"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." - Kahlil Gibran

I never really liked the beach…I haven't for several years now. Kari used to tell me that the beach isn't for everyone to like, but I always hated feeling like I was the only one who didn't want to go. When everyone said they wanted to celebrate the three year anniversary of our victory at the beach, I knew it was a bad idea…bad things always happen at the beach…but who am I to deny them their fun? I wish I hadn't gone…seen the look on their faces. They were looking at me just like I knew they would…just like I knew they would all look at me.

With all the hope that I am said to embody how is it that I can keep none for myself. In times of despair I seem to be able to shine through, think straight. But now that danger has past, time has moved on, and life has continued, I have lost any hope – any light – that I once had…

I'm a betrayer…worthless…and evil.

TK's head knocked against the window of the Toyota one more time, hands absentmindedly petting Patamon in his lap. Matt glanced over from where he sat behind the wheel and then glanced back at the road. He had tried to stop his brother's head banging an hour ago, but when that had failed he resorted to simply making sure that the younger boy didn't concuss himself.

TK tapped his head again mumbling something that sounded like 'stupid.' The car stopped moving as it reached a stoplight, and Matt closed his eyes counting to ten slowly. Part of him didn't want to coddle his brother but at the same time the other part wanted nothing more then to shelter him from all the bad in the world. His hands gripped the steering wheel and he opened his eyes as another tap on the window occurred.

In the backseat Gabumon sighed as well, noting to himself that the car was beginning to look like the national convention of the fidgeting society. He met Matt's eyes in the rear-view mirror and gave him a meaningful look. The light turned green and the car started up again, driving down the street.

"Lets go to Kyoto." Matt said suddenly, breaking the increasingly thick silence. TK looked up at him, tilting his head to one side slightly.

"Why? The older boy licked his lips, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel again as he looked at the street signs as they passed.

""Why not?" Came the irrefutable response.

"We have school."

"We suddenly came down with the flu."

"We don't have any where to stay in Kyoto."

"I have a credit card for a motel."

"What about our parents?"

"We'll call them and leave a message, tell them not to worry."

"And if you don't get a message and they pick up?"

"We'll hang up, and call back until we get the answering machine." His hands tightened on the wheel. Since when did silence boy suddenly decide to play twenty questions?

"What the hell is in Kyoto?"

"Not a damn thing." Came the irritated rebuttal. There was silence for a little while. Until the distant ring of a cell phone filled the car. Neither went to answer it. It was probably buried under a pile of books in TK's backpack, or stuffed under a guitar in the back. No, it was to much trouble to answer the obscene object.

"They'll worry."


"Them." TK nodded his head back towards where the ringing was coming from. Another stoplight and Matt sighed, turning and reaching back, hand sifting under cases and backpacks until it met the object of desire. Sitting regularly once more he looked at the ringing annoyance and sighed. Tai. "You going to answer it?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Doesn't Matter to me."

"Then no." TK made a face, but looked back at the floor of the car as the phone continued ringing in its new resting place – the coffee holder.

"It's an 8 hour drive to Kyoto."


"So why go there?"

"Because there's an 8 hour drive to Kyoto." The ringing stopped and the two let out a stressed breath. Patamon glanced at Gabumon in the back and the larger digimon shook his head at the little one. Now was not the time to talk, the brothers needed to talk through this not their digimon.

Then another ring filled the car and both brothers glared at it mercilessly. Why the hell wasn't the damn light changing? Matt tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, while TK clenched his fists in his lap – Patamon's rub down forgotten.

A little electronic voice filled the car once the ringing ceased. "You have one new message."

The light changed and Matt wasted no time getting on the highway and away from the stop lights. He was pissed off now. This was not the peaceful and relaxing day at the beach he had thought it would be. In fact, it was quite possibly the worst day that had occurred since the incident five years ago. It was the first time in five years that he had ever felt the urge to commit homicide.

The phone started ringing again, and this time TK glared at him, as if it was all Matt's fault that it was invading the blessed silence that had swept over the brothers. TK moved his fiery gaze back out the window and the two tried to ignore the ringing as it persisted to annoy and frustrate them.

"You have two new messages."

"Why are we going to Kyoto?" TK murmured sighing again.

"There's no one there I'm likely to kill." The younger brother looked up at his sibling, his eyes wide and quickly filling with tears. Matt attempted to avoid looking at his brother – he could never handle a leaking TK…

"I'm sorry…I…I didn't mean for…we-we should go back…" the younger boy blubbered hand clenching his shirt above his chest.

"TK, if we don't go to Kyoto, and we go back to that beach, I am going to murder Davis. So we're going to Kyoto, he gets to live another day, and I'm not going to jail. Okay?" Matt replied, blinking back his own tears that had started to form. "At this point, you're the one thing that's keeping me from going back there and butchering that boy. So please, don't ask me to turn this car around, not right now." He spared a look at his little brother, who was wide eyed and mystified. A small smile slowly crept onto the boy's face even as tears escaped their prisons.

"You'd kill Davis, for me?" Matt allowed a small laugh at that, and looking back at the road nodded.

