EMILY: "Get away from me!"

All the people around her back away slowly. Emily runs out of the room as soon as she found a way to get out.

LORELAI: "Mom! Come back I need you!"

Lorelai is crying and running at the same time, (which is not good because she didn't whip the tears from her face).

LORELAI: "Mom, please wait."

The next thing Lorelai knows is that she is on the ground. Emily stops to go back to help her. Lorelai looks back and sees a banana peel on the ground.

EMILY: "What on earth is a banana peel doing on the ground?"

LORELAI: "At a funeral too. Why don't you guys have any respect?"

Lorelai is crying even harder now. Richard comes in crying still and takes Lorelai and Emily home. Richard and Lorelai are on the couch crying and Emily is on the chair crying. Rory walks in shocked.

RORY: "Hi. Who died?"


EMILY: "My life is ruined!"

Emily cries even harder and runs out. (Even though they had 10 million dollars in the bank.)

RORY: "Well I'm going out again."

LORELAI: sniff "Ok" sniff

RICHARD: "Don't forget a jacket" He blows his nose sniff

RORY: "Okay. I'll be back."


So guess where Emily was the CASINO. So she comes back and walks through the park and she sees Lorelai and Richard cutting bushes. She reads them and it says In Memory of Ziggy! Luke walks by and reads it.

LUKE: "Lorelai! What are you doing?"

LORELAI: "Luke! Luke like what I did?"

LUKE: "Yea! Do you have permission from the mayor?"

LORELAI: "Daddy is it ok that we did this?"

RICHARD: "Of course it's okay Lorelai."

See Richard is the mayor of Stars Hollow.

LUKE: "Oh. So you're the mayor now.

RICHARD: "Yes sir."

Lorelai is giggling.