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'It looked painful.'

That was the only thought in my head as I watched Zim drown before my eyes. Why he was in the gym's pool area in the first place was beyond me. But there he was, drowning.

And I was the only one that could save him. I felt a pang of guilt; something told me I should help him. But I silently argued that it was better this way. It would be easy to prove Zim an alien when dead, rather then alive.

I watched him scream for help, thrashing in the acidic like liquid. Pieces of his flesh burned away, revealing what seemed to be bone. It was a sick sight.

'I should help him.'

That was the next thought that ran through my mind, but I had to remind myself saving him would be worse then letting him die. The entire world would thank me later. But that simple truth didn't seem to justify what I was doing right now. There was a living being dying an excruciating death, and here I stood, allowing it to happen.

Zim saw me, and without a second thought, screamed for me to help him. He reached his hand out for mine. But I didn't move. He deserved it, he should know that. I saw the pain in his eyes, the confusion of why I couldn't just reach out and help him. I felt sick. I wanted to run away. But my feet were frozen, as if some sick god wanted me to witness this appalling sight.

Zim couldn't scream as much now. He was losing energy fast, and his pak was smoking. Despite his thrashing, Zim was sinking into the water. His cries for help were muffled by the water. But I dared not move a muscle.

It was better this way.

Dib woke up gasping for air. That was the third time this week that he had that dream. Looking around his room, Dib searched for his note book. Since he was little, Dib found writing down your nightmares helped chase them away. And if they didn't go away, that meant your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

But Dib was too tired and too disturbed to attempt to figure out that dream. That was a task for the morning. He dropped the slightly torn notebook and pulled his knees up to his chest and hugged them, making himself as small as possible.

"I really need to lay off the late night movies before bed." Dib mumbled to himself before falling into a restless sleep.

The next morning, Dib wobbled his way into the kitchen, exhausted. Gaz, who was already eating her own breakfast, shot her brother a questioning glance. "You didn't sneak out last night, did you? You know what dad said."

Dib grumbled something under his breath and replied normally, "I wish I had snuck out. I had that dream again"

Gaz grinned. "I thought you liked to see Zim in pain."

Dib took out a box of cereal. "I did. I still do. But that dream was totally creepy, and having it over and over again is driving me insane."

Gaz chuckled. "You can't become what you already are."

Dib poured out the contents of what was left of the cereal into a bowl. All that came out was marshmallow dust and flake crumbs. "I bet you only put the empty box back to taunt me, don't you?"

Gaz drank the rest of her orange juice and dropped her empty bowl into the sink. "I'm going out. And when I come back, there better be a new box of cereal, or else…"

"I get it. Or else I will be plunged in to a nightmare world of no awaking." Dib sighed. Gaz scowled.

"Are you mocking me?" She threatened. Dib shook his head, already backing out the backdoor.

"Of course I'm not! You know, on second thought, I am not that hungry. I'll be leaving now."

Dib ran out of the house as quickly as possible, to get away from the wrath of his baby sister. Gaz huffed in annoyance and closed the door. "Whiner," She mumbled.

Dib ran out to the same place he always ran when he had a question. He went down to the hunted well. The well wasn't really hunted though. A crazy guy fell down it a year ago, and refused to climb back up, convinced he was a ghost.

Dib walked up to the old well and peered down. "Hello? Frank, I had that dream again."

Frank screamed. "What do you want mortal?!" Dib rolled his eyes.

"I want your advice. This was the third time this week and…"


"I'll bring you your coleslaw later. Just tell me what I should do." Dib repeated, almost sounding desperate.

Frank remained silent, and then answered, "Why don't you tell your green plant about the dream?"

Dib frowned. "You mean Zim? He'll just rip out my organs or something."

Frank laughed. "I like organs! They give me super powers!"

"Of course they do Frank."

"My name is FRANK; Not Frank you mortal!" Frank snapped.

Dib groaned in annoyance. "Okay, I'm sorry FRANK. Do you have any other suggestions?"

Frank thought for a moment. "You could be asking yourself a question like all your other big headed friends."

Dib stood still for a second. "Wait, that doesn't make sense, what does that mean?"

Frank spoke in a monotone voice. "Please insert fifty cents to continue. Please insert fifty cents to continue. Please…"

Dib walked away frustrated, knowing that would be the all the information he would get out of that man. Dib continued walking, not really knowing where he was going. He figured he might as well aim himself towards the store so he could buy that cereal his little sister threaten him to buy, and maybe a bucket of coleslaw for Frank.

Dib walked past a barbers shop, a pet shop and a Slurp-Eleven gas station. He was only a block away from the mini-mart when he heard a very familiar voice…

"GIR! What did I tell you about talking in public?! You are an EARTH DOG! Why can't you understand that?"

Curious, Dib peeked into the alleyway where the voices were coming from. No doubt it was Zim and his little insane robot.

"I'm sorry Master. I…I forgot." The little green dog sniffled a little. Zim's expression softens.

"Look Gir, I didn't mean to make you upset. We are just going to be stuck here for a while. Blending in with the Stink Beasts is the only way we can make a living now." Zim explained. Dib eyes widened. What did Zim mean by that?

The little green dog sniffled again. "I know. Can we get some tacos?"

Zim nodded. "Sure, but only if you promise not to speak." Gir nodded happily and hugged his master.

