Chapter 1- "The Good/Bad News."

Exams were finally over. Everyone would get to go home. So everyone thought, Gai had a plan and most people wouldn't budge to go for it. Summer camp was the idea, not even Kakashi agreed at the sensei meeting that it wasn't a good idea to have the students run up and down and tire out after the brutal exam that they just took. Gai still wanted to try it, he kept going on and on with how it would do good for the students and that it would help them interact with a new experience.

Kakashi was going to verse him all day or however long it took to get him to not do it. It didn't work.

"Come on, Kakashi." replied Gai. "It won't hurt em', why, I remember when I was a boy scout and we'd have to do it all the time in my glory days!"

"Boy scouts? You were in, boy scouts?" asked Kakashi, he began to crack up as Gai glared. "Gai, there is still more things I have yet to find out about you..."

"Kakashi! I was a fine boy scout, I actually got the highest ranking and that was "Scout Trooper"." Gai bragged. "All my other friends chickened out...I was the camping genius of my troop and the tracking genius..." Kakashi began to laugh again. "Laugh all you want, I'm not doing this alone..."

"What?!?! Gai, you have to be serious...I'm going?" Kakashi moaned, he just wanted to rest and go home like the other sensei's. "...Gai, the exams were days ago. The students are going to hate you."

"No they aren't, a little outdoor time for about two months won't hurt them." Kakashi looked wide eyed at Gai and all the other sensei's also went wide eyed. "You're all a bunch of wimps, especially Kakashi. You wouldn't even last a week out there! I bet you I could even last!"

"Well, I changed my mind...I'm going." Kakashi looked Gai straight in the eyes, Gai eyes went surprised. His rival was going against him. "I bet you I can out last you anyway...Just me and you, no other sensei's."

"Well, well, well, Kakashi. It's been awhile since we've done a competiton..." Gai replied. "Fine, we'll see who lasts and whoever doesn't has to train both teams and do washing duty for a week."

Kakashi agreed to the dare. Gai smiled. All the sensei's had to break the bad news to the worn out and stressed out students who would definetly say no and or get angry for going. Gai ran down the hall to where his team stood, Lee looked up at him and saw that he was getting ready for something and Neji sensed that it was no good, he already figured out that when Gai was excited that it was bad. Gai began jumping around and stopped. Everyone was confused.

"Alright, listen up!" Gai replied. "In about three days were going to go camping for two months and you'll be doing extreme sports week, rock climbing, and other activities...als..."

"WHAT?!?!" yelled Neji, his eyes went into disbelief. "There is no way I'm doing extreme sports week with all those and camping! What are you trying to do, kill us?!?!

"Gai-Sensei! I want to try this camping thing out!" Lee seemed like the most cheerful one in the group that actually wanted to do it. "Come on, it will be fun for everyone!"

"Lee. Shut-up." replied Lai, Lee flicked his low pig tails in his face as he glared at his twin. "Even if we're twins, agreeing doesn't always happen! Gai-Sensei, why torture us now? We're tired..."

"Yeah." replied Tenten. "I pulled a couple muscles and the soreness doesn't help, it'll be everyone's worst nightmare if they hear the words "Camping" trust me on this one. Especially if you're a girl on your time of the month, We'll be battling it out for every stupid thing..."

Gai shook his head. "You kids and your complaining, Lee is the brightest one of the bunch. He doesn't care how much pain he'll get in, he still wants to try it out. Everyone is going."

Lai, Neji, and Tenten sighed. This was going to the worst thing to do for the summer, everyone just wanted to do something else instead of trying to do "relationship building" activities. They've tried most of them and the last one with rollerskating ending badly with Gai and a couple students crashing into things, not knowing how to skate, and with Gai falling over the railing into the roller rink and destroying the stero system in the back. No one ever dared to try rollerskating again after doing it for two days, more than half couldn't skate and Gai cursed the rink saying that the wheels on the skates were faulty when they weren't. It was just bad skating and not enough practice.

