Title: And in the end
Authoress: Darka-chan
Summary: And in the end, they're still together.

It's so cold… So cold…

The golden haired angel doesn't even fight against the chains binding him, he just hangs in them, accepting his faith unlike his dark counterpart, the one that's struggling.

"Why do you fight, even now?" the angel asks, not even glancing up.

"To break free." Is the simple reply as if it was a waste to even ask, answer obvious enough without having to be voiced out.

"But there isn't a point to it."

"That doesn't mean I won't try."

The angel finally looks up at his counterpart, his enemy, the person that will always be there, the person that has always been there. "That's stupid." He snorts, the sound that might sound disgusting on anyone but him echoing through the darkness around them.

"So are you, but you don't hear me complaining." The thief shrugs.

Golden eyes narrow. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." The thief smirks.

"I'm afraid I didn't, please repeat that."

"With pleasure; you're stupid."

The angel snarls, face turning into that of a demon as he struggles against the chains, trying to get to his counterpart to finish him off, never mind that they can't die.


Everything is a habit.

They fight out of habit, continue their respective legends out of habit, all because of a legend a Hikari once created for them when he created that cursed art piece they're currently residing in, if they are residing anywhere at all.

"But no matter how stupid you are, it's good to have you here."

A blonde eyebrow is raised elegantly.

"Because even crappy company is better then none. Aren't you lucky to be stuck with sexy me as company for eternity?"

The eyebrow twitches. "I hate you, Dark Mousy."

An arrogant smirk is the reply "I hate you too, Kraddy-kins."

And even in the end, habits will never cease.

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