So I'm super proud of myself for updating twice in two days! This is just a little reward for people who have been sticking with me despite my inability to update in a timely manner. I'm sorry if the content of this chapter is too much, but I know what I'd like to see more of in Sarah Dessen's books, so here's a little treat for those of you with the same mindset as myself…

That night, I stood in my workshop late into the night as I worked on some unfinished pieces. I sat back against the counter, grabbing the beer on my right and taking a swig as I examined my latest adjustment. A knock at the open door broke my concentration, and I wondered who would be up this late.

To my complete surprise, Macy stepped into the workshop. She was wearing a blue tank top and those delightful little shorts. Her blonde hair feathered past her shoulders, teasing the exposed, flawless skin there. Her legs were long and mouthwatering in those shorts.

"Sorry for interrupting," she said in her lilting voice, smiling. She stood there like some enticing apparition.

"Macy, what are you doing here?" I asked, not at all displeased with the interruption. "It's pretty late."

She shrugged, walking over to my latest piece to study it. She ran a provocative finger along another piece of sea glass before tracing circles over the sheet metal.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the angel," she said, still looking at the unfinished sculpture.

I was still staring dreamily at her, drifting off into some languid stupor as her scent filled my nose, alerting me even further to her presence.

"I'm glad you like it," I managed.

She lifted those sea glass eyes to me and tilted her lips up agonizingly slow. "I was just lying in bed, looking at it," she told me, turning to face me. "And I just had to come tell you how beautiful I think it is."

I was still leaning back against the counter, completely baffled and shocked that she was here. She was watching me like some angel, with that coquettish smile that made her eyes crinkle and sparkle. She was Aphrodite in that moment. "You're beautiful," I breathed in response, having no control over the words.

Her smile widened as she looked towards the floor, tucking a lock of her golden hair behind her ear. A sexy pink tinge lighted her cheeks, and I found my hand reaching for her, my fingers sliding under her delicate jaw and pulling her chin up so that her eyes met mine.

Before I knew it, I was leaning down and kissing her, my lips landing on hers lightly, tentatively. Her lips were soft and plump, and as soon as she responded, desire erupted inside of me. I pushed my hand far back into her hair, grasping a handful and holding on for dear life and I used the other hand to turn us so that she was pressed against the counter.

As her back connected with the wood, her hands flew up under my shirt, her soft fingers tracing over my abdomen. I kissed her hard and breathlessly, pulling her hips toward me and crushing her against me. My tongue darted out and fought for entrance. She surrendered instantly with a tiny mewl of desire that was almost my undoing. I gripped her waist, my other hand just brushing against the side of her breast before reaching up to cup her cheek. My thumb glided lightly along her sexy jawline. Her hands ran up my back as she nipped my bottom lip, and I shuddered.

My hands glided down her sides, landing on her perfect rear. I lingered there for a moment, squeezing lightly. In one swift, sure move, I lifted her up and set her on the counter. She gasped, and then grinned mischievously at me. I nudged her knees apart and stepped in between her thighs, pulling her even more closely so that she was pressed firmly against me.

The action had her tilting her head back in a moan, and I took the opportunity to smother her slender neck with hard, wet kisses. Her hand fisted in my hair, her other one landing on my upper arm. I began-

My phone erupted into vibrations beside me. I jerked awake, my nerves rattled. I clenched my jaw as the phone vibrated next to me. I was so angry at whoever was calling that I just stared at my ceiling as I tried to calm myself down. I finally managed to pick up the phone, willing it to just crumble in my hand so that I could slip back into the amazing dream I'd been so rudely snatched out of. I glanced at the screen. It was an unknown number, but I recognized the area code: it was Becky.

For the first time ever, I debated whether I should answer it or not. My thumb hovered over the accept and decline buttons. The truth was that I wasn't sure if I could talk to Becky right now. Would she be able to tell how overcome with desire for another girl I was? Would she somehow know that, as I listened to her curse the people trying to help her, visions of a beautiful blonde kissing me while perched atop a counter would be crashing fiercely through my mind?

As I debated this in my head, the decision was made for me. The phone stopped vibrating, and I stared at it a few seconds longer before setting it back on the nightstand. I turned my attention back to the ceiling, trying to slow my breathing and raging desire. I looked down my body at the tent currently pitched above my thighs, and sighed, beyond frustrated.

I shouldn't be dreaming about another girl like this. Becky was still my girlfriend. So I had two choices: I needed to end things with Becky, therefore freeing myself to think any thoughts I wanted, or I could shut off this desire for Macy.

With the breeze drifting through my open window, I thought about this long and hard. I could do this, I decided. I could see Macy as only a friend. I could stop this longing. I could, and I would, stay true to Becky.

Happy with my decision, I turned over and shut my eyes. Trying to shut out images of my dream proved nearly impossible. Needless to say, I was in for a long night.