Luke stared at the wood that was to become Lorelai's Chuppah. He had been staring at the wood for some time, unable to start the project. It was, for some reason, extremely difficult to make that first chip. He couldn't figure out why.

He figured it was because of the thoughts that ran through his head. They were confusing thoughts, thoughts that made his head ache. But they were also good thoughts. They were thoughts of Lorelai.

He liked Lorelai… he liked her a lot. She was annoying, sometimes overly perky (partially because of the caffeine he so willingly supplied for her), and way too festive for him. Why did she help with all of those stupid town events anyway? Was she crazy? Despite all of this, he really… cared about her.

Caring was different than the feelings he was now experiencing. Or was it the first time he was experiencing these thoughts? He always thought about Lorelai, but maybe these thoughts were pushed out of his head before. He knew that he hadn't really felt so secretly jealous of Max Medina until this moment. The moment he realized that Lorelai was getting married.

He couldn't figure out whether he was feeling this as a protective friend, or as a man who was hopelessly in love with Lorelai Victoria Gilmore.

"All right, Danes, you've got to start this Chuppah. Lorelai's getting married, you've got no chance. It's too late now, just get the thought out of your head," he thought to himself.

Luke began to chip away at the wood.

"A thousand yellow daisies? Pfft, yeah right! You could never think of anything that would measure up to that. Lorelai deserves the best, and hey, that's the best I could ever think of."

Or was it?

Luke knew Lorelai was special from the moment she first annoyed him that fateful day in the diner. But for a few years now, he had pushed those feelings aside and watched her move from guy to guy, and get heartbroken every time. None of those guys were good enough for Lorelai. Not Max, not Christopher, not any of the others.

Would there ever be a guy good enough for Lorelai Gilmore?

Luke's mind raced as the Chuppah began to take shape.

What if Lorelai really was the right woman for Luke? After all that time, what if she had feelings for him, too? And would he ever figure out the answers to all of his burning questions?

As Luke put his tools down, he came to the conclusion that he was going to get closure before the impending marriage. He had to do it, before it was too late.

After countless hours of sanding, chipping, and perfecting, the Chuppah was brought to Lorelai's backyard.

He watched her reaction as she admired every inch of his masterpiece. He smiled as she gently ran her fingers across the wood. She loved it, he could tell. He followed her as she inspected the Chuppah until finally, the two were positioned underneath the arch of the Chuppah.

He knew by the way that she smiled that she was genuinely grateful for what he did. It was the smile she had when she was happiest, in her best moments. The smile she had when she laughed with Rory, or told a story about Kirk. It was his favorite smile, next to the smile she wore when annoying Luke in the diner. That was the smile Luke loved most.

Luke knew Lorelai so well that he could almost predict her every move. If Lorelai's life were a chess game, Luke would be in position to win.

But he was completely caught off guard when she put her hands on his face and kissed him passionately.

As Luke pulled away, he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.

"Wasn't that kiss supposed to be for… Max? I mean it's under the Chuppah, you're supposed to be getting married, that's where you would have kissed him…"

Lorelai shook her head as she took Luke's hand. "It was meant to be for you all along."