Hi, minna-san! This story happens 3 years (I think) after 'Fire and Light'. If you haven't read it, you don't need it to understand what's going on here, but I would love it if you did!

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Midoriko knew the end was coming. She and the demon Riyu had been fighting for six days previous, without any breaks. She had sent Kirara away when the battle had begun.

At… At least… I believe I have enough power to purify this beast! the priestess thought. Even if it costs my life, I must destroy this being!

The man that had loved her, Shiyurei, had become possessed. And not just like any other person. His lust for her had been so strong, it had attracted hundreds of demons and those demons had taken his soul and devoured his body. The love he had possessed had been intense and the demon… no, that wasn't correct. The half-demon she now fought had that power.

I hope that Kirara made it to safety. The young nekomata had been traveling with her for 5 years now, and Midoriko had no wish for her companion to be injured or killed because of a battle she had not fought.

Midoriko had weakened considerably since the start of the battle. She now found her self in the beast's jaws. A sharp pain spread through her arm and then she felt none at all. The beast had taken her left arm.

She screamed as the monster's tongue entered her chest.

It's my last option… she thought. Soon, I shall die. But, I will take this down with me. Kirara, forgive me! Live on!

Midoriko gathered her remaining strength, and made the ultimate sacrifice. She took her soul and the soul of her opponent and bound them.

A flash of extremely light blue light shoot out of her chest in a form that resembled the tail of a shooting star. A small, pink jewel fell out, landing next to Midoriko's heart. With that, both the priestess and the beast fell, dead.

On a cliff, close enough to watch the battle, but not close enough to get in the way, a nekomata, no a bakeneko, watched her friend and master fall.

Kirara let out a pained yowl, so everyone would know what had been lost.

'…And thus, a new evil was brought to the world.

For all those who use this orb of power for evil

Shall be possessed by the youkai Riyu

And lose their souls

But for those who use it for good,

Will be blessed by the priestess Midoriko.


The jewel will play its life,

A life that brings suffering and death

Over and over,

Until it is destroyed by a miko

Whose powers rival Midoriko's.

But there is hope,

When Arimitama,



And Nigimitama

Are joined by pain,

The evil the jewel brings will cease to exist...'

Good? Bad? Must I work on my prophecies?

In case you were wondering:

1)This takes after the battle in the manga, not the anime.

2)By my own calculations, Riyu is indeed a hanyou. I'll leave it to you to figure it out how I got to that.

3)There is a lot of info in the last bit. Most of which is from Izumo.

4)To me, the ultimate sacrifice is to lose your soul. I sorta got that from Philippe Pullman's 'His Dark Materials'.

5)Yes, the last bit is sort of a prophecy. My Shikon prophecy.

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