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Time Line: Set during the book version of Hannibal, when Clarice rescues from Verger.

As Clarice ran towards the barn she tried not to worry about what she would do after this was over. All she wanted to think about was coming out of this alive. Then all thoughts were erased from her mind as she jogged towards the entrance and saw the fate of Dr. Lecter.

The machinery that would lower Lecter into the pen was surrounded by a platform that was crowded with the supplies needed to keep Lecter alive for as long as possible. Two men were there as well. Both of them were milling around the area not enclosed by the pen and they were checking what appeared to be movie equipment.

The largest one had his back turned to Clarice and did not notice her as she moved up behind him and delivered a shocking blow to the base of his skull with the handle of her pistol.

The sound of him falling to ground alerted both the other man and Lecter to Clarice's presence. Clarice then lifted her gun towards the man and shouted while flashing Brigham's old badge,

"F.B.I, put your hands behind your head and walk towards me slowly".

He looked confused until Dr. Lecter translated her command in to which Clarice could only assume was Italian.

When the man came within arms reach, Clarice lunged forward and pinned his arms behind his back as she forced him to the ground and handcuffed his hand to the foot of his unconscious partner. After Clarice finished tying the two men together she jogged over to Lecter and vaulted up on to the platform.

As she was cutting his bonds said,

"Be careful Clarice there were three men, if I remember correctly".

Clarice had no doubt that remembered correctly but before she could do anything she saw a flicker of moment ahead of her, up in the loft.

As she ducked a tranquilizer dart whizzed above her head and she lifted up her arm to shoot. Then Clarice heard the release of a second dart and shot towards that sound while she leaped backwards in order to again out maneuver the projectile.

However Clarice had forgotten that she was on a platform and behind her there was only a five foot drop into a pen of very hungry pigs.

Luckily for Clarice, Dr. Lecter had not been idle while she was dealing with the last Sardinian. As Clarice fell backwards Lecter was just finishing up untying himself from the cumbersome machinery.

Clarice broke her fall by landing on her feet but the momentum of the fall leaded her to fall on her back after her feet. For the first time in Clarice's life, she was afraid. She looked up into the face of the large animal preparing to devour her.

While looking in to those eyes she couldn't move, all her attention was focused on that moment and nothing else.

The sound of her name broke her from her reverie as Dr. Lecter gracefully dropped down in to the pin and lifter her to her feet.

He pushed her firmly behind him while he kept his attention on the approaching tusks. "Clarice, we're going to slowly walk out of this pen, leaving the gate open. Got it?"

"Yes, Dr. Lecter" Clarice replied, relieved that her voice wasn't shaking as much as her hands were.

With Dr. Lecter leading the way and Clarice following close behind, they did make it to the gate.

They both walked out while being watched the whole time by the hungry eyes of the vicious animals.

After had closed and locked the doors to the large barn, Clarice could hear the pigs eating the three men; one dead, one unconscious, and one completely aware of everything. For one moment Clarice felt a twinge of regret for that last one, until she remembered he would have allowed that same fate to be carried out against Dr. Lecter. After Dr. Lecter finished with the door he turned to Clarice and said,

"Thank you, Clarice. I know very few people who would have done what you did for me".

Clarice was speechless, it wasn't supposed to turn out this way. How could she arrest someone who had saved her life, for she knew beyond a shadow of doubt that those pigs would have picked her to pieces had Dr. Lecter not been standing in front of her.

Would she have been able to arrest him anyway? She had rationalized her conscious in to submission earlier by telling her self that it was her duty to protect lives.

But hadn't she just ended three lives in there, instead of the one that would have been lost had she stayed out of it? She was confused, more than ever before in life.

All of these thoughts, questions, and confusions flashed through her mind as she said to Dr. Lecter.

"Thank you, for what you did as well. And there's no need to thank me...I was only doing my job" she added lamely.

"Oh your job, Clarice? You know as well as I do that those noble upholders of justice at the F.B.I wouldn't have cared if I had been tortured and killed" Lecter said with venom. "And speaking of your job, where is you badge?".

Clarice was astounded, how had he noticed that the badge she had shown the Sardinian was not her own. And further more how could she tell him that her own badge had been taken away by the very people who she had once respected and admired?

"Never mind" she said quickly, maybe to quickly.

"Verger's still out there and we should put as much distance between us and him as possible" Lecter smiled,

"Oh I wouldn't worry about him, I'm sure his loving sister is taking care of him right about now. But perhaps you are right, we should get going...ex-special agent Starling". Clarice stiffened at that remark but decided to ignore it. She started off in the direction of her mustang at a quick pace with Dr. Lecter easily following by her side.

She was still confused as to what to do. As long as they kept walking she could think. Maybe if she could just get him to the car she could get him cuffed and put in the backseat, then she would just drive to the nearest authorities.

Then she would get her job back, and perhaps be promoted. But no, that idea just left her feeling empty.

Besides, she probably wouldn't get anything anyway, especially with that prick Krendler still around.

He would only be upset she had got the criminal, and therefore the glory, before him. She realized now that she really didn't want to see incarcerated for the rest of his life and definitely not put to death, which they would surely do to him should he ever be caught again.

She only wanted to keep innocent people from harm. Was that so much to ask for?

What will Clarice decide to do? Answers will be coming. Ideas, criticisms, or opinions are welcome. Thanks for reading.