"I'd kill for you TK, and I'd die for you. You're my little brother, and I'm not letting anything bad happen to you." The phone started ringing again and the two groaned, glaring at the object.

"Matt. Answer your damn phone." TK snapped, slouching in his seat.

"Stupid thing." Matt grumbled, grabbing the thing and looking at the name.

Kari. She was worried.

"It's for you." Matt said handing it to him without answering.

"I don't want to talk to her." TK mumbled after looking at the name.

"Back to voicemail?"

"I guess."

"You have three new messages." The electronic voice called out. The phone was placed back in the cup holder and the drive was blessed with silence once more. Then fifteen minutes later it started up again.

"Why don't you just turn it off?" TK asked finally.

"Cant. If Dad or Mom call…" Matt reasoned trailing off.

"You'll say what? 'Hey we're going to Kyoto because I'm about to kill Davis?'"

"If I have to…" He reached for the phone, and was about to turn it off when it rang again. Annoyed he looked at the name. Davis. "Davis." Matt muttered. TK looked up. Neither answered but Matt veered off to the shoulder and set the car to park.

"You have four new messages." The voice called out.

"Should we listen to them?" TK mumbled.

"Yeah…" He clicked the message button and the two waited.

"First new message; Friday at 12:55PM:" came the intro.

"Matt, it's Tai, I'm trying to get a hold of you. I know you're there so pick up the dammed phone! Look the party basically split up before we got there, but Kari explained what happened more after you left. We got a hold of Davis, what are we supposed to do? I want to pound him into the dirt, but that's not going to solve anything. Besides…Yolei and Cody are starting to ask questions…what do we tell them? Call me back!"

"Second new message; Friday at 1:15PM:"

"Tai again, look what are we supposed to do here! I could really use your help! Please call me back!"

"Third new message; Friday at 1:23PM:"

"Matt, TK, It's Kari are you alright? Davis was being a jerk after you left and Tai punched him, but now what are we supposed to do? I know that it isn't fair for us to keep calling and stuff, especially after what happened today…but we don't want to tell them anything you're not comfortable explaining. Please call back soon, and I hope you're doing well."

"I think someone likes her boyfriend." Matt stated with a shit eating grin. TK blushed at the statement.

"It's not like that…" He murmured.

"Of course it isn't. That's why she kissed you at New Year's right? And why you've been spending more time over at Tai's then your own lately." The younger brother shifted in his seat embarrassed.

"Tai…told you?"

"Of course he did. He gave me a thirty minute lecture on what he'd do to you if you dared do anything past kissing." TK looked up surprised, his face bright red and eyes wide.

"You told him I wouldn't right?"

"Sure…what kind of brother would I be if I didn't back you up until you got laid?"

"I don't want to, I didn't, you'd…but I-"

"I'm teasing you TK, chill out." The musician said shaking his head with a smirk.

"Forth new message, Friday at 1:38PM:" the electronic voice called out, dragging the attention back to the object.

"Look…I'm sorry about what happened okay. I shouldn't have tried to force you to do something you didn't want to do." Davis's voice mumbled. Matt glared at it, it was obvious that Davis wasn't sorry, and he could almost hear Tai in the background threatening him to be nice. "Just…sorry. Is it fine now?!" TK frowned listening closer.

"No it's not!" Came a shouted response from what sounded like all of the original digidestined at once. "Look I don't see why I have to apologize again, I mean I already-"

"Davis if you don't apologize sincerely I am never speaking to you again!" Kari snapped from behind him.

They didn't get to hear the end of the message because at that particular moment the message had maxed out it's time and had ended automatically.

"Well that was….sincere." TK muttered grabbing the phone from Matt and pressing the power button before throwing it at the back seat. Gabumon ducked as it hit just past his right ear and Matt snapped at TK to be more careful. "I hate him."

"You have a right to." Matt replied turning on his blinker and getting back on the road.

"Are we going to have to talk about it?" The younger boy asked, shrinking back into his seat again.

"Not if you don't want to."

"The waiting is worse."

"You don't have to."

"I'll be thinking about it."

"Does it hurt?"


"Your chest?"



I sat down on the beach towel, under the umbrella. Kari was sitting next to me, her arm around my waist as her head lay on my shoulder. I had placed an arm around her shoulder and we were just watching the waves, waiting for Yolei and the others to arrive. I leaned back and we lay next to each other for a while enjoying the peace. It was so quiet I almost fell asleep listening to the sea.

Of course, things wouldn't stay that way for long. A few minutes later there came the sound of stomping feat, and though both of us had our eyes closed it was easy to tell who it was.

"Get your hands of my girl!" Davis's voice came screaming across the beach. Behind him I could almost see Cody and Yolei shaking their heads at his idiocy.

"She's not your girl Davis, they started dating three months ago…" Yolei said exasperated.

"It doesn't matter he doesn't have to do public displays of affection to prove his point!" He shot back angrily.

"What does PDA have to do with anything? We're at the beach for goodness sakes! All the couples are together at the beach!" She yelled.

