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Removing her amulet from its gauntlet, Kitt kneeled beside Passhun anxiously. Frantically, she soothed, "Passhun. It's okay. We're gonna go get you patched up and you'll be as good as new."

Taking a deep strained breath, Passhun choked, "Kitt…let me…go…"

"No! I'm not!"

"Kitt…I'm at…rest…I can…move on…"

"No. You're not moving on…you can't!"

"Kitt…my job…is finished…let me move on…"

"No! I'm not! I can't! No!" Kitt cried, streams of salty tears running down her face. "You can't go! I need you!"

"Good bye…Kitt…" gasped Passhun and she took a final breath, her peach skin turning a sickly pale color.

Her body went completely limp as her rose lips developed a tinge of blue on them and her amber eyes closed, causing her student to grow a hysterical look on her face as she continued to scream. Dissolving into several faded red specks, the specks floated into the sky, eventually disappearing. Falling back in shock, Kitt's tears began to began to form waterfalls as she stared where the woman, the closest she knew to a mother, was lying seconds before. Removing his amulet from his own gauntlet, Moordryd kneeled beside Kitt, pulling her into his arms and rubbing her back as she continued to cry into his shoulder, drenching his racing jacket. Lifting her head out of his shoulder and wiping her face with her glove, Kitt pulled him into a deep kiss. It's what Passhun would've wanted. She knew all Passhun wanted was for her to be happy. She knew, that if she was with Moordryd, her true love, filling her with happiness that she only felt when she had Passhun around, her mentor's death wouldn't have been in vain.

Well, at least Passhun is happy. Armeggaddonn's taken care of and Moordryd and Kitt can be together now!