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Last Time: But strange enough as it was (shadow realm or not) the whole game shop felt like it was on fire right now…Both their eyes were saying 'I am the law...when you touch what belongs to me.'

Chapter 100: Kekkon no mōshikomi Part 1

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-Game shop-

The mood in the room. The tension-so thick it could be cut with a knife, so to speak. Even Mokuba had no cute words to say or even Mai (who wasn't here) to say something ridiculous about god-knew-what. Everyone probably was itching to ask what happened to Serenity, Her mom? Was anyone hurt? Amongst other things. And frustrating enough, that no one was saying anything at all! How long was this going to go on?

-With Tea and her wandering thoughts-

Kaiba and Yami seemed to be having some sort of weird stare-down of sorts. They had often said odd things about the past like they knew each other and how Tea was Yami's queen etc….and Tea was quite sure she wasn't married to anyone right now. Besides Yami didn't even remotely seem to like her, have romantic feelings-let alone date her. He was always into his games, dueling and how he could beat Kaiba in a match.

Should that worry Tea somehow? That he wasn't interested in women-rather power and beating everyone? Maybe he was indeed a king in the past? And had many women that he had no need for love or feelings towards them? GASP! Did he perhaps have a Harem of woman?! She didn't think he was like that! So he cheated on his wife?!

Hmmm….so affairs happened in the past too?


-End Tea's wandering thoughts-

"So like…Tristan started. What were they going to talk about? Their geek-squad was breaking apart, Yami suddenly decided to head off to Egypt, Tea's mom was probably where Eric went…..Serenity? to wherever Joey was taking her (Hopefully another country).

…..and Tea didn't have a home anymore. GASP! Would she live on the streets?! Would she go to some foster home maybe? Until she was old enough to fend for herself?! What would she rent an apartment then? Pay bills? Be unhappy and not enjoy life forever? It wasn't fair to her.

He was sure she could stay at Mai's place-she wouldn't mind at all…..but then if Mai married Joey then it would be weird if Tea stayed with them. Then Tea would be kicked out again? Then where would she live?

"Uhm so…" Joey started trying to break the silence. And Yami and Kaiba wouldn't stop 'glaring' at each other, I mean seriously what the heck? What? Were they mentally communicating or something? He glanced at Tea who was biting her lip. He had this urge to ask her if she really was royalty or something.


"I must admit that this is most distressful! Most upsetting indeed! How could one such as lovely big sister Tea be in such a predicament?" Mokuba said piping up suddenly then he went on to say that she could stay with them-they had a lot of room in the Kaiba mansion. They had a whole separate wing that she could have until she had other means to survive or wanted to stay forever! Of course!

Bad idea to mention THAT at this time…..

"Say what?!"

"As IF!"



Well at least Mai wasn't here to wiggle her eyebrows suggestively anyway,

"I don't think…." Tea started who hadn't even blushed at the mention of staying at Kaiba's-who knew what could happen to her?! Kaiba would eat her alive! Well…..of course that was Joey and Tristan jumping to irrational conclusions as usual.

-Yami's thoughts-

He'd made this decision abruptly as he looked at the rest. He was a pharaoh-knew how to behave in front of others-since they set a standard for everyone, peasants, ministers and royals alike. They did not pick useless fights over women; raise their voices or fists at another subject in their kingdom. That is why the people looked up to him in respect, awe. They were role models.

He looked at Tea who was looking at his enemy Seto Kaiba once again. He knew it and sighed inwardly running a hand through his hair, a sad inward smile on his face.

In this life and the previous one there was no way he would win or could win her heart…it would never be…and he knew it. He just didn't want to admit it out loud to others.

"I will be leaving Domino in a few days…." Yami said with a head nod. He knew everyone was going to be shocked. Everyone knew or thought he was going to leave with Tea? And was in love with her? create some sort of drama? Kidnap Tea? Something along those lines?

"Huh? You are?" everyone said together in unison.

"Why do 'I feel like ya' got something up your royal sleeve huh?" Joey said not looking convinced in the slightest and raised an eyebrow. Hmm….looked like Mai wasn't here to 'whack' him on the head for being rude…and to a royal too. Where was she anyway?

"I do, however, have a proposal for Kaiba though…." Yami continued. At this Kaiba tensed. Yeah he knew Yami wasn't going to let 'this issue' go easy. What was Yami going to say to him? Even Tea bit her lip. Was Yami going to threaten him? Send him to the shadow realm?

"The shadow realm does not exist! I, the Mokuba Kaiba have been told a lie! And children are taught not to tell lies! Who are these elders who are bad role models?! I will send them to the netherworlds myself! I will call forth my minions! Baahahaahah!" Mokuba said. He still had that light saber too and struck a pose.


"That's it. I'm calling the doctor." Tristan said. Tea sighed and asked what Yami meant by that while grabbing Mokuba before he attacked Yami with his saber. Wasn't a great idea especially when it seemed to her, that Yami was going to leave in peace?

"Which is what exactly?" Kaiba asked. Yami irked him to no extent. What could he possibly want or say but want to take Tea away from him? And then where would Kaiba search for her? The sands of Egypt?

More than a few had never been found since they vanished into the hot sands. Suffocate from thirst or be swallowed whole by the sands that surrounded them. Not a great death one would wish for.

"It seems that you always thwart (frustrate, ruin, stop) my plans. I could never find you or Tea-no matter how much I looked- ever since she vanished from the palace." Yami said in his usual calm and deep voice.

"Uhm seems like they're back to talking about royals and the past life. GASP! Reincarnation really exists?! Man I thought that was just a myth! So like uhh….Yami is a king in the past life? Should we bow or something?" Joey said fisting a hand in the other.


"Where is Mai?" Tea said sighing and shook her head. This boy…..

"Seto Kaiba. You have everything you could wish for in this life and in the past life-I made sure you were given everything you wanted. I made sure you were spared from death. But last I ever saw of you was when you ran away from the palace with my wife, the woman of the Pharaoh of Egypt." Yami started.

"Uhmm well…." Tea started staring at the ground. How come she didn't remember this?! This…This…and why hadn't Kaiba mentioned this to her? She was sure she'd remember running off into the distance with Kaiba hand-in-hand! Away from danger, palace guards and away from her husband, the Pharaoh of Egypt! Of all people at that. She couldn't face anyone so continued staring at the ground hoping no one started asking her weird questions about being royal and how she felt about 'two' rich and powerful guys after her in the past.

Thank goodness Mai wasn't here to 'pitch in' her thoughts….

"So about this Proposal of yours?" Kaiba said 'cutting to the chase' so to speak. He just wanted to end this drama. It was grating on everyone's nerves, of this he was sure of. Eric and Tea's mom had been taken care of, now Yami would leave and everything would be okay right? Back to normal? Back to school and regular life?

Yami looked at Kaiba directly in the eyes and said, "Seto Kaiba. For now I will leave for Egypt. But if I ever hear anyone making Tea sad or harming her in any way I will bring her back with me to Egypt for good. I have NEVER wanted to see her tears or see her hurt in any way. Her tears…..her sorrow….would make me want to kill said person." With that Yami nodded as if this was the truth. Everything went silent for a moment...and then...

"…And Victory is ours!" Mokuba said triumphantly-Struck his pose, saber and all.

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