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Chapter One: In Fate's Hands

I glanced out of the window of the plane, watching all the clouds rolling by. I smiled and put my hand against the window, imagining if I could touch them. Edward chuckled next to me and I looked at him over my shoulder he smiled at me and turned in his seat to face me. I grinned at him widely and winked, turning back to the clouds.

They had begun to change slowly to shades of pink and purple. It looked amazing from up here. I heaved a heavy sigh of relaxation and smiled at them. They were all so beautiful. I was barely aware of the plane landing until Edward tapped my shoulder, his face wonderfully close to mine as he whispered in my ear.

We stood up, left first class and walked off the plane. The rest of our family was meeting us here in a few days; Edward and I were leaving early. Today was the anniversary.

It was a special kind, not one you would expect to celebrate. Today was the anniversary of my death. The day that I had become a full vampire and left my family behind. Everyone I had known thought I had died from a disease, one they couldn't figure out. That had been almost twenty years ago.

It had been fifteen years since we left England where we had spent five years on our honeymoon. Edward and I drove in silence as we made our way from Seattle towards the rainy town of Forks. It was a place I referred to now as my hometown. Ever since meeting Edward there, I had been hooked. The sunny Phoenix meant nothing now, I could never go back. But this was the place where we had met and fell in love.

I stared at the window, water flowing over the glass in small streams. It was a sight I was all too used to by now. Twenty years of basic sunless-ness didn't exactly give you the opportunity to see much else. I smiled after hours had passed when I saw the sign, welcoming us to Forks. The rain lessened, to my surprise, and finally stopped. However, the muted white daylight that shone through wasn't strong enough to reveal us for what we were.

That wouldn't have been at all uncomfortable.

Edward grinned at me when he saw my delight at being back home. We hadn't come here in a very long time, now we were making plans here to make another home in British Columbia. We would stay here until we were sure it was okay to go up there. This was also a perfect opportunity for me to see how my father was.

Rather than stopping at the house we went straight for the cemetery, a tradition since we had begun coming back here. Edward stopped the car in front of the iron gates and let me get out on my own. I met him at the hood of the car and he smiled beautifully, holding onto my hand as we walked through the headstones. We found the place where I was buried and I felt a small tinge of sadness at seeing it again.

I had never once regretted that Edward had changed me. If he hadn't, I would have lost everyone. At least now I had him; that was all that mattered. I read the words on my headstone and smiled. Loved by many, a loving daughter. It seemed a little sad, a girl of seventeen buried by all these other people who had lived out a full life. But something was off. There was a headstone next to mine.

Charlie Swan

Loving Father, Devoted Husband

My breath hitched in my throat and I cried in fright. My hand was holding tightly onto Edward and my knees gave away. I fell down to the soft earth, my hand covering my mouth to keep from screaming. Edward bent down next to me and held me tightly to him. He whispered in my ear, soothing words that helped me calm down while I stared at my father's headstone and sobbed.

"Wh-who are you?" A timid voice asked from behind us. I turned my head slowly, heard Edward catch his breath. He had seen who was behind us before I could, he recognized him somehow. It was easy to understand where.

Behind us, looking frightened and confused was a young Charlie. He was handsome, with dark hair and features that looked so much like my fathers, yet something about his face reminded me of myself. He was tall, with medium built muscles. His dark waves fell in front of his eyes and tickled the bridge of his nose. Edward and I stood up slowly, not sure of who this being was.

"Who are you?" I asked. "You look just like Charlie." The boy nodded. He couldn't be older than seventeen. Unless Charlie had gone back in time, it definitely was not him.

"I'm his son, Andrew Swan." I gasped and clamped my hand over my mouth. Edward's jaw dropped and I didn't know what to do next. "You look like Bella," he said quietly. "But, that's impossible, she's sleeping right there next to you. You look like her boyfriend," Andrew was speaking to Edward. "He loved her a lot, had to leave once she died."

I walked up to him slowly, studying his features. He was most assuredly my father's son, but not my mother's. The similar features were ones I had inherited from Charlie. Andrew was taller than me, much to my dismay. Pretty soon he'd be my older brother. In human years, anyway.

"What would you say if I was Bella?" I asked quietly, not wanting to be without this boy.

"I'd say…" he thought for a while and grinned. "'Hi, I'm your brother.'"

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