Neji couldn't believe he was going, he wanted to train and hang out elsewhere. He didn't want to be at a campsite sharing a cabin with other people and getting hurt. He sighed once again but perked up, he wanted to be clever and show all his teamates that he could actually camp but he erased the thought. He might hurt himself or end up worse than he started, he couldn't even use a compass or didn't know alot of camping terms. Camping was probably a weak strength for him, he actually thought it was crazy.

He thought camping was: "Stranding yourself in the middle of nowhere and getting lost, stranding yourself again, getting lost, waring yourself out, stranding yourself again, getting lost for about the fifth time, and you finally think it's time to go home and pack up and leave all together." That's what Neji thought and he knew he wasn't going to like it. He just wanted to train or read his book, not have his sensei go camp ranger and force him to enjoy the comforts of camping. It sounded terrible.


By now, everyone knew and more than half of the students were mad. Kankuro and Gaara was one of them, they didn't want no part of it. This wasn't on their plans to spend their summer, both wanted out but Baki did warn them extra work would be involved if they didn't go and painfully agreed to going. They also thought Baki was stupid for also saying that "Their family relations needed bonding and that they needed to do more things together." Something Gaara couldn't learn or hoped to not learn. He was the one with the lowest excitment, Kankuro threw a fit.

"Great! I'm stuck with all brats for two months!" Kankuro yelled. "If I get stuck with Naruto then I'm doomed. I know I'm going to get stuck with him and some others I don't like!"

"Baki went too far..." Gaara replied, he looked at Kankuro. "I hate group activities, I hate camping, I hate summer, I hate it all! I'm going to have issues at that place, I only think for myself."

"God, is that all you guys do is complain?" asked Temari. "I know I don't like it but I'm not throwing some big fit over camping, it'll give me a chance to make some things..."

"That's your lamest excuse yet!" replied Kankuro. "Your the oldest, talk Baki out of sending us. It'll do us all some good before me and him have it out!"

"I can't. He said: "All the other Sensei's are doing it. Why do we have to be the only ones that never do things like that?" Temari sounded just like him in a sarcastic way. "Plus it's "Brotherly Sisterly theme" with our team this month. This is all a bunch of crap and a waste of time, who's the idiot who invented camping anyway?"

"Bunch of losers, that's what." Kankuro closed his eyes. "I might as well brace myself to be pissed off at any brat that comes my way, they're bound to mess up and make us suffer..."

"Well, you haven't tried it yet." Temari gave Kankuro a weird look, she grinned. "I might as well brace myself for all this...I've camped gets tiring after awhile..."

"I'll die if we have to do arts and crafts or campfire songs!" Kankuro looked outside. "Two months...None of us are going to stand two months, I bet people are going to sneak out..."

Gaara shifted. It seemed hopeless to get out now, they were stuck. None of them had been to summer camp since they were younger and it became an issue with alot of students. All the teams walked into the meeting place, where everyone had a face full of stress and anger or happy smiling people who wanted to go that was about three: Naruto, Lee, and Shino.

Kiba wanted to go no where and Hinata didn't feel like going, she just wanted to stay home and press flowers or play with her sister. Shino just stood there and sighed, he wasn't showing emotion but he was excited on the inside. He was happy that he was going, he'd be a scientist while going there.

"Shino!" yelled Kiba. "Why ruin it for us? Hinata and me don't want to go! You just want to study all the stupid bugs that are there!"

"Hey, it sounds more fun than you think." Shino took out one of his own bugs and examined it. "Bugs are nice, I'll be able to find more there than the same ones I keep finding here."

"Well, m-maybe it won't be so bad then..." replied Hinata. "It might be fun..."

"Well, I have no say..." Kiba replied. "Might as well join the rest of them..."

