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Chapter Eleven: Alternate Ending

I heard more quickened footsteps and when we looked up we saw Andy's mother, completely distressed. She looked at Donyel's red, tear stained face and I saw her knees begin to buckle.

"Where is my son?" she called to us frantically.

The entire room was deathly silent. The other patients stared at us in horror. They knew that their problems were nothing compared to this. The nurses at the reception area were even crying, watching us.

"He was attacked, ma'am," I tired to supply. She turned to look at me, her eyes red and her expression nearly crazed.

That was when Carlisle came back out. To our delight he had a wide smile on his face. He moved up to us immediately, glancing at myself, Donyel, and Andy's mother in turn. "He's going to be alright," he told us happily.

I couldn't believe it. I wanted to scream, jump and dance. I wanted to run in there and kiss that boy, he was so amazing he made it through a vampire attack. "He was shot, but only in his side. It missed any organs, but it did break a rib. He'll pull through. He's resting now, but he should be up in a few hours.

Then, I did scream. I grabbed Edward who was laughing so happily and kissed him full on his mouth. He picked me up and spun me around. I knew he was as happy as I was. I heard laughter from the rest of my family as they gave Carlisle hugs and kisses and I looked to see Donyel and Andy's mother crying with happiness. They held each other and just sobbed. They looked so relieved.

I ran up to Donyel next and squeezed her tightly, carefully though, so as not to break any bones. Then I looked to my step-mother. She must have known, somehow, who I was. But, in a way I was still unrecognizable.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Mrs. Swan," I said, holding out a hand. "I love your son very much; he is a brother to me." She smiled and swatted away my hand, instead moving forward to hug me tightly.

"Don't be so formal dear," she whispered in my ear. "You saved my boys life. As far as I am concerned, you really are part of my family." I smiled so widely then. I was sure my face would crack. Donyel wrapped her arms around my waist and squealed. I laughed with her. This was one of the best moments of my life.

A few hours later Andy woke up. And, since everyone else had gone home to rest, Donyel and I were the very first to see him up and awake. He was lying on the bed nearly motionless, staring out the window. All sorts of things were strapped up to him, including an IV, heart monitor, and blood. I was happy that the scent didn't bother me.

"How're you feeling little brother?" I asked him gently. He turned to me and smiled widely.

"Definitely one of the more exciting days of my life," he said. His voice was a croak, and he still seemed tired. The three of us laughed. "Thank you so much, Bella," he mumbled. "For everything. You and Edward really saved me."

I poked his nose lightly. "Don't worry. You've got an eternity to pay me back for it." Andy chuckled lightly. Donyel looked at us confused, but only for a second.

"I'm so glad to have my sister here with me," Andy murmured. My stomach lurched. I looked at Donyel from the corner of my eye. Now she looked really confused. Andy seemed to realize his mistake. I couldn't blame him. He was hopped up on painkillers and quite a bit exhausted. "Oh… sorry…" I smiled.

"Don't worry about it." Then, I turned to Donyel and explained everything that had happened to me since I moved to Forks twenty years ago. Meeting Edward, my true love, and developing the same disease that was killing my brother.

I told her about our life after I was changed, about living in England and Rome. About The Cullens encounter with Victoria and James and why Andy had been attacked. Everything, right up until I decided to visit my grave and met Andy. I wasn't afraid to tell her what I was. Eventually, she'd get over it. And, if Andy was going to become like me, maybe she might want to see him from time to time.

"You're a vampire?" she clarified after everything. I had even explained eating habits. I nodded. "That is so…" unbelievable? "AWESOME!" I was a little taken aback, but then I just laughed loudly as she jumped forward to give me a hug.

"So you're the real Bella Swan…" she murmured. "That's a very romantic story, what Edward did for you. I can hardly believe it's real! That's quite a guy you've got." I grinned.

"Yeah, and I've got him forever!" we both giggled. Andy groaned and rolled his eyes.

"So that person who attacked Andy was…"

"Victoria," I said, just as Edward walked in to start his visit.

"Hey Andy! Get a little beat up?" he joked. Donyel squealed and jumped up, throwing herself and the poor, unsuspecting vampire. Edward grunted when she clamped her arms around him and looked at me surprised. I mouthed the words 'she knows' and he looked like he might have paled.

"YOU'RE THE GREATEST GUY EVER!" she nearly yelled at him. I swear, Edward would have blushed. "GOSH. I KNEW YOU LOVED BELLA, BUT HOLY JEEZ. YOU MUST REALLY, REALLY BE CRAZY ABOUT HER. YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE…" Edward smiled at Donyel and looked over her shoulder at me, that look that was just for me. Andy chuckled again and coughed lightly.

"So when are you planning on changing?" I asked Andy quietly while Donyel gushed over how 'awesome' her friend was. Andy turned his head back to mine and his smile reached those sleepy eyes of his.

"Your… father… Dr. Cullen? He told me that he's found a new kind of treatment for leukemia. The people that it's been used on have all pulled through successfully. He said that this kind of treatment is still sort of new, only a couple years old. It wasn't around when you were sick, so even if you had more time, they wouldn't have had anything this advanced. But, I think I'm going to try it, just to see." My chest felt so empty, my heart should be racing right now.

