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Chapter 1: Prologue

Name: Kazama Naruto

Age: 16

Birthday: October Ten

Rank: Head ANBU of Assassinations and Sabotage (HAAS)

Bio: Never attended academy. Graduated to Genin at age five. Promoted to Chunin at age six. Earned title of Tokubetsu Jounin at age eight. Promoted to ANBU and HAAS at the age of Ten.

S.I.: Jailor of the Nine-tails fox, Kyuubi-no-Yoko.

Status: Deceased

Sarutobi sighed as he put the paper down. Leaning against his mahogany carved chair, he looked at the paper again before walking over to his window. How could things have turned out like this? Uzumaki Naruto... The boy who was the village's hero and mighty savior that saved them from the Kyuubi. Even more than that, he was the most prodigious genius that Konoha-no, the entire world had ever seen for more than a millennium. And now he was gone for good. Reaching for the bell, he rang it twice.

"Yumi, please come in."

A young girl shakily walked into the Hokage's office while anxiously looking around. "Hokage-sama. Did you call me?"

Sarutobi nodded before sighing deeply. "I know that...this is hard for you. But I must hear it for myself."

Yumi cringed as she knew what was coming.

"You were there when Naruto...fell, am I correct?" The words came hard, as if it were untrue.

The girl nodded softly as she sat down on a chair.

"I was in Naruto-sama's group at the time when he used that jutsu..."



Yumi hysterically yelled back at the voice while running up to him. "Naruto-sama! Let us help you beat them!"

A blond ninja, no older than sixteen, turned towards her before smiling softly. "No, I'm the only one that has the power to do something. But... thanks for being my friend." Looking up to the skies, he softly sighed as the air flew through his hair. "I think that out of all the people in ANBU, you were my favorite."

Despite the situation, the girl smiled lightly as tears leaked through. "What do you mean 'were'? You're coming back with us."

Naruto shook his head solemnly before laughing.

"My life has been so good to me. I don't even know where to begin. The village loves me, I inherited all of my father's jutsus, and Tsunade baa-chan even adopted me. And now, I have the greatest job with precious friends that stand by me."

Yumi grabbed Naruto as she shook him. "That's the thing! You have friends! Itachi-sempai and Anko-san can help you defeat them! We need you back at home right now!"

Naruto walked up to her, giving her a soft embrace. He then suddenly blurred through hand seals while he jumped back. "These men are Akatsuki. No one in the village can take them down. Even I can't take three members at once." Finishing the seals, a barrier suddenly cut him off from Yumi.

Naruto turned to her, and for one brief moment she thought that she saw a tear. But in an instant, he disappeared to the horizon, ready to meet the Akatsuki head on. The last thing she saw was Naruto using the Shinigami to eradicate the souls of the cloaked members at the price of giving up his own life.

(End Flashback)

"And then... I..." The girl seemed to choke on her now falling tears as the Hokage solemnly listened.

"I see. Thank you Yumi. You may go now."

Yumi nodded before leaving the office. The Hokage rang his bell four times before another woman came in.

"Ah... Mizumo. Please begin making the funeral procession for our Uzumaki Naruto."

The secretary nodded and left his office. Pulling his Kage hat down, the third then looked outside as he tried to figure out how he would break the news to the village. Heavens knew that the village couldn't take another Kazama's death. Rubbing his temples, he groaned in fatigue. Being Hokage was tough.


Naruto walked around inside the belly of the Shinigami as he looked around the rocky landscape. "Hello?"

A hollow echo flew through the canvas as his own voice answered him.

"Guess no one's here." Walking along, he trudged along the desert path, eager to at least get out of the blazing sun."

However, after a few minutes of fruitless searching, a sudden blaze appeared before Naruto, making him shield his eyes from the light. A second later, Naruto found himself face to face with the Shinigami.

Naruto sweat dropped as he stared at the death god. "Um... Nice to meet you?"


A twelve year old Naruto and a demon-like Sasuke flew towards each other with a rasengan and chidori respectively. As the two titans clashed together, Naruto's clawed hand scratched Sasuke's headband, while Sasuke used his pointed fingernails to stab straight through Naruto's heart. At once the energy faded as Naruto limply fell down to the ground with Sasuke staring in shock. The Uchiha gasped as he saw Naruto's lifeless face. Looking down at his hand, he screamed in terror as it still held the blond's heart.

"No... I didn't mean to!" In a panic, Sasuke threw off the dying organ as he ran away. "I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT!" As if the rain had heard, it drowned out his voice as his feet ran towards Orochimaru's lair.


The Shinigami stared at Naruto as it smiled. Or, at least Naruto thought it smiled. With that freaky mask, he really couldn't tell. Deciding to initiate the conversation, Naruto coughed lightly.

"Um... Nice weather you have here. I guess you don't get visitors often though."


"Yeaaah... It must get pretty lonely."

The shinigami suddenly raised a knife as it walked towards Naruto. Seeing the potentially hostile action, Naruto backed away as he eyed the knife warily. He couldn't die twice, right?

The said blond boy was therefore surprised when the Shinigami pulled up a red string. In a hollow voice, it then spoke. "When people call upon me, I do their bidding in return for their soul. However, it seemed as though you had two souls. Naturally, I consumed the stronger one. Your furry counterpart.

Naruto slowly nodded, not knowing where this was going.

"Well, because you are not supposed to be here... I have no choice but to return your soul to the living world."

Naruto's eyes widened with excitement.

"But there is a problem. The body you have in your original life can't hold your soul anymore."

Naruto sank his head in disappointment as he sat down. He wouldn't be able to see the Hokage or even Yumi for that matter. Yumi... He closed his eyes in sadness as he remembered her.

"Therefore I will send you to a different dimension."

At once Naruto's head flew up as he looked at the shinigami curiously.

"What do you mean by 'dimension'?"

"Foolish mortals. So limited to their own knowledge. There exists a multitude of dimensions, each with different people in different times. However, the soul is always the same. I sense the death of one of your other identities in a particular dimension. He'll do nicely for you."

Naruto already started to fade from the desert, with his eyes seeing hospital white instead of bleak desert yellow. "WAIT! Will I be able to see Yumi again?"

The Shinigami cut the string it was holding as it nodded. "Remember, although their identities may be different, their souls are initially the same. Yes, she will be there."

Smiling, Naruto faded into darkness, ready to start his new life.


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