Kari put an arm around my chest and nuzzled her head into the crook of my neck and I bit my lip to stop from laughing. She was doing this on purpose. She used to tease Davis all the time about it when we weren't dating; rooting me on in stead of him, constantly agreeing with me instead, but now it was different…now she was happy to hold my hand in public just to annoy him. Or at times like this, completely ignore him and lay beside me in content.

"Awe, aren't they cute together?" Kari started laughing and moved to sit up but I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and kept her down.

"Where are you going?" I muttered. She laughed again and this time I let her go.

"No where." She replied, then looking up at the others "Hey where's everyone else?"

"Tai called ahead and said that his car broke down on the way to pick up Izzi, and that Matt needed to go pick him up after Sora and Joe. Then Matt called saying that he was going to pick Ken up at the station so he didn't have to walk or take the bus." Cody said sitting down on the beach towels that Kari and I had lain out a little while ago.

"Wow that car has to be packed with everyone and their digimon." Kari stated in awe. I opened my eyes and sat up, noticing that Yolei didn't have a shirt on – only her bathing suit and both Cody and Davis were topless. I looked down at my own shirt and sighed. I hated swimming.

"We packed a picnic basket with enough food to feed the Russian Army so help yourselves." I said motioning to the large basket near the umbrella pole. Instantly with a flurry of wings Veemon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon had pounced on it. To the right Patamon and Gatomon were rolling their eyes.

"They're gonna get fat from all of the eating they do." Gatomon complained arching her back and stretching out in the sun.

"Like this?" And in retaliation my digimon blew himself up like a balloon using his wings for emphasis. Everyone laughed at the sight and with a click of a camera, Kari had taken a picture of it.

A little while later everyone was splashing in the ocean using the now de-digivolved Armadillomon as a beach ball. Everything was going fine until Davis made a comment on how I was still wearing a T-Shirt.

"What's wrong with wearing a T-shirt?" I asked looking down at my favorite T.

"You're at the beach man, just take it off." He said shrugging make a move t grab it. I slapped the hand away, taking a step back.

"No." I glared at him, one hand clenching my shirt. He ran towards me and made a move to grab at my shirt.

"Oh boy, here we go again." Yolei muttered crossing her arms.

"Cant they stop fighting for one day?" Cody asked annoyed.

Davis grabbed the bottom of my shirt tugging it upward, as I pushed it down, punching at him. He let go of it and punched back, I blocked it and ducked under it as he threw another.

"Davis stop it!" I snapped shoving him backwards. He dove towards me, knocking me back into the water. I gasped, inhaling a large amount of water. Kicking him off me I threw myself to my feat, gasping and gagging. He jumped back at me and we fell into the ocean once more. I pushed him off me once more and ran to the shoreline, stumbling until I was safely on shore.

"If they don't stop one of them is going to drown or get seriously hurt!" Upamon said from his spot in Cody's arms.

"Davis stop hitting him!" Kari yelled angrily as the boy in question threw another first as he tried to grab my shirt again. She started running towards us. "TK no fighting!" I paused, glancing at her, and my hesitation proved just enough for Davis to get a grip – literally. He grabbed it and tugged backwards. "Davis if you keep it up I'll hate you for ever!" she screamed just as the shirt ripped. My arms covered my chest just as Kari reached us and smacked him.

Utter silence.

Everyone was looking at me, more specifically my chest. I knew what they saw, the huge disfiguring scar that reached from my shoulders to my hip, branching off and apart like a spider-web.

I couldn't look at them. People say there's no reason to be ashamed for appearances. There is, especially when they are gained from dark consequence.

"What's that…on your chest TK?" Yolei asked, her hand covering her mouth. Kari took the beach towel from her shoulders and handed it to me. I didn't know what to do, my mind just went blank and I turned and ran.

"TK!" Kari called, and I heard her chasing after me. Up on the street I saw Matt's car and the other digidestined walking down towards us.

"Hey look a welcoming committee!" Tai said laughing as he saw Kari and me running towards them.

"TK? What's wrong?" Matt asked placing the guitar case he was holding on the ground as I propelled myself into his arms.

"Take me home." I whispered refusing to let go. I still had that childlike fantasy that if there was ever a problem he could fix it…he always has…

"What? What happened?" He asked, though I knew he wasn't asking me.

"Davis…he ripped his shirt off and…" She said, trailing off and making a motion towards me that I noticed out of the corner of my eye. I could feel Matt tensing, his hold tightening around me, and I could almost hear the growl in the back of his throat. Tai placed a hand on Matt's shoulder, keeping him from charging down the beach towards him.

"Take TK home, we'll deal with this." He said. "If we cant, we'll call you, k?" Matt nodded and led me towards the car. I could hear Ken asking Kari what had happened and I groaned, I didn't want to deal with this. Not now.

Once we had gotten inside Matt reached into the back and tossed me a new shirt. I immediately put it on as he rolled down the window on my side. Instantly Patamon flew through, looking very worried.

Gabumon was already in the back as the car pulled off the curb and down the street. I sighed rolling towards the window and banged my head against it. This day couldn't get any worse.

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