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Deep into a dying day

I took a step outside an innocent heart

Prepare to hate me fall when I may

This night will hurt you like never before

Old loves they die hard

Old lies they die harder

I'm going down so frail 'n cruel

Drunken disguise changes all the rules

Old loves they die hard

Old lies they die harder

I wish I had an angel

For one moment of love

I wish I had your angel

Your Virgin Mary undone

I'm on love with my lust

Burning angel wings to dust

I wish I had your angel tonight

L's eyes flicked open at the weight on his shoulder.

Light-kun, he realized. The younger boy was on his stomach, splayed horizontally across the bed. L himself was flat on his back, body slack with the lack of focus. Oh no. He sat up, pushing with his hands, placing the support on his arms. The position felt foreign, due to his usual posture.

"Ryuzaki?" Light asked, looking up at him.

L glanced around, making sure nothing had unexplainably moved during the night. No, it wasn't even morning yet. When had he fallen asleep? How long had he been out? L turned his attention back to Light, who had his feet dangling from the bed edge. It was an uncharacteristic show that his guard was completely down. Or was it? Was it a trap? Perhaps it was an attempt to look harmless. If it was, then the effort was rendered utterly useless by the fact that both knew neither was harmless. Light wasn't dumb enough to try luring L into a false sense of security, because he knew L never dropped his guard.

Almost never, L amended, taking into consideration the current state of affairs.


L jumped slightly; oh yes, he had been expected to answer. "Light-kun?"

"Are you still unable to go to sleep?"

Am I still unable to what-

Oh. Now he remembered.

"I can't sleep."

On the momentous occasion that L had decided to actually go to sleep, he found that he couldn't. He had been going onto two weeks now, with a total of three hours and fourteen minutes of sleep. Even he had his limits. So when Light-kun had made his way to bed, L had followed without the slightest hint of hesitation. The chain hadn't even needed to pull on his wrist. After slipping between the sheets, he had made the revolutionary discovery that his mind would not shut down. Then, he had woken up.

Light stared, scrutinizing as he waited for a response. He pulled his legs under himself and folded them so that he was on his knees, then his right hand shot out.

L had time for two thoughts:

1) Is he going to hit me and

2) Light looks quite exasperated.

Instead of his face, the hand landed, palm open, on the middle of his chest. As a direct result, L was once again staring strait up at the ceiling. He reflexively began to sit back up, but Light held him down with his hands on L's shoulders.


The one in question edged over to seat himself next to L's head, on the right side. "Here. Close your eyes."

L's eyes widened in response. Then they had to close, the main reason being that Light had just placed his hand over them.

"Is this some sort of attempt on my life, Light-kun?"

"It's 1:12 AM at night, Ryuzaki. Even Kira would be asleep."

Two fingers, the middle and index, tapped the area between his eyes, and the tips of them ran in light caresses from there to the end of his nose. L swallowed, his breathing sounding louder in the expanse of silence.

A near whistled shhhhh came in reply from Light. "Relax, Ryuzaki." His voice wasn't necessarily deeper, simply spoken in a calmer tone.

The touches traced around his eyes, down to the corners of his lips, not quite kissing them with his knuckles. They tickled under his jaw line, back up to his cheeks. Light continued making the comforting sounds, indecipherable noises, kind murmurs.

L knew he shouldn't drop his mental shield so readily, but his concentration was ebbing. Light's hands felt cool, and the sensuous feel of his hands was distracting. A delicate resonance rose in his throat, the apprehension draining from his body. He let his head tilt to the side, first awareness, only to be followed by consciousness, slide away.