The bright light that lit the large room seemed very dim in the present mood. Seated around the large round table were the leaders of the world's most powerful regions. None of them spoke. They simply gazed uneasily around at each other. Alyssa Clear, the dark haired president of Johto, gave a small cough, turning silver eyes on Michel Delizzo, the Prime Minister of Kanto. The man's graying hair flopped about his head as he placed a hand on his lined face.

"Well," he said in a gruff voice, turning bright blue eyes on the assembled leaders sitting around him, "what are we going to do?"

Hoenn's young administrator, Trevor Moore, swallowed as he tugged nervously at the neck of his tie. "What can we do?"

Alyssa Clear ran a slender hand through her hair and sighed heavily. "The only thing we can do," she began in her calm voice, "is find the One."

The silence in the room tensed. "Don't you think that's a bit extreme, President Clear?" asked Shinnoh Prime Minister Clarisse Taro.

There were murmurs of agreement from the congregation but Alyssa Clear merely shook her head. "It is, but these are extreme times. If something isn't done soon-"

"But we've never even tested the I.D.B.R.," protested Trevor Moore.

"On the contrary," said Alyssa Clear coolly, fixing the Hoenn Administrator with her sharp gaze, "we have."

"When?" demanded the young man incredulously, "and why was I never informed?"

"You were elected barely two months ago," wheezed the ancient Fiore president, Joseph Krane, "and were therefore considered untrustworthy. You were only informed of the I.D.B.R. because it is mandatory for all members of the Interregional Alliance. That didn't mean you had to know everything about it."

Moore scowled but did not press the matter. He was a very intelligent man, if a bit rash, and he knew when there was no point in arguing. He couldn't blame them for not trusting him, but he wished he had known about the testing of the I.D.B.R. before he had made a fool of himself. "So," he said at last, looking around at the group, "I presume the test was a success?"

"Yes," said Alyssa Clear briskly, "but that's not the biggest problem." There were nods and more murmurs from the Alliance. "As you all know, the discovery of a parallel universe is a thing of science fiction to most of the world. There are very few people who believe such a thing exists. We are all aware that it does and that there is a way to create a bridge of sorts connecting the two worlds. However, this is not only a procedure that is dangerous to those performing it; it is also dangerous to the balance of the world. Ironically the only one who can save our world lives in that parallel universe."

Michel Delizzo spoke up. "How can we be sure of that?"

"The simple answer is, we can't. We can only trust in what has been told to us. We know that the parallel world exists and must therefore accept that the other information is correct as well."

"President Clear," began Trevor Moore politely, "even if what has been told is completely true, how will we be able to locate the Chosen One?"

"She's already been located, Administrator Moore," said Alyssa Clear, smiling slightly.

Many of the men in the room had to work to hide their scowls. The fact that a girl had been chosen to save their world was a kick to the ego. Several of the women, however, wore looks of mild smugness on their faces. The President of Cerio nudged the President of Orion and held out her hand. The man sighed and removed two hundred dollars from his pocket and handed it to her.

Alyssa Clear cleared her throat and said, "Are we all agreed that the appropriate action at this point is to use the I.D.B.R. to create a bridge between our world and the Chosen's and convince her to help us?"

There was a murmur of assent from the assembled leaders.

"Good," said Alyssa Clear, taking a deep breath, "we'll begin operations A.S.A.P."