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Easier Than Love
Chapter One

The couple embraced at the terminal. The final boarding call was announced as their embrace broke.

"Good luck Kags…I know that you will go far." Inuyasha whispered into her ear.

"Thank you. I know you will go far too Inuyasha. I love you. And I always will love you."

They kissed for what could have been the last time and Kagome picked up her carry-on suitcase and walked through the terminal. She turned and blew him a kiss and finally boarded the plane.

And that was the last time they ever saw each other.

-Five years later-

"That's right! Work it Kagome! We're getting gold here!" the photographer yelled to Kagome as she spun in her dress, "All right! I think we got the shot!" he called and Kagome stopped.

She slid off the six inch Gucci stilettos and walked over to the photographer.

"How does the film look?" she asked, looking over his shoulder.

"Amazing, as usual. I swear Kagome, this is so natural for you, look how amazing these pictures are!"

Kagome smiled, she now knew why Paolo was her favorite photographer.

"I told you, you're going places kid! Let me tell you! Soon you'll be on every runway in Europe!" he told her, "Now go get changed out of that and take the rest of the day off. You definitely deserve it!"

"All right. I'll see you at the shoot tomorrow Paolo!" she called as she walked to her dressing room.

She slipped out of the light blue sundress and put it back on the rack where it belonged. She put her dark wash jeans on and then put on the tan cami and white cardigan she had come in wearing. She slipped into her brown wedges and grabbed her brown sun hat, putting it on as she grabbed her purse and walked out into the Italian sun.


"Come on! It'll be fun!" Miroku begged.

Inuyasha looked at his friend with a look of disgust, "Are you serious Miroku? Why would you think I would go to Europe with you?"

"Because I don't want to go alone, that's why!"

Miroku Kashi was one of the foremost rising photographers in the business, as famous as he was for his photography; he was equally famous as being the best friend of one of the world's most popular new actors. Miroku had been asked by Versace to photograph their summer line in Italy; which was an incredible honor. As much as Miroku wanted to go, he didn't want to go alone.

"Inuyasha, think of the possibilities!" Miroku said; trying everything he could to convince his friend.

"Like what? Being in a country not knowing the language and not knowing where I am? That sounds like quite the party if I do say so myself."

"Inuyasha stop it. You're acting like such a d-bag. Think of it this way…Kagome is in Italy now isn't she?"

Inuyasha had heard anyone talk about Kagome in years, but that didn't meant that he had stopped thinking about her. He thought about her everyday, even when he didn't want to. Nobody knew that Inuyasha's biggest fear is that Kagome had forgotten him.

"Miroku, I know that Italy is considered a small country…but what are the odds of me finding Kagome? I'm not even sure that she is still in Italy!"

"She is Inuyasha. Look at this." Miroku said, handing him a catalog of Gucci's spring line; adorning the cover was a very happy looking Kagome.

Inuyasha took a deep breath, "I knew she would make it, I knew it. All right, I'll go with you. But you owe me big time!"

Miroku laughed, "Of course I do. But thanks for coming."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. So when do we leave?"

"Tomorrow night, you better start packing."

"You're a bastard you know that right?" Inuyasha asked with a smirk.



Kagome walked all the way back to her apartment. Normally she would have taken a cab but the weather was so beautiful it was practically begging her to walk. As she approached her building she dug through her purse to find her keys. By the time she got to her door she had pulled the keys out of her purse and she opened the door.

As she was about to walk in she heard someone call her name from behind her. Knowing it had to have been some kind of paparazzi she plastered on a big smile, turned around for one picture and then walked into her building, slamming the door behind her.

She walked up the stairs to her apartment and walked in. dropping all of her things on an armchair and slipping out of her shoes she walked over to the French doors that lead out to a balcony and threw them open. The room was instantly filled with the fresh Italian air and it soothed Kagome in ways nothing had before.

She then walked over to the stereo and turned it on. The Shins' "New Slang" came flowing out of the speakers and Kagome couldn't help herself, she began to dance like an idiot around her apartment. After a couple songs worth of dancing she heard keys rattling in the lock of the apartment.

The door opened and one of Kagome's roommates walked in.

"Kagome what are you doing?" Sango asked, having just seen her dancing around the room.

Kagome shrugged, "It's so nice outside that the weather inspires me to be crazy!"

Sango smiled and shook her head, "Only you Kags, only you."

Sango had come to Italy a year before Kagome had in hopes of becoming a fashion photographer. As luck would have it more people were impressed with her looks than her photography. She became a model in the same year Kagome had started but became famous much faster than most models do. Sango had walked the runways during Paris' and Milan's fashion weeks and it was because of that Kagome looked up to Sango so much.

"Did you have a shoot today?" Sango asked as she pulled a bottle of water out of the fridge.