Naruto pushed and shoved himself through the crowds of people as everyone watched him put all his things right in the center, he was the first one already packed when the camp didn't start until two days later. Lee put his things with Naruto's and smiled, everyone couldn't believe they were serious as the two talked on and on about camp and how things were going to go as everyone talked over them. Ino and Sakura watched Naruto and Lee talk about camp and were in disbelief over the fact that they wanted to go.

They looked at each other and sighed.

"I can't believe Naruto..." replied Sakura. "Kakashi-Sensei was going to say no and then he had to make a deal with Gai...This is the worse thing to do after an exam."

"Tell me about it. What makes you think Shikamaru wants to go, he'll be lazier there than here." Ino replied, as she looked at Sakura. "...Camping isn't my thing, I heard it's boring."

"At least we have a cabin or something. We won't be too far from civlization...I'm out if we do hunting or hiking..."

Naruto ran over to the two girls and couldn't calm down about the trip and was excited. "This is goin' to be great! Sakura, why are you so down? I thought you'd be more into this..."

"Well, I'm not." she replied. "I'm surprised you won't tire out after extreme sports week and try to do all the things they want us to do."

"Tire out? There is no way I'm tiring out..." Naruto smiled as Sakura looked at him in a mad way. What? Jeez Sakura, why can't you make things fun? Gettin' mad at me won't do anything."

"Maybe you and Lee have mental issues." Sakura replied. "I have never seen anybody so hyped up that they pack the same day and start to try and make camp here..."

"Huh?" Naruto looked around as Lee unpacked his bags and took out his tent and sleeping bag, everyone gave him a strange look as he put his things back in his bag. "Well, I guess we're too excited..."

"Well, maybe I'm underestimating the fun we might have." Sakura smiled, she actually had another thought on her mind on why she wanted to go. "Training won't have to happen if we go."

Gai came in odd clothing as he walked out. He was in his boy scouts uniform, it seemed too small for him because half his stomach showed and he looked different. Several students laughed and choked back laughter as they saw him come out and blow his whistle. Something wasn't right, why was he dressed like this already? Everyone had bad feeling something had to get done, they all could feel it. Gai walked up on stage and eyed all the students and told them the first thing they had to do to get ready.

"I know it's a little early but I want everyone to start packing up...come on chop chop, the buses are coming in about less than fifteen minutes." Everyone's eye lit up as the scrambled to get home and find all the things they needed for camp, Shikamaru was the last to leave as he slowly followed the rest. The door was blocked by students trying to get out, as Naruto and Lee pushed everyone out of the way and waited for the buses. Time was on their side now, they had to make sure they got back here before the buses left.

Shikamaru was the last to get ready as he borded the bus last and almost turned back, which he did and the bus door closed behind him as he smiled.

His mother came out of nowhere as he dragged him back to the bus and forcing him to get on. Shikamaru flailed to get away from his mother and the two began playing "Mercy" as they fought, Shikamaru lost and his mother dragged him to the bus as he whined and began trying to get out. He was thrown on the bus as he ran to get out again but it was too late, the bus door closed. He began to cry as the bus began to move and his mother waved to him. Shikamaru cried.

"No, I'll have work and do things!" tears were actually coming out of his eyes. "I want to go home! My mom already embarassed me, and I want to go home! Damn it, let me off the bus!"

The bus cracked up as Shikamaru continued crying and he probably would still be crying until they reached the camp, the bus driver seemed to have a mind his own. He was driving too fast or he'd go too slow and couldn't choose a speed. They almost crashed into another car, actually three cars and the police almost caught them.

Bags and items slipped around as the bus went back on route, it was hard to stay seated when there was so many bumps and holes in the road. Shikamaru's food spilled all over his face when the bus hit a bump and it got all over the aisle, everyone waited for his crying to start again but he threw the food down in rage and began cursing his outcome.

No one knew how bad this was going to be and the worst things hadn't happened. The next thing on the list was: "Extremes sports week and Camping safety." Everyone was going to tire out or either tie up Gai-Sensei by the end of that week if none of them made it.

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