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Many footsteps were heard in a small alley, but there was not a single light or torch in sight. It was past midnight and most were already asleep. ANBU were on their way to report to the Hokage, while Jounins were on the way out for a new mission.

Footsteps in the night in a Shinobi Village were not uncommon. Nobody took notice of the group of Villagers running after a boy.

"Shouldn't you be running?!"

The boy in front of the crowd regarded them with a strange gaze of indifference and shrugged in character to his expression. "Do what you want." He muttered, taking a stick to the side of his head and another one sticking through his right upper leg. He didn't scream at all as the Villagers continued to pummel him.

After a short two hours off beating and knife slashes, the Villagers took a look at their handiwork, seeing a pool of blood with in it a body with many sticks and knives in it.

They all left with satisfied grins on their faces.

After a second, Naruto pulled the sticks and knives out and sighed as everything was healed in seconds. Not a single scar remained on his body. He sighed and rose to his feet, taking a look at the blood on the ground. "Every day it's the same thing..."

Deep inside Naruto's existence, a Great Demon Fox grumbled as the boy materialised in front of him. "Foolish human, why do you let them torture you so?"

"You can hear them. They say I deserve to die for taking the lives of their mamas and papas... I guess I really did kill them, for them to want to hurt me that badly." His emotionless gaze to the fox never changed. "But I guess it's because of you I'm still alive."

The Fox nodded its head. "You are pitiful. You simply bow down to their wishes, while you should be the one torturing them."

"But they've never did anything wrong to me for me to want to hurt them." Naruto, a nine-year old human, reasoned. "I deserve their beatings. I deserve to be killed." He then locked eyes with the Kyuubi again. "But you won't let me get killed."

"The thousands of attempts at taking your life throughout your young existence has made your body accustomed to my way of healing." The Kyuubi explained. "You can not die ever, because... I can NOT die, EVER." The Kyuubi chuckled. "No matter how bad you wish to die, you will live forever!!"

Melancholy's Smile

- Prologue

"Naruto! Perform the Bunshin!"

Naruto, in the back of the class, considered his teacher with a bored gaze. "No."

"Then, you fail!!" Iruka yelled at the boy, hoping this would get a reaction more suiting of a twelve year old.

"I don't care."

Uchiha Sasuke, sitting several seats away from the blonde, considered the dead-last with a look. 'That idiot... He'll never become a Shinobi. I know how everyone in this class fights, except for him... I've never seen him fight.'

There was one person who could have a small idea about Naruto, although he could not understand the way in which his bugs were speaking. The old language his bugs were using when talking about Naruto were even too old for his father it seemed. One word his bugs spoke of he did know, and he could also feel the wariness of the bugs whenever they let this word out among their incoherent speaking.

Shino did not know what his bugs were talking about when they involved 'Naruto', but he did know there was something very off with the boy.

Sakura grinned as she raised her hand to the ceiling. "I'll perform it, Iruka-sensei!" Sakura massively looked down upon the blonde Naruto, being so stupid, or rather, being so non-caring about being a Shinobi.

Umino Iruka nodded his head and allowed Sakura to come to the front of the class.

On several occasions when Naruto had started attending the Academy several years ago, Iruka had found out Naruto was hurting himself with Kunais from school. Rather than practicing throwing them at trees, the boy pierced himself through his own chest, several times.

As if he did not understand why he would not fall down, dead to the ground.

Iruka was frozen on the spot when Naruto rammed two Kunais through his own forehead but still remained standing. It was then that the boy, back then still eight years old, had noticed Iruka.


"Ne... Iruka-sensei?" The boy spoke. "In class, Mizuki-sensei told me that Shinobis die when something sharp like a Kunai or a Sword hits their head! Also, their hearts as well!" He seemed to pout. "They hit me in the head and in the chest many times... but I never die." He seemed very disappointed at that, on which Iruka's eyes had widened a great deal. "Even now, I don't die."

Iruka did not know what to say.

"Are the teachers lying? Or can't I die?' With that, the young Naruto turned away and walked home. Iruka didn't do anything as several Villagers began to follow him down the road, with sticks in their hands.


Back in class, Sakura had excellently performed the Bunshin Technique. "Did you see that, Sasuke-kun?!" She squealed, while Iruka rolled his eyes.