"Yeah, it was a summer preview shoot for Gucci. The dress I wore was amazing. I wanted to keep it. But I have a feeling if the film comes out as well as Paolo said it did I'll be getting my fair share of Gucci's summer line." Kagome said with a sense of satisfaction as she plopped herself on one of the armchairs in the living room.

Sango closed the fridge and walked into the living room, sitting on a chair next to Kagome.

"What about you Sango? Did you have a shoot?"

"I didn't. But I went to about ten go-sees, which went incredibly well."

"Amazing!" Kagome said, happy for her friend, "Do you know when Ayame is getting back from her shoot? I want to go out for an early dinner tonight; to celebrate all of our success."

Sango shrugged, "I'm not positive. But it should be soon."

Just as Sango said that the door swung open revealing Ayame, holding not only her purse, but at least five large shopping bags.

"Wow, Prada must have loved you" Kagome said, standing up to help Ayame with the bags.

Ayame, unlike Sango and Kagome, was not originally from Japan. You could easily tell from her red hair and green eyes where she was from. Ayame moved from her home in Cork, Ireland to Milan Italy when she was sixteen years old. After living in Italy for over seven years, she was only Irish in blood and looks. She was the only one out of the three of them that was fluent in Italian, although Kagome and Sango were both proficient. She was also the only one with a steady boyfriend. Kagome had met Ayame at her very first Prada shoot and they instantly clicked. More of an ad model than a runway model; Ayame had been the face of Prada for two years now.

"Yes, and they were being more generous than usual today. Maybe it's because they called me in early and made me stay late. Or maybe it's just because they love me." Ayame said with a smile, throwing her long red hair over her shoulder.

"Can we look?" Sango asked, getting out of her chair.

"Of course. And I hope you girls are planning on going out tonight because all of these clothes are just begging to be worn!"

"I was actually going to ask you to go out for a celebration dinner with Sango and I; just because everything's been going so well for us."

"I would love it! Is it okay if Kouga comes too?" she asked, digging through the bags with Sango.

Kouga Misaki was not only a famous photographer, but an up and coming designer as well. He met Ayame on her first day of being the face of Prada and they had been together pretty much ever since.

"It's all right with me" Kagome said, looking at Sango.

Sango nodded, "Yeah, that's fine. He's always fun to be around; especially when he acts as if he's dating us all."

Ayame laughed, "Yeah…he's something else all right. I'm just not sure what else."

"Well Kags, I think it's about time we found ourselves some men!" Sango said, going over to her portfolio briefcase and pulling out an entertainment magazine, "We need men like this one! Ouch! He's on fire!" she said with a giggle.

Kagome stared at the magazine in awe. Staring back at her was Inuyasha, the man she left for modeling over five years ago. She snatched the magazine from Sango's hands and began flipping through the magazine until she reached the story on Inuyasha.

I knew you would make it Yash. I knew you would. She thought to herself as she read the interview. There were the standard questions; how long did you want to act? What was your childhood like? But there was one question and answer that took Kagome by complete surprise.

"International Entertainment: Is there a woman in your life? Have you ever been in love?
Inuyasha Kimura: I have been in love before. I was with my high school sweetheart throughout all of high school but we broke it off when she went to pursue modeling in Italy. Although there is no woman in my life right now, she will always be the one that got away, I think about her all the time."

That's me. Kagome thought, he still thinks about me, after all these years he still thinks about me.

Without realizing it Kagome had begun to cry. Tears rolled down her face and onto Sango's open magazine. She had thought about Inuyasha from time to time but had assumed he had moved on after becoming famous…but she had been wrong.


"Miroku, what if I can't find her? I know that with the whole photographer thing it should be easy for you to find her…but what if I can't find her?" Inuyasha asked, actually wanting to find Kagome on the trip.

"Hey Inuyasha…there's this new invention called a telephone. Why don't you call her?" Miroku suggested as he packed up the rest of his things.

"But…but…" Inuyasha stammered.

"Listen Inuyasha. Either you cut the crap and call her, or you don't complain if you don't see her in Italy."

Inuyasha pulled his phone out of his pocket, after five years he still remembered her phone number. He took a deep breath and dialed the number. 9-5-5-1-4-7-9

Please answer Kagome.


Kagome was getting dressed when she heard her phone ringing in the living room. She ran into the living room and looked at the caller ID and she couldn't believe what it said. The word on her phone simply read "Inuyasha"

Kagome pressed "TALK" and put the phone to her ear.


"Hello? Kags? It's Inuyasha. Sure has been a while hasn't it?" he said and that's when he heard a dial tone as Kagome lost control of her muscles and dropped the phone. She fell to her knees and began to cry as she stared at the phone.


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