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Chapter 1 - Darkness

A horrendous scream was what drew her attention from her own fight. A scream of agony and pain that left her lovers throat would always linger in her heart. She would never be able to forget the sight in front of her; hastily she flew towards her, screaming her name.



Everyone in Garderobe was distressed; a heavy and unwanted depressed environment covered the place. Corals, Pearls, Meisters, not a single soul that was related to the place could be at ease. Specially one of the most powerful otome of all, one member of the Five Columns, the one they called the: Graceful Amethyst, Meister Shizuru Viola.

She was seated outside the infirmary waiting patiently along with Miss Maria and Yukariko-sensei. They were the only ones allowed to enter the room; the others had to wait outside, in the halls of the building. There they were; Queen Mashiro holding her cat Mikoto while trying to control the tears from coming out from her eyes, her Maid Aoi by her side was trying to comfort her. Meister Mai with Neko-gami Mikoto resting her head in her lap, both having the most sorrowful expression in their faces. Meister Arika was walking from one extreme of the hall to the other just like Meister Haruka did. President Yukino was seated with her gaze down and teary eyes. Meister Sara and Meister Maaya were next to each other exchanging worried looks. Meister Nao was leaning with her back resting in the wall next to the door while tapping her foot.

All of them were waiting anxiously, not saying a single word; it'd be pointless since almost everyone there had witnessed the events that led to that moment; the images were still clear in their minds, unable to erase them that easily.

Hours passed until the door that led to the infirmary opened, Yukariko-sensei and Miss Maria with Youko-sensei emerging from it. Those who were seated stood up immediately and those who were up approached to them hurriedly.

Mai was the first one to speak and in consequence ask the most difficult but important question.

- How is she? – asked Mai trying to control the sadness in her voice.

Youko-sensei kept silent for a moment trying to choose the correct words to explain the situation. Finally she spoke.

- Her life isn't at risk……

Everyone in the room let escape a relief sigh that were holding for hours, however the feeling didn't last much as Youko-sensei talked again.

- However… - everyone looked at her again – we'll have to wait how she does…

- What do you mean sensei? – asked Arika.

- That strange substance that was part of the slave's body is something we don't have any knowledge of. No records about it were found thus we don't have the means of how to treat it correctly; we did what we could…of course we'll continue doing it…

- Just stop avoiding the point here sensei! – said Nao in an angry tone – Tell us at once what's going on!

- Gakuenchou……will have to take a long rest…


Darkness is all what she saw, she was covered by darkness when she woke up, she was tired and felt her body heavy, but amazingly it didn't hurt that much. She tried to open her eyes, but something was keeping them shut; raising her hand she touched her face, slowly going up to her eyes; first she felt her own skin but as she went up and up she felt a thin cloth wrapped around her head at the height of her eyes. She touched it lightly and then reality struck her.

She dropped her hand to her side, then clenched both hands into fists, her knuckles coming white; she started to shake in fear and despair.

The slight movement awoke her companion who was seated in a chair next to the bed, with her head resting in her arms, her upper body laying in the bed. The girl opened her eyes and saw the other otome up, fully awaken, seated in the bed.

- Natsuki – the brunette whispered.

- Shizu…ru…… - the raven haired girl turned her head in the direction of the voice – is that you?

Shizuru took one of Natsuki's hands with her own, squeezing it tightly. At the touch Natsuki smiled and said:

- Of course it's YOU……

- Natsuki – Shizuru took some air – How are you feeling?

- Fine……for being in this state I'm quite peachy don't you agree? – said Natsuki trying to joke but her voice was filled with bitterness, Shizuru knew that the girl was trying not to worry her.

- Natsuki, don't push yourself like this… - said Shizuru hugging the girl affectionately – not in front of me.

Natsuki felt the arms of her love wrap around her body, her head was now resting in Shizuru's chest and the chestnut girl was now stroking her head in a lovingly way. Natsuki hugged the other girl back, desperately clinging onto her as tears left her eyes, she was the only one who felt them; the cloth that covered her green orbs absorbed them as soon as they left her eyes. Shizuru felt the girl in her arms tremble; this broke the brunette's heart as she knew that Natsuki was crying. She knew that Natsuki felt powerless and so did she.


- What are you trying to say Youko-sensei? – asked Queen Mashiro unable to completely believe what the Garderobe's Doctor was saying.

- That…there's a possibility that Kruger Gakuenchou might never recover her sight again……



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