"That was nothing!" Ino yelled. "I'll show you how it's done!"

Iruka sighed. 'It's gonna be a long day...'

Naruto was walking home, not at all disappointed at himself for failing the Genin Test. He sensed someone behind him and sighed, preparing for the next onslaught about to come, but was surprised to feel a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Mizuki-sensei." Naruto greeted in a monotone voice, his surprise creeping back in a hole in his existence that had not been revealed for a long time.

"Hey, Naruto-kun!" The grey-haired teacher greeted back. "I know you can perform the Bunshin, Naruto-kun, don't you think you should be Genin?"

Naruto almost frowned, but refrained from doing so. "No."

Mizuki did frown, however. "But, you need to become Genin! I know Iruka can be a tough teacher, but he believes in you, as I do!"

"I don't care." Naruto replied, ready to turn away.

Mizuki's hand turned him back to face him once more. "Listen, Naruto-kun! As a Genin, you can leave this Village!"

Naruto's ears were a bit more interested now. 'Outside the Village? Maybe... maybe I will be able to die outside of this Village?'

"Foolish Human..." Kyuubi chuckled from inside Naruto's consciousness.

Mizuki grinned, taking Naruto's silence as a success. "But it's too late for you to perform that Bunshin, though! But I know of a way, another way, to become Genin, Naruto-kun!"

"Alright." Naruto let out. "Tell me."

Mizuki grinned some more.

Through Naruto's eyes, the Kyuubi read through the Scroll of Seals, the Scroll of Forbidden Jutsus from Konoha. The endless possibilities made the great Demon chuckle in ecstasy.

"Who would have thought this human child would force my healing factory out of me on to him? With endless Chakra to his disposal, for his healing, these Forbidden Jutsus are not lethal for him at all." The Kyuubi chuckled loudly in sudden confirmation. "Not even the Shinigami can touch him!!"

Pouring as much of his intelligence and Chakra into Naruto's brain, he made Naruto learn every technique in that scroll...

"There is no technique that will free me from my binds." The Kyuubi darkly mused. "I have already secured immortality through the torture of this human soul. The countless massacres they have created on a single body has increased even MY healing rate. This boy, even if he loses his head, simply won't die..."

The Kyuubi watched Naruto learn Technique after technique in fascinating, but absurd speed. "Yes, though immortality is firmly within our grasp, Naruto and I... we will become more than just immortal. We will become invincible as well!"

"Iruka-sensei." Naruto confirmed his teacher's presence behind him, without even allowing Iruka to say a single thing. "Mizuki-sensei told me about the secret way of becoming Genin."

"Secret way?" Iruka repeated, jumping down and landing in front of the young child.

"Yes. For me to be allowed to get out of the Village, and get killed during missions. I will need to become Genin of Rank, or higher. He told me to steal this Scroll from the Hokage and learn as many techniques in it as I can."

"Mizuki..." Iruka's eyes widened. "Did... Did you learn any?!"

Naruto impassively nodded his head. "I have learned them all."

Iruka almost dropped to his knees in astonishment. "Can you show me?"

Naruto nodded his head again. "With every Jutsu comes a bit of pain, but it isn't enough to kill me... This one, however." He made a seal. "Does not cause any pain at all."

Iruka recognised the seals.

"Kage Bunshin." Naruto softly uttered.

And indeed, Naruto created roughly fifty Shadow Clones around him.

"There you two are!" Came a voice. "I'm really surprised to see that you found him faster than I did! But you always were the better tracker than I am."

"Mizuki!" Iruka yelled, ready for anything now. "I can only suspect you want the scroll for yourself!"

Mizuki nodded his head. "You always were so smart." He dropped out of his mouth sarcastically, before he turned to Naruto. "Demon brat! Hand over that scroll or die!!!"

Dismissing all of his Clones in slight surprise, Naruto turned to Mizuki, surprise on his face. "You can kill me?"

Mizuki frowned, jumping down. "Of course, you brat! You're just a kid, I'm a Chuunin!"

Naruto smiled. "I won't hand over the scroll." He said. "Kill me, then!!"

Naruto noticed Iruka moving next to him. "Iruka-sensei. What are you doing?"

