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Chapter One

Today is our third anniversary and Joey and I are going to pick up our son. We adopted a baby boy from the same Orphanage that Mokuba and I grew up in. Our son is three weeks old and I don't know a thing about taking care of a baby. It's a good thing that Joey does. When we got home all the staff was there to welcome little Jeremiah Eugene Kaiba home.

The first thing that I had to learn was how to change my son, and that was a sight to see. Joey talked me through it and by the time I got his diaper off I thought that this wasn't so hard, then the little stinker pissed in my face and I learned real fast that you don't leave a little boy uncovered for very long.

Joey laughed so damn hard that he had tears running down his face and after the initial shock of being pissed on wore off well I started laughing too. Jeremiah is a healthy little boy with a good set of pipes, boy can he scream when he's hungry. The next thing I had to learn to do was to feed him and burp him.

The feeding was kind of easy, but when I put him over my shoulder to burp him, he decided to spit up and oh god, did it stink. I nearly joined him. Not only was Joey laughing, so you Mokuba.

Joey is so damn good about getting up all hours of the night just to keep our son fed or diapered. One time I heard Jeremiah crying and when I got up to see what the problem was, I had to smile. There sat Joey in the rocking chair feeding our son and singing some song to him. I wished that I had a camera then to take pictures of them.

Jeremiah went through all the childhood things from colds to ear infections and I fell apart, but Joey was the rock in our marriage. When Jeremiah gets sick I panic but Joey just does what needs to be done. Hell, even Mokuba is better with Jeremiah when he sick.

The other day Joey asked if we could adopt another baby? I almost fell out of bed. "Another baby? Hell I can't take care of our son let alone another one." I told Joey. He only laughed and said "you're doing great with him.

One time Jeremiah was running a temperature and I nearly fell apart. I started yelling that we need to get him to the hospital, but Joey just stepped in and saved the day again.

One day I came home from the Office early and found Roland playing with Jeremiah. I stood there and laughed my head off when our son decided to spit up all over the front of Roland's shirt. I expected Roland to throw the baby down, but he just reached for something to wipe it off and continued to play with Jeremiah.

I've read all the books on babies and Joey just laughs. "You can't learn how to take care of a baby from those books. Every baby is different."

Today Jeremiah is going to be two years old and I've decided to surprise Joey, I told him that if he still wanted to we could adopt another baby. Joey nearly leaped on me, he was crying and that caused Jeremiah to start crying too it was one crazy sight.

We're having a Birthday Party for Jeremiah and we've invited all our friends and their children. This is going to be a regular three ring circus..

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