End Notes

End Notes

Okay, okay okay!

I hear you people loud and clear.

I was going to be all 'vague' about it, but wow!

There will be a sequel.

That is 100 percent for sure.

Come on people, you know me better then to leave an unfilled pothole!

That's why there are unanswered questions; they basically help build up the other half of the story.

So yeah, cut me a little slack, okay?

It's not like I always kill the main characters.

Dib: Yes! You always do!

Me: HEY! How did you get out of your cage?

Anyways… This means that Zim and Dib both live. I only made it like they did bite the big cheese.

(If I were really to kill them off, I would have just let them go 'boom' with the rest of the ship.)

If you are still paranoid about the ending, and think I have forgotten about some key plot (Or if you just want to suggest to add something in the sequel) just tell me in a review.

Will this be enough for the angry mob to lower their weapons?

(Insert awkward cough)

End of End Notes