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Chapter Six

Skyler was back to being a healthy happy little girl. She finally learned how to walk and soon she was running with her brother all over the place.

They were both getting older and soon it was time for Jeremiah to start going to Kindergarten and he was excited and scared at the same time.

His first day of school, Marie and Roland watched Skyler so that both Joey and Seto could take Jeremiah to school. It was harder on both Joey and Seto leaving their son at school then it was for Jeremiah.

He was having so much fun playing with the other kids that he forgot that his parents were still there.

As they drove home Joey was still a little misty eyed and he looked at his love and said "their growing up so fast and soon they will be going to College and then they will go away and not need me anymore."

Seto tried not to laugh at Joey but he was thinking the same thing and it did bother him too.

When they got home Skyler was playing school with Marie and Roland and both Joey and Seto had to stop from laughing out loud and they watched Skyler pretend to be the teacher.

Soon it would be time to take her to school and Joey didn't know if he would be strong enough to not have his two babies with him all the time.

As the years passed and the kids got older, they both were very good in school and loved learning different things.

Seto and Joey couldn't me more proud of them because they knew that their kids were going to alright.

When it was time for Jeremiah to graduate from High School it was time to bring lots of tissues because not only would Seto, Joey and Skyler be crying so would Roland and Marie.

It's been several years since both Jeremiah and Skyler graduated from both High School and now they were graduating from College.

Skyler was so gifted that she was passed three times because she was more advance then the other children at her age and she was now also graduating from College.

As Seto, Joey, Roland and Marie sat in the audience and listened to the names being called for the students to go get their diploma's, Seto and Joey both thought back to the days when they first brought home the two bundles of joy and all the adventures they went through raising their son and daughter and they cried tears of happiness.

Jeremiah is now an Corporate Attorney and Skyler is a Pediatrician. They still live in Domino but they both have families of their own now.

Joey and Seto still live in the Manor but now it is filled with foster children who needed a home and lots of love. Roland and Marie still are there and they are loving having children running through the house. As long as there is love to give then there will always be a child who will get the attention that they need.

Skyler and Jeremiah are proud of their mother and father and what they are doing by giving children who have no one a home filled with love.

Jeremiah married a beautiful young woman and they have three kids and Skyler is a single mother of two twin girls that she adopted.

So now not only are Seto and Joey still parents of lots of children they are grandparents too.

They are a very blessed couple who has lots of love to give to every child that are in their lives.


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