was that EDI needed to speak with Ben about. However, he must first explain how they were speaking to each other at that moment in the holding bay. "Ben…" Orbit waited for the man to turn to him, but his thoughts had lasted too long, allowing the pilot to get lost in another. Clearing his throat, "Ben!" Keith finally grabbed the pilot's attention.

Almost jumping from the break in the silence. Ben turned to face Keith, but his eyes still wandered over to the churning ball of metal. "Okay, tell me what happened. However, why do EDI's insides look like they do? Shouldn't there be wires and chips or something?" the pilot turned back away from the sandy haired man and stared at EDI. "I mean, what with all the fluids and small flashes?"

Orbit opened his mouth to open, as he raised his hand. Before the 'doctor' could say anything, EDI's voice emanated from the speakers. "My programming is a bit different, Ben. Because my mind had continued to development to the point of allowing me to feel, the data could no longer be held in tangible hardware such as the wires and chips." As he said this, Ben looked over to the two cabinet sized hard drives. The pilot understood that if EDI was meant to be portable, his programming would have to be stored in something much smaller. Thus, EDI's new design.

EDI waited for Ben to be done mulling over things. When his programming recognized a certain change in the pilot's face, the machine was about to keep explaining, when Keith's voice overpowered EDI's. "Therefore, I so geniously designed something close to a human brain. A neural network that send messages to the main unit (in the middle of EDI. It's a smaller ball, hooked with wires to different points.) The signals are sent, much like a human, in electrical waves. Or, those flashes you see every now and then." As if on queue, a few blazes streaked across EDI's face. They started out bright and seemed to become lost in the stormy darkness.

"When the central processing unit receives the different signals, it files the information, so to speak, and allows EDI to react in the proper way. There is a more technical explanation, but we simply don't have time for that." Keith finally ended the brief explanation, resting his hands on his legs. Looking over at the pilot, the scientist saw a bit of confusion return, but he was sure Ben understood most of it.

Ben sighed, and leaned back away from looking at EDI. He wasn't quite sure what Dr. Orbit had said. It was a hard concept to grasp. In fact, Ben was never really good in health and science while in school. He was great in the flight academy, but that was based mostly on math. Trying to sort out what Keith had said, Ben shook his head and closed his eyes. Letting loose another sigh, the man leaned his head back. It was late and he was tired. However, he had yet to have a conversation with EDI, something he really wanted to do.

"So, EDI's almost human?" "I will never be human. But, Dr. Orbit has done something no other scientist could ever do." EDI's calm voice spoke to Ben, who nodded, his eyes still closed. Then, there was an awkward moment of silence as both men and machine just waited. Even EDI, with all his complex intelligence and understanding, could not think of subject to speak about. EDI saw it as a moment to relax and actually fully take in everything. However, dawn would be approaching soon and Ben was not like him. Ben needed sleep in order to function properly. Still, there was one more thing EDI had to speak about with Ben before he shut down for the night.

"Dr. Orbit," both the pilot and scientist were pulled back to reality from their spaced out state, by EDI's voice. Leaning closer to the black ball, Orbit asked, "What is it, son?"

"Leave." The 'doctor's' brow furrowed immediately in confusion. He wasn't sure he heard what heard.

"Excuse me?" Keith asked, hoping EDI would say something else besides what his brain had registered earlier. However, again, EDI's calm voice spoke, "Leave." It was such a simply command, yet held so much meaning. Orbit didn't know what to do, but leave. Nodding a 'yes', the scientist rose from his chair and walked towards the door. He seemed a bit disappointed.

Both Ben and EDI waited in silence, focusing on the departing scientist. Keith took one more look back, hoping for EDI to change his mind. However, when there came no sound from the small gray speakers, Dr. Orbit sighed once more and pushed on the heavy door. Nothing, so he pushed again. Still, the door would not budge. What was happening? Thinking he was just tired, Keith placed his shoulder against the door and pushed even harder.

However, the action only resulted in Orbit hitting his head slightly against the frosted glass. "Owww," worn fingers rubbed an area of skin, just below the hair line, that was quickly turning red. 'That's going to bruise in the morning…' the exhausted man thought as he once again let a exasperated sigh out.

Meanwhile, Ben was still sitting in his chair, shaking his head. "I think both of us are tired," the man took his index, middle finger, and thumb and pinched the middle of his brow as it furrowed. A headache was soon approaching and Orbit's antics weren't making it any better. Trying to get rid of the mild annoyance that was Keith Orbit, Ben spoke to the 'doctor' without looking at him. His voice raised in volume and easily showed just how irritated he was. "Pull, doctor, pull…"

Keith felt a rush of warmth as his face turned red from embarrassment. Hunching shoulders in an attempt to hide away his shame (being a scientist whom had created life in a machine, but can't open a simple door) the scientist kept looking at door and his eyes slowly traveled to his feet. A short, shaky laugh was followed by a shy, "Oh." As the man wrapped his fingers around the cold aluminum handle and pulled the door open.

Before leaving the room, the sandy haired man looked back at EDI and Ben. The pilot was Leaning over a bit with his head in his hands. The black orb that was EDI, just sat on the table, fluctuating with every single sent to his CPU. Through the lens that served as eyes, an eerie yet peaceful red glow was the only sign that EDI was on. Keith felt his son was watching him and waiting for him to leave. One last look of disappointment, and the man disappeared behind the door.

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