Dib quickly hid behind a trashcan and watched the two walk away, most probably towards the Crazy Taco. He watched them disappeared around the courier. Dib waited and waited until he was sure they wouldn't come back. But while he sat, his mind was filled with questions and thoughts.

"Just great..." He muttered. "I can't believe I would waste even a second of my time thinking about that alien scum. I should be happy having that stupid dream. And whatever just happened in that alleyway is none of my concern. This is so stupid!" Dib paused for a moment. "And I am talking to myself again. Great."

Dib got up and brushed himself off. Trying his best to forget about what he just saw, he continued his way to the market. Once there, he bought some cereal, milk, and fresh meat to cook for dinner. Dib momentarily wondered if it was selfish of him to want his father to home to make dinner himself one day. But Dib quickly brushed the thought off, knowing his father had a very important job to attend to.

And in a way, Dib enjoyed being in charge of the household.

Dib made his was home, humming the theme song to star trek along the way. He was starting to feel better, and was grateful for beautiful weather. It wasn't even noon yet.

Dib made a quick pit stop by the Mac-Meaty to buy the coleslaw for Frank. He had to make it quick though, the bags were getting heavy.

Dib passed by the 'hunted' well. He looked down to see if Frank was there. He was. Dib sighed and placed the food in the bucket and lowered it down to the insane man and walked away.

Dib must have been only a few feet from his home when a large dog attacked him. Dib screamed and kicked the dog off. After thirty seconds of fighting, Dib was left with a torn jacket, no meat for dinner, and pieces of cereal scattered everywhere. Dib could only take comfort in the fact the milk was left unharmed, when he realized it was a month pass its expiration date.

Frustrated, and near his breaking point, Dib threw the milk on the sidewalk, letting the foul liquid slash upon the street. People began to stare at him, but Dib couldn't care less. He just wanted to rest for an hour so he could go out and do his errands all over again. He stormed into the house, surprising Gaz, who just got back a little before Dib. She glares at his empty hands. "Where is the cereal Dib?"

He glared back at her. "Get it yourself."

Gaz began to advance on him. "What did you say to me?"

Dib refused to answer and ran up the stairs and locked the door. Dib turned on some music, to drown out the noises his sister was making, demanding him to open up. He almost smiled. Gaz was scary, but a little girl no less. But he did feel bad about what happened to the food, because now there won't be any lunch to eat. Was that why she was angry? Because she was hungry?

Dib chuckled. "If I follow that logic, then Gaz must be starving 24/7." He said to himself. But he much rather not have his sister destroy his bedroom door. He turned off the music.

"…And once I get in there, I am going to make you pay Dib! Do you hear me you pizza stealing grease face?! You will PAY!" Dib heard his little sister rant for a few seconds longer. He silently walks got up and knocked on his side of the door, making his sister go silent.

"Gaz, I was bringing the food but something happened to it. I am calling Bloaties, so we can have something to eat today." Through the thick wood, Dib could almost hear Gaz gasp. She would never admit to it, but she did. Pizza take out was for Friday dinner, and Friday dinners only. Ordering it on any other day for lunch was unheard of.

Gaz didn't answer for a second.

"And I will go out later this evening for the milk and cereal. Am I still doomed, or can I live today?"

He heard Gaz snort on the other side. "I guess you can live. But just for today."

Dib opened the door and carefully walked past his sister, avoiding her glare. Little or not, Gaz's dark aura still freaked him out.

Dib walked to the kitchen and picked up the receiver and his cell phone started to ring. Not wanting to be rude, he answered it.

"Hello?" Dib asked in a normal tone.

The caller didn't make any sound.

"Hello, who is this?" Dib asked again, a bit more forcefully.

"…Dib Stink?"

Dib nearly dropped the home phone. "Zim! Why are you calling? HEY! How did you get my number?"

Zim paused for a second. "Dib Stink, I want to make a deal with you. If you don't want your world to be destroyed, I suggest you come by my house this evening; preferable at 7:30pm. Gir wouldn't be interrupting as much then, thanks to that information box's schedule."

Dib sighed. "It's called a TV Zim. One year on earth and you still don't know the proper names to stuff." Then his voice got angry. "And do you think I am stupid? This has 'Trap' spelled all over it! Now if you excuse me, I have to call Bloaties for my sister. Don't call me again you alien scum." Dib hung up, and started to dial for the pizza.

Gaz was standing by the kitchen the whole time. She waited for Dib to finish ordering the kind of toppings he wanted, with of course a little input from her. After he hung up Gaz asked her question.

"What did Zim want?"

Dib looked at Gaz with a surprised look on his face. "He wanted me to come to his house tonight. It was a bit too suspicious for my taste so I declined."

Gaz shrugged. "Zim is losing his touch." She said plainly.

Dib chuckled. "Yeah, he is. He stopped screaming as much, and it's been a while since I fought him. I hate to admit it, but Zim is getting boring."

"What do you think he wanted?"

Dib rolled his eyes. "Who knows, and who cares?"

Gaz switched her attention back to her game and sat on the couch. Dib started to dig around in his now ruined coat for his wallet when his sister spoke again.

"Maybe he is giving up?" She said with carelessness.

Dib froze for a second, but resumed searching. He didn't answer his sister, but was now seriously giving Zim's invitation some more thought.