"I can't let him kill you, Naruto. Not now you've become a Genin of Konoha and especially not as his intentions are stealing that Scroll in your hands." The teacher said as he had a Kunai in his hand.

Naruto shook his head. "Don't worry, Iruka-sensei. If what he says is true, then he will kill me. All will be alright." Iruka was disturbed to see happiness in the blonde's eyes.

"N-naruto..." Iruka managed, appalled at this sick character.

Mizuki grinned wickedly. "Die!!"

Naruto looked down at the big Wind Shuriken in his chest and pulled it out. "I've had worse wounds than this..." Naruto muttered, slightly disappointed as the wound was already long gone.

Mizuki's eyes widened, but enraged, he rushed forward and stuck a Kunai through the blonde's neck. Ready to grab the scroll, Mizuki was surprised to see Naruto jump backwards and pluck the Kunai out of his neck. "I won't die from something as small as that, either."

Mizuki and Iruka both were surprised to see his neck completely fine again.

"I am... angry." Naruto said. "You said you would kill me. But if this is killing me, then you're doing far worse than the Villagers." Naruto then glared. "But worse than that! You've lied to me!!" Naruto crouched on all fours, red Chakra pouring over his body. "I don't like LIARS!!!"

In a cage, inside Naruto, the Kyuubi was licking his lips. "I love this rage..." The being whispered as red Chakra was flying freely around his prison.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!"

Mizuki was unconscious before he knew it.

"So I'm a Genin now?"

Iruka took a look at the students in front of him and was proudly reading the lists of Genin Teams.

Sasuke was looking at Naruto, slightly curious as to why he was here as well. 'Did that dobe become Genin? I've never seen him do anything. For him to be here, he must at least know the Bunshin no Jutsu and Henge no Jutsu...' Sasuke's eyes narrowed. He had already known he was far more powerful than the other Genins here, but he was never able to read how strong Naruto was.

He was intrigued. 'Uzumaki Naruto, hm?'

"Team Seven!! Haruno Sakura! Uzumaki Naruto! Uchiha Sasuke!"

Team Seven was waiting for their Jounin Sensei...

'How come he's Genin? I thought he was too stupid.' Sakura thought as she turned away from Sasuke for a second. 'Anyway! I'm in Sasuke-kun's team and Ino is not! This is going to become so romantic!!'

"Naruto. How did you become Genin?" Sasuke bluntly asked, ignoring Sakura's fluttering and walking past her to Naruto. "You had to have performed the Bunshin and Henge."

Naruto considered Sasuke with an emotionless stare. "I did the Kage Bunshin."

Sakura's eyes widened. "Kage Bunshin?! That's a Jounin Level Technique!! That's impossible, you idiot!"

'Kage Bunshin? A Jounin Level Jutsu?' Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "Show me."

Naruto shrugged and did the seals. "Kage Bunshin."

In less than a second, the room was filled with Shadow Clones. Sakura touched one of them and confirmed it. "Un... Unreal! How come you can do this?! You're Naruto, the dead-last of the class! These are no illusions, they are real bodies!!"

Sasuke's eyes were widened. 'Real bodies?! The Chakra this technique must take...' His view on Naruto changed greatly with this. "Fight me!"

Naruto undid his Kage Bunshin and looked at Sasuke. "Why?"

"So I can beat you to a pulp." Sasuke declared with a grin on his face, falling in a stance.

"Beat me... to a pulp?" Naruto repeated. "That has been done so many times... I am not interested."

Sasuke almost fell down due to the weird rejection, while Sakura simply did not understand Naruto's reaction. "Huh?"

"I am only interested in someone who can kill me." Naruto continued. "You are weaker than a Chuunin, right?"

Sasuke glared. "What do you mean, you dead-last?"

Naruto's face remained void of emotion as he stared at Sasuke. "Yesterday night, a Chuunin failed to kill me. I don't expect you, a rookie Genin, to be able to kill me."

"What are you saying!? That you're Chuunin Level?!" Sasuke yelled, ready to kick Naruto's ass.

"As if!!" Sakura agreed. "You're nothing compared to Sasuke-kun, dobe!!"

Naruto did not understand. "I am just saying that you can't kill me. I don't see why you are getting so angry."

"I'll tell you why!" Sasuke said as he rushed forward.

Nothing happened as a Jounin stepped in the room.

