"Multiplier of Love"
By: HP-Love and Smut Stories

Summary:Ginny tries to brew an obscure Love Potion to make Harry fall in love with her, but manages to botch it up and have it explode on her. Now there are multiple Ginny's running around Hogwarts and they fall in love with whomever they meet! Can someone actually turn down the loving, little red head? Ginny x Everyone (smut)
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter Universe and its characters do not belong to me.
Warning: Will contain future girl x girl, girl x boy, and maybe even creature x girl.


Chapter 2: Distractions

Ginny woke up the next morning feeling happily refreshed as she recounted her last 'Harry' dream. They had had a moonlight dinner for their 7th year anniversary as a married couple. Their two children were obviously red heads but with Harry's glimmering emerald eyes, and they were the cutest set of twin girls anyone had ever seen. After dinner they retired to their very big manor that Harry had bought her for her birthday with his salary from being Minister of Magic. They spent the rest of the night curled up in their king sized bed, draped in golden satin sheets, their legs entwined and their breaths mingling with each other. The girls were in bed, sleeping the night through.

Ginny wiped her eyes and went through her morning routine with a silly smile plastered on her face. When the girls in her dorm tried to talk to her she would just glide on by without acknowledging them. They could confuse her with Luna 'Looney' Lovegood with the way she just walked on by in her own little world. Hermione was about to invite the red head down to breakfast with her when she noticed the grin on the girls face and just figured that she wouldn't be able to get a word out of her.

Ginny made her way to the Great Hall with her potions book tucked under her arm. She sat down in her usual seat and began eating her bowl of porridge. After finishing off the small bowl she settled to eating a marmalade coated piece of toast and some pumpkin juice. Students continued to fill the Hall gradually throughout the morning. Soon the Golden Trio was seen walking through the giant double doors. The 'Harry Proximity' Charm that Ginny had placed near her had begun to ring. She lifted her head from the potions book that she had been reading in order to give Harry a happy 'good morning' smile.

"Morning Ginny," said Harry as he took his usual seat next to the red head. Ginny's face began to turn faintly pink when coming face to face with Harry's heart-warming smile. Hermione and Ron took their own customary seats across the table and they all began filling their plates with food. Ginny stopped her own eating and opted to just watch Harry eat and converse with Hermione and her brother. His face and expressions were fascinating, as well as the eccentric hand movements accompanying his explanations. She wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying; rather she was paying a closer attention to his voice and the sparkling emerald eyes that shone with a type of fiery happiness.

Breakfast was soon over and everyone that had a first period stood to go to their morning classes. Since it was Friday Ginny was stuck having Potions with the Slytherins for first period, hence her reading her potions book that morning. She didn't want to seem like an idiot in any of her classes and especially to Harry. She didn't want him to think that he was marrying a stupid girl now. Sure she wasn't as smart as Hermione, but she wasn't as dumb as Crabbe or Goyle either.

She said her goodbyes to the Golden Trio and headed down to the dungeons. Today they were going to brew healing potions for Madame Pomfrey's store seeing as she was running out and Snape 'didn't have the time to deal with healing impudent little brats that probably deserved to be injured in the first place'.

Ginny went through her classes around the same way she had gone through her morning-- in a hazy state of mind. She was attentive though and knew when a teacher would call on her to make sure she was paying attention and she made sure to answer correctly. Ginny just couldn't wait for the day to end so she could get the book from the Restricted Section. She found herself doodling little hearts with her and Harry's name inside on random scraps of parchment and tuning out her friends whom wanted to speak with her.

The day just seemed too long, as it someone knew she was waiting for it to end and decided to make a minute seem like a torturous three hours. Or it was probably because it was Friday and Fridays always happened to seem extra long.

Ginny grabbed a bite to eat from the Great Hall, but too many people were pestering her today of all days and she decided to just sneak a few treacle tarts and eat them in the Transfiguration classroom before class started. Again the class went by slowly as did the rest of the day.

Ginny found herself in the Gryffindor common room doing some last minute homework and waiting for Harry to come in. Just as she thought the portrait hole opened up and Harry, Ron, and Hermione stumbled through together. They were all clutching at their hearts and were breathing deeply. Harry's hair was disheveled and looked even messier than usual. His glasses were slowly slithering down his nose due to the thin sliver of sweat on his skin. His cheeks were flushed a pretty pink and his eyes seemed brighter than ever. All three were laughing and hanging onto one another. She caught snippets of their conversation, like "Did you see his face?" and "How was I suppose to know that suit of armor was there!"

Ginny's heart clenched at being let out of the fun once again. It seemed that everyday was an adventure for those three all the while she was stuck in boring school and spending her time scribbling away on parchments. Hermione was the first to compose herself as she straightened out her robes and coughed once or twice to cover up a stray giggle. Harry and Ron finally got a hold of themselves as they too straightened out their robes and stifled their giggles.

"Hey Ginny!" called Hermione as she made her way toward the sitting red head.