"If it doesn't work… you guys are staying for a little while, right? Well… then I guess I'll get changed. But, if it does? I think, Bella I'd just might want to stay a human. I'd get to live the sort of life you're supposed to live…" Ah. That's my boy.

"That's exactly what you should want. I wanted this life so that I could be with Edward, but it was also to keep me from having nobody at all. Look at what you have," I motioned towards Donyel and the window, out towards the sunny forest. "You're making the right choice."

His eyes were fixed on the girl who was poking my husbands chest when he said "I know. I really, really do."

A year had come and passed.

Edward and I had begun attending university in Seattle, night and day classes. I was sure I had even seen some of our old friends with their children and spouses around the city, but they were sure not to recognize us.

I sat at the window to our apartment, staring out at the busy street below. A few people glanced up at the old building, catching my eye and staring for a moment before moving on. I heard soft piano music click on the CD that was playing. There was a coffee shop right across the street, a flower shop next door to that. I watched Edward walk down the street, back from his last class. He was wearing a navy blue sweater and jeans with a messenger bag strapped over his shoulder. His hair was tousled from the wind and his hands were shoved into his pockets.

I pushed open the large window a little bit, so that maybe I'd get a better sound of his thoughts. I knew it didn't really make a difference, but I felt closer to him.

In his head was music. He was humming along with a song he had heard earlier that day. And, he seemed very happy. He stopped at the coffee shop and stared down the street. People passed him on both sides and took in his beauty. I smiled as I watched his hair playing in the breeze.

It was another moment before he moved again, and this time it was to go to the flower shop. My stomach lurched in excitement. I hoped that he might get me something. It would have been so terribly sweet. I heard him order a bouquet full of carnations and lilies, accented with all sorts of different flowers. I watched as it was wrapped gently.

"Got a special girl in mind?" the young man working there asked. Edward stopped at the entrance of the store and turned to him, smiling.

"Oh yes," he said softly. "I've got my girl." I sighed, so happy right at that moment. Edward looked up and saw me leaning out the window. I smiled at him and he smiled back. The young man followed Edward's gaze before he left and came into the building. I shut the window and waited for the noisy elevator to pull up to our floor.

Edward came in, all smiles. He dropped his bag on the floor and passed me the bouquet with a flourish. I giggled at him before wrapping my arms around his neck and giving him a well earned kiss.

"What are you so happy about anyway," I murmured against his lips, dropping the flowers on the table. Edward brushed his mouth along my jaw and neck, sending thrills through his spine.

"I got a call from your brother today…" he whispered. I gasped and pushed back on him to look him in the eyes.

"Are you serious?!" Edward grinned even wider and nodded.

"He wants us to come and visit, says he has some very exciting news." I took off in a dash towards out bedroom and began throwing as many things as I could into a suitcase. Once I had filled it with mine and Edwards clothing I ran back out and picked the car keys off the table.

"Why are you in such a hurry," he whined, following me into the elevator.

"Come on Edward, you must know what this news is about?" He smirked.

"Maybe… maybe not…" I frowned and poked his side. "Ow! Now I'm really not telling you."

We made it into Forks by suppertime heading immediately for my old house rather than dropping by to see the family. I saw Andy's car parked in the driveway and water was dripping from the tap that the hose was connected to. I heard a shrill cry and then booming laughter as a very familiar face came around the corner.

"Don!" I called. She looked up, her soaked brown hair fell all around her shoulders. She grinned and dodged behind a tree, pressing her fingers to her lips. I saw Andy come around the corner, hose in hand. He looked around carefully for any signs of her.

Just as I started to laugh Donyel jumped out from behind the tree, yelled and loosed her water balloon, right into Andy's face.

It bounced off, and landed on the grass, unbroken. Andy smirked and shot water at her with the hose. She laughed and screamed and ran closer to him, holding onto the handle and spraying water all over my previously dry brother.

"Andy!" I called. He looked up and I saw his eyes light up. He smiled and waved, motioning for us to join them. Edward took my hand and looked down into my eyes. I know you'll like what he has to say I heard, and couldn't help but smile.

"Yah!!!" The two of them cried. I looked up just in time to see Donyel fire another balloon right at Edward, and Andy picked the one off the ground and fired it at me. Only, when they hit us square in the chests, they actually burst.

I gasped loudly before racing up to them and snatching the hose, spraying them all over. Andy and Donyel laughed loudly and happily, and then both of them jumped on me, knocking me to the ground.

"I missed you!" Andy called in my ear. "I'm so happy you're here!"

"I know! I've missed you too. Give me your news, boy, before I soak you even more." Andy grinned and helped me to my feet.

"I went to see Carlisle yesterday and, I am officially cancer free!" I screamed. Really loudly. And jumped around. This was the best news ever. Edward laughed with Donyel and Andy at my reaction.

I scooped my brother and his girlfriend into a tight hug. "I love you guys so much! This makes me so happy!"

We went inside, changing in the laundry room into dryer clothes. Edward made a joke of slapping my backside with his wet shirt, but then I just took his clothes away and left him there.

Only for a little while. I came back for him eventually.

We went out for a drive to Port Angeles, like one of the first times the four of us were together. We talked the whole way about how college had been for each of us, how we thought next year would go. I could tell by the look Andy gave Donyel every time he watched her, that they would be together for a long time. And, it would be the happiest time he'd ever have.

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