Three heads moved quickly towards him. "Maa maa... It sure is tense in here." The Jounin said. "Hatake Kakashi, I am your Jounin Instructor. Meet me on the roof." He said as he was gone again.

Sasuke glared at Naruto. "I will kill you later for this."

Naruto, surprisingly, frowned at Sasuke. "You had better not be lying!!" He responded angrily, on which both Sakura and Sasuke froze in surprise..

Naruto moved to the roof, followed by the other two seconds later.

"The name's Hatake Kakashi. I have hobbies and am Jounin. Your turn." He said to Sakura.

After a full minute of mindless blabbering, Sasuke interrupted her rudely. "I am Uchiha Sasuke. I dislike few things, but like even less. My dream, no, my ambition, is to kill a certain man." This caught Naruto's attention, Kakashi noticed.

Kakashi nodded his head and turned to Naruto. "Your turn."

"Uzumaki Naruto. I like nothing and I hate liars." He then looked at Kakashi.

Kakashi looked back. "That's it? You don't want to let your teammates know about you some more? Or me?"

Naruto frowned. "I don't really care about you or my teammates." He indifferently let out. "As long as it gets done. When will we get missions?"

Kakashi did a double take on that, before he continued. "Ahum, okay..." Sasuke and Sakura both glared at Naruto. "Before we get to those missions, you three will have to go through another test tomorrow morning at seven! If you truly are Genins, you will be able to find me by my Chakra. I will explain the rest tomorrow." With that, Kakashi left the roof.

Sasuke turned to Naruto, but to his surprise, Naruto had turned to him as well.

"You would kill me, as you had promised." Naruto said, surprising both Sakura and Sasuke. "I expect you will, now!"

Sasuke rushed forward, hitting Naruto hard in the face. Naruto did nothing and simply considered Sasuke with a hard stare. "Well?" The blonde said.

Sasuke continued his assault, hitting Naruto with his fists and feet at every angle, sending Naruto to the ground several times.

Sasuke's eyes widened as Naruto jumped up every time as if nothing had happened. "You do realise it's gonna take a lot longer if you only use your hands and feet, right?" Naruto let out, sending Sasuke a bored gaze.

Sakura, meanwhile, was investigating Naruto's face and arms. 'There is nothing... Not a bruise, no blood, nothing. It's really as if Sasuke hasn't hit him at all.'

Sasuke had already noticed the same thing.

In truth, punches and kicks, Taijutsu in general, was so weak against Naruto's, or Kyuubi's healing factor, it didn't even make him bleed anymore. "You are Uchiha Sasuke, right?" Naruto felt a weird vibration in his forehead as the Kyuubi sent him information about the Uchihas. "Uchiha Madara?" Sasuke frowned. "Your reaction tells me you know no Uchiha Madara..."

"What are you babbling about?!" Sasuke yelled. 'He knows an Uchiha?'

"I know of an Uchiha Madara, apparently. One who can... kill me?" Naruto asked his own brains, not understanding how he suddenly knew of one Madara. "You have a Sharingan, too?"

Infuriated, Sasuke grabbed a Kunai and Naruto grinned as Sasuke threw it at Naruto's chest. Naruto shook his head yelling. "No, no, no!!" in a disapproving way as he crouched and let the Kunai land between his eyes instead of his chest, piercing him deeply.

Sasuke's eyes widened and Sakura almost fainted, but kept standing, because of the shock. Sasuke truly did expect him to dodge or deflect his Kunai with one of his own...

Naruto calmly pulled the Kunai out and showed Sasuke how fast it healed again. "Is this all you've got?" Naruto let out, his voice getting angry. There was not a trace of any wound between his eyes.

Sasuke did not know what to say as Naruto was approaching him now. "I told you that I hate liars... You told me you would kill me!!"

Sakura did not know what to do or say as Naruto completely kicked the shit out Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto sighed as he finished after a few minutes, leaving a bloody mess of one Uchiha Sasuke. "I will be the one to do the KILLING if you lie to me again!!" He exclaimed loudly, jumping off the roof, leaving Sakura alone with the panting Sasuke, who was in extreme pain and with several broken bones.

"I... I'll take you to the hospital, Sasuke-kun!!"

It was not like he could go there by himself now...


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