"Hey guys," she greeted, hiding her envy behind a fake smile. Harry and Ron took their seats around their usual table. They each greeted Ginny hello and began taking something out of their pockets and giggling all the while.

"What's so funny? What happened?" questioned Ginny looking at the packaged objects that where coming out of the boys pockets. She swiveled her head toward Hermione and looked at her with expectant eyes.

Hermione sighed and shook her head. "These two idiots over here wanted to mess with Malfoy and his group of cronies after Care of Magical Creatures today."

"Hey!" cut in Ron, "If he hadn't been saying all that stuff about Hagrid then we wouldn't have to do anything to him."

"That's right Hermione, and don't start acting like you didn't help out in our little excursion today either," said Harry with a silly grin on his face that was left over from his earlier giggling.

Hermione mock glared at the two boys and stuck her tongue out at them. She turned her head back to Ginny to finish off where she left off. "Anyway, so Malfoy and his to flunkies were walking away after saying some things about Hagrid when Harry over here," said Hermione as she jerked a thumb at Harry's direction, "decided to be all 'Savior' about it and protect Hagrid's honor. He went and asked Malfoy how much it cost to dye his hair that shiny platinum blonde. Malfoy of course was outraged that we dare think his hair as anything but natural and fired off a curse at us. We all scattered and Harry decides that he needed to teach him a lesson. He used that hair color changing charm that Fred and George taught us during the summer and turned Malfoy's hair a bright neon pink!"

By now Harry, Ron, and Ginny were laughing their heads off. The image of Malfoy with a head full of pink hair was too funny. Ron was just laughing because it was Malfoy that got cursed, to him it didn't matter what he got cursed with.

"So anyway," continued Harry in Hermione's place, "instead of retaliating by using his wand Malfoy begins chasing us. We ran all the way here, but when Ron was rounding a corner he accidentally slammed into one of the suits of armor, thus allowing us to escape unscathed and not letting Malfoy know where the Gryffindor common room is."

"You know, where's Colin when you need him? I would have loved to have a picture of that and then have it circulated around the school," said Ron dreamily.

"I could put the image in Dumbledore's pensive or something then have him or Hermione over here print out the image. We can easily duplicate it and Dobby would be more than happy to spread it around," said Harry with a sexy, mischievous grin on his face.

"Oh no, you're not getting me involved in any more of your crazy shenanigans anymore" tutted Hermione, shaking her head in exasperation at her two best friends.

"Oh come on! You know that would be hilarious, and fun, and a good way to test out a couple of spells I'm sure you've read up on," said Ron sweetly, trying to convince Hermione.

Hermione just gave him a blank look. "Anyway, curfew is going to be in a couple of hours, so I think I'll head on to the library before dinner."

"The library!" yelled out Ron, "It's a Friday night! The library's a boring place to go. Come on, let's go raid the kitchens or something if you're leaving."

"Ronald, dinner is going to be in a while, can't you wait until then to eat?" asked Hermione as she gathered her things into her bag. Ron was also gathering his things, completely unaware that his hands were moving on their own. Both teens stood up and gradually began walking toward the portrait hole all the while still arguing as to their location.

Harry just laughed at his friends' actions and took out his Quidditch for the Ages book. The spine was worn and a corner was smashed it, showing the ware and tear the book had gone through after being read over so many times. Harry was about to stand up and head over to his favorite chair near the fire when Ginny called out to him.

"Harry, you think that you can get me those two things that we talked about last night?" asked Ginny with a frivolous wink. Even if Harry didn't know that she liked him it didn't mean that she couldn't try and flirt with him for the time being.

"Sure Gin, but I thought you wanted them later."

"Well," began Ginny "I figured that I can grab the book while everyone else is at dinner. I'd be able to come back to the common room and it won't seem suspicious."

"But won't you be hungry?" asked Harry. "Never mind, sure you can borrow them, just let me go get them. I'll bring you back something from dinner or we can go down to the kitchens later. I'm sure Ron will want to stay up late today. He loves Fridays," said Harry with a slight chuckle. He rose from his seat and went up to the boys' dorm to retrieve the map and cloak.

Ginny let out a long, suffering sigh. Why oh why did Harry have to be so perfect? Harry soon made his way down the stairs, trying to look inconspicuous to the rest of the Gryffindor House. He handed Ginny the items and she carefully put them away, giving Harry a bright 'Thank you!'.

Harry told her that it was no problem and went to his couch to read until dinner. Ginny let out a soft sigh and knew that she wouldn't be able to finish her essay now that Harry's skin was glowing a nice golden color and the yellow and orange flame created flecks of those colors in Harry's deep emerald eyes. Dinner was going to start in another hour.

Ginny turned her head from the alluring scene and tried to focus on her essay. Unable to concentrate on the 'importance of having your wand clean' Ginny took out another piece of parchment and began making a list of all the things she was going to need. Acquiring the map and cloak was already checked off.


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