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"blablabla" … speaking

/What a stupid thing to do/ … thinking

-Baka kit- Kyuubi talking

-Baka kit- Kyuubi thinking

Kitsune no Hanabi – Prologue

The Hyuuga Clan was one of the noble, if not the noblest clan in the hidden Leaf, at least by their definition. But they were the most powerful for sure, if not by power then by their numbers.

Such a large clan is difficult to lead and choosing a leader would be nigh impossible if it weren't for the caged bird seal, that divides the Hyuuga clan in main and branch family. With this Damocles sword hovering above the heads of the branch family members, there was only one family member eligible for this position.

This person, the most powerful Hyuuga was, is and will be the clan head and head of the main family, and the heir to this position is the firstborn of the clan head, who as a rule is the most powerful family member in their age group. Should the clan head sire more than child, they are held in 'reserve' should anything happen to the heir, until the choice is fixated. At this point the rest of the clan heads children are branded with the caged bird seal that marks the branch family members.

Every child of the Hyuuga clan was taught this and raised in the belief that only the strongest are worthy of leadership.

This is seemingly what fate had in store for Hyuuga Hanabi, second born daughter to Hyuuga Hiashi, current clan head, as the council pressed him to finally accept his firstborn daughter and former 'failure' of the Hyuuga clan as their choice for the position of clan head, and mark his favorite Hanabi as a branch family member, coming her next birthday, which was in two months.

While Hiashi had to admit, that Hinata had grown stronger recently, in fact strong enough to fight Hanabi to a draw with Hinata holding back using only the original Jyuken style and not her personal version.

But Hiashi had worked too hard on Hanabi to let her skills atrophy by being placed in the branch family.

For this reason, Hiashi made his way deep down into the archives of the Hyuuga clan to find some age-old law or loophole that would spare his daughter the fate of his twin-brother.


After countless hours of fruitless search, Hiashi was down to the oldest sets of laws the Hyuuga clan had from the time when Konohagakure no Sato was built under the Shodaime Hokage and the caged bird seal was invented to keep the clan under control.

Hiashi almost discarded the scroll, since every Hyuuga knew the 'founding law' of the Hyuuga clan by heart, he himself having read his personal copy of it often enough to really do so, but something stopped him cold, namely the appendix by the Nidaime Hokage, because this part wasn't mentioned in the clan's copies of the law.

Wondering about the revision of the law the entire Hyuuga clan was based on, that he didn't know about, Hiashi loosened the knot that tied the scroll together and braced himself for another long session of pettifoggery.

A few hours later Hiashi was at the end of the scroll and nearly at his wits end, when the appendix of the Nidaime caught his eyes.

'Konohagakure no Sato should be a village of free people. I regret the law my older brother agreed to, that prevents me from interfering with clan business, especially the Hyuuga 'caged bird' seal, so in my position as the Nidaime Hokage of Konoha, I place following edict: Should a Hyuuga, whether of the Main or Branch Family marry outside of the clan he or she is not to be marked with the caged bird seal under any circumstances. At the same time should this union be interfered with, should this person have voiced the wish to marry outside of the clan to the Hyuuga council the use of the caged bird seal will be abolished'

Had Hiashi been anyone but a Hyuuga he would have cried "Eureka" and danced around in joy. Instead he allowed himself a small smile, packed up the scroll and made his way out of the archives.


The next day Hanabi was ordered to her fathers office, which she did with more apprehension than on any other day. While she had reconciled with her sister over the last months, the councils decision to make Hinata the official heiress and preparing to banish her to the branch family, left a bitter taste in her mouth.

That her father wanted to speak to her so shortly after the decision of the council was most likely not a good sign for her.

With carefully measured steps Hanabi neared the doors to her fathers office, knocking once.

A crisp "Enter" sounded from the other side of the door and Hanabi entered the room, bowing only slightly towards her father, as she still was a main House member, if only in the clan register. With all the grace of a ten year old Hyuuga Main House member, Hanabi closed the distance between her and her father.

"You called for me, Otou-sama?" asked Hanabi after seating down in front of her father.

"Yes I have Daughter. I believe that I have found a way to prevent the fate that awaits you" began Hiashi calmly, immediately getting the full attention of his youngest daughter. "Otou-sama?" she asked questioningly. Was that her father? While she knew that he had loosened up somewhat in the last two, two and a half years, some time after Neji's spectacular defeat and even had seen him smile once, even if it was only a slight upturn of his normally stoic lips, only visible to someone possessing the Byakugan, he would never defy Hyuuga traditions so openly and frankly it intrigued her more than anything in her life. Enough, so that she would go along with her fathers plan, as long as it was reasonable.

"I went to the archive yesterday to search for a possible loophole or some forgotten law that would help your situation and I believe that I stumbled over an old law from the founding days of the Hyuuga clan in Konoha created by the Nidaime" explained Hiashi, but his face seemed to drop at the last part, so Hanabi surmised that whatever the law stated, it wasn't going to pleasant for her, but was probably the lesser of the two evils, if her father went through the trouble to research this law and inform her about it.

