I wasn't looking forward to it as you can imagine. We walked silently to his house. We walked around to the backdoor of his house he unlocked the door. We walked into the kitchen I realized that you could see straight through to the front door from the back door. I stood there staring at him, I had no idea what he wanted to do.

"Look….umm well…I'm sorry. You have to see it from my end. I mean your just different from me and I don't really care I have a pretty open mind its just that it's a little weird for me. And I really don't know how to deal with it sometimes. I hear a bunch of girls talking about you and I wanna turn around and tell them. I wanna tell my friends so they'll stop thinking that gays are weird. I just don't like keeping this secret." he said quickly.

He stood there breathing heavily and staring at me as if I where to respond with a completely understandable treaty of forgiveness. I wanted him to feel more comfortable. I didn't really want to scare him off.

"Girls talk about me…"I said slightly laughing to lighten the conversation. He laughed.

"No man I'm serious what do they say?" I said he laughed some more. I wanted to keep going just so I could see and hear him laugh.

"Well ya know…..'Oh Michael's so sweet and polite. He and Roxie make such a cute couple.'" He said in a mocking tone.

We laughed.

"I was kinda wondering if while you where here you'd help me with some stuff." he asked.

"Oh yeah, sure." I shrugged.

We worked through the basics. It was about nine when we got done. It was dark out and cars drove past his house, I looked at the front door trying to picture the bus schedule.

"Hey, don't worry about it I'll drive you home."

Weird, he was reading my mind. We talked for a while after that. I made a note that he nodded his head a lot when I was talking to him. I couldn't tell if he was pretending or really was interested in the different voice sounds of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Was I just a big joke to him? He moved his leg under the table, it brushed against mine. My heart raced I could feel my face getting redder. I wished I'd worn a jacket in to say I was "just getting warm". Then again I don't think your face can just get that red all of the sudden when your "just getting warm" under a sweatshirt in a 75 degree room.

It got fairly quiet after a while. I started to laugh quietly to myself then he laughed too.

"Wait…you don't have your license do you?" I said as if I just had an epiphany.

"No, you just figured that out?" he looked at me as if I just asked him to have sex with me.

I laughed. "Yeah."