"What is this law about, Otou-sama? I don't think I have ever heard about a law that would help me with my current situation"

Hiashi slipped his hand into the left sleeve of his robe and procured a small scroll, that he handed over to his daughter.

Hanabi accepted the scroll, immediately noticing its age, despite the care that seemed to have gone into preserving this document. Without further ado Hanabi untied the silk strings that held the scroll closed and unrolled it.

Only a few minutes later, she dropped the scroll, as if it was on fire and directed a shocked look at her father.

Hiashi seemed to...smirk at his daughter and began to explain.

"The Nidaime was like his brother and fought with everything he could against the Caged Bird Seal, until he and the Hyuuga council came to this solution. It was at that time, the branch members were branded with the seal at a very young age and this law was forgotten" here Hiashi paused a little to order his thoughts. "But you are only a short time away from attaining Genin rank, meaning you will be an adult in the eyes of the law, which includes marriage. While I know that 10 is a very young age for marriage, it is not unusual for clans to form an alliance in this way".

Here Hanabi decided to interrupt and reminded Hiashi that she had been taught that during her training as potential heir.

"I know daughter, I just wanted to remind you of your duties and the consequences should you choose this path" Hiashi answered.

"Should you choose this way, you should decide on a suitable husband, who would accept your terms for marriage in the next two weeks and inform the council of your choice. As this time is too short for me to look over possible candidates, you have my full support, as I know you will choose wisely" Hiashi told in his most serious voice.

Hanabi took a few moments to digest this information, before concluding that this meeting was over. She bowed to her father once, this time a little bit deeper in gratitude, before excusing herself with a short "Thank you for your assistance Otou-sama, I'll think about this matter in my room".


Back in the relative safety of her room, Hanabi plopped down on her bed and sighed softly to herself.

Then she began to curse, words leaving her mouth that would make even battle hardened veterans blush.

After Hanabi had calmed down somewhat from her bout of noise pollution, she began to think through her father's plan some more.

/Otou-sama is right, this might be the only possibility for me to not become a caged bird. He's also right, that as soon as I attain Genin I'm an adult in the eyes of the law, but am I old enough for marriage? To bind myself to another for the rest of my life? To do...that?/ here Hanabi interrupted her train of though, lest she act like her elder sister for the rest of the day.

Hanabi dwelled on the other thoughts for quite a while, pondering if she should accept her fate, or take the chance her father presented her, at the possibility of maybe living in an unhappy marriage of convenience for the rest of her life.

Thinking about the possible scenarios, Hanabi laid down on her bed and stared at the ceiling for some time, before deciding, that being married was preferable to being branded with the Caged Bird Seal.

The next step, she decided was to find a suitable husband, who should be in her age category and at least a Genin or soon-to-be Genin.

For the first time in her life, Hanabi regretted not getting to know or befriend some of her classmates at the Academy.

Sure, she knew their names and the family or clan they belonged to and other 'need to know' information, but she didn't knew them in the 'who should I marry' way.

The sentence "I'll be your bride when I'm grown up" suddenly shot through her head and was immediately dismissed as something straight out of a children's book in the face of reality.

/If only thing were that simple/ sighed Hanabi.

Now she regretted her sheltered life ind the lap of luxury, hard training and traditions, that prevented her from making contact with more people her age. Right now she could only think of about a handful of people she knew a little more than in passing.

With nothing better to do, she tried to imagine herself with them as her husband and the reactions of her father and clan.

There were Konohamaru and Udon, both only a year older than her. Then there were her sisters teammates and the rest of the former Rookie 9 that she met at one point or another.

First on her mental evaluation list was Konohamaru, the honored grandson of the Sandaime Hokage and heir to his legacy. /The one who carries the will of fire to the future generation/ thought Hanabi, having overheard this sentence from somewhere. /He is going to be very powerful shinobi in the future and a real catch for anyone/. /Too bad he is still so immature and wouldn't understand my problem/.

Second on her list was Udon, the next tactical genius of Konoha, only second to Nara Shikamaru. After thinking shortly about him, she dismissed THAT choice, while the boy had a bright head on his shoulders and would understand her problem, he was not her type. And he had a chronic runny nose.

Next up were her sisters teammates, as she probably knew them best out of any of the others.

Thinking the two possibilities over for a few second she threw them out of the window too. While they were both good shinobi and good friends to Hinata, Hanabi could not see herself in a relationship with any of the two. Kiba...well, he was a human dog. Nice for short company, but nothing for a long commitment. Also, he was loud, had no tact and could use a bath, badly. She really couldn't see herself even sleeping next to him.

As for Shino, well she could appreciate his grip on logic and levelheadedness, but then there was that time she saw him with the Byakugan. She still had nightmares from that one. They bugs...they were everywhere.

And so one after one she dismissed everyone on her short list of...acquaintances until she came to the last one.

Sasuke was a traitor to the Leaf and how anyone could like that broody Uchiha avenger aura, was beyond her.

Shikamaru is a lazy ass who has that blonde girl, Ino and the sand kunoichi after him.

Choji was a nice guy from her knowledge, but he was also a typical Akimichi, while she was a (rather frail) Hyuuga.

Lee...no...just NO...Well, maybe. She just had to get him out of the spandex, get him a week at the beauty farm and stop him from shouting about the Flames of Youth at every opportunity and...ok, so he was possibly the last resort and she didn't have enough time.

And finally...

"Firework? You look more like a little firecracker to me"

He...was an enigma...and the more she thought about him, the more there was to him, that no one seemed to notice.

/If he just wouldn't make me so angry/ thought Hanabi, remembering the various chance meetings the two had.


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Omake !!! Omake !!! Omake !!!

by brokensoul01:


'Oh, my head.'

One of the first thing a shinobi is taught when he or she enters the academy, is situational awareness. This is doubly true for those with the Byakugan.

'Where am I?'

When a shinobi is first instructed on situational awareness exercises, it is often suggested that, when first waking up, the trainee in question should teach themselves to immediately take stock of his or her surroundings. This is an easy thing for those who possess the Byakugan... Most of the time,

'Ano, why can't I mold my chakra?'

When a Hyuga begins the Shinobi Military Academy, he or she is taken aside within the first week or so, and is taught a technique that allows the user to siphon of a very small amount of his or her chakra, and applying it to his or her Byakugan, in order to see just through his or her eye-lids as they sleep, allowing for a greater level of situational awareness upon awakening. Incidentally, this also causes the Hyuga females to develop larger than average 'chakra reserves' than the run-of-the-mill kunoichi.

'The last thing I remember is... Hanabi-chan KISSING me???'

Needless to say, Hyuga Hinata mastered this technique at a VERY early age.

'Now I remember. I was upset because Hanabi-chan announced her intention to pursue Naruto-kun as a h-h-husband.'

After Hyuga Hanabi had, indeed, announced her intentions, as per the recently uncovered law, Hinata had retreated to her room, ostensibly to go to bed. Hanabi, however, saw the tears gathering in the corners of Hinata's eyes, and, curious, (as well as slightly worried, though she'd never tell) followed Hinata to her room. It was there that Hanabi overheard the muffled sobs of a heartbroken sibling.

'I thought she would understand that I wouldn't interfere'

But Hanabi was anything, if not stubborn.

"But you LOVE him, Onee-sama! I can't get in the way of THAT!"

"Ano, I love you t-too, though. I c-can't let you t-take the Caged Bird seal if t-there is s-something I can do t-to help," Hinata replied, tears streaking her cheeks.

"I just wish I'd known, though." Hanabi was torn. She didn't WANT to be branded, but the two sisters had become much closer as of late. Hanabi could, finally, honestly say that she loved her sister.

"It will all b-be okay."

'Ever the noble one' Hanabi thought, miserably.

'She touched my hand, told me that she would find a way to make it better. I had my doubts, though.'

It took Hanabi three days of combing the archives, before she found something that might help. It would, however, require a bit of... compromise. On both their parts.

"But it says RIGHT HERE that we can BOTH marry him. WHY are you being SO STUBBORN!?!?"

"Because, Imouto-chan, they say that if you love truly something, you must let it go." In the three days since Hanabi's announcement, a great change had occurred in Hinata. Though Hinata, herself, thought that it was the relief of acceptance, Hanabi knew that it was actually the first step in her sister's grieving process, denial. But Hanabi wouldn't let that stand.

"I just want you to be happy, Imouto-chanmmpph?!?"

'She kissed me, out of nowhere, she kissed me. Then I felt a light touch, then darkness, and now I'm here, NAKED, TIED TO SOMEONES GODDAMN BED!!!!!!'

It should be mentioned that, when left to her own thoughts, Hyuga Hinata was much less... restrained.


It had suddenly occurred to Hinata that, although she had been alone mere moments before, she appeared to have gained an audience.


"He can't respond right now," a voice echoed from behind the object of her scrutiny. "I've used the 'Five Point Temporary Pause Combination' so that I can explain what has already, and what is going to, happen."

"Imouto-chan! What's going on!?!"

"It's very simple, Onee-sama. Since you were being so bull-headed about this whole situation, I've decided to take things into my own hands, so to speak. Naruto-sama," she said switching her attention to a wide-eyed blonde, "what is about to happen is the stuff of dreams. You are going to sit there, while I fuck my sister, to get you in the mood. Then you will fuck ME, as I will be the first wife. Then you will fuck Onee-sama as she will be your second wife. But she will only be allowed to marry you, once she is with child, so we may be at this for quite a while."

Who would have guessed that Hanabi